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-I assume that if I breed an Akhal-Teke (AKT) mare of mine to a purebred stallion of a different breed, it will be a 50/50 cross.
-Which breed would show up as the breed for the foal, with the percentage? AKT or the other breed? Does it depend on the breed of the sire/dam?
-If I use a horseshoe on a 50/50 cross, do I get to pick which of the breeds the foal would become 100% of, or is it based by what breed they say they are?
Thanks in advance!
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So, I crossbreed a lot, its usually pot luck as to what breed you get with your cross, so you could get a Akhal-Teke dominant or you could the other breed, if you were to DHs a AT dominant, you would get a 100% AT but if it was an AT x TB and it was a TB dominant, you would then get a full TB if you DHsd it

so for example, this lass is a Fell x ISH (*CC Orinoco)
sire is ISH, dam Fell, she came out as 67% ISH (that percentage stays the same no matter what dominant side it is) and I DHed her and she's now a 100% ISH
Kaylied Estal      •  58,340 career posts 313 days ago
It's a toss-up. Unfortunately, there's no way to guarantee what breed the foal comes out as when cross-breeding. When foaled, they come out as 67% of one breed or the other.

If you use a horseshoe, it'll just make the horse a purebred of whatever breed ended up the dominant one.
Fox Tail Forge n Farriery   MOD   •  4,109 career posts 313 days ago
Ah okay. Good to know. Thank you!
Tenacious Equine    •  17 career posts 313 days ago
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