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Charismatic Horses     •  4,614 career posts  
So since I must keep my account I will say hello after 8 years of last logging in!

Why does the forums seem so slow? Lol when I started 10 years ago it was always active. What is everyone working on? I have no horses or anything but I知 a mom who is stressed out about financing a wedding haha.

So I guess I値l come here to blow some stress haha.

My name is Brooke btw. I started playing when I was 15 or 16. I知 27 now haha. And I have a four year old and getting married to the most amazing person.

Hi guys!!

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Hey welcome back!
Elmo Ink The Defenders      •  35,722 career posts 133 days ago
*Waves "Hi" and welcome back! It's been a long time....
Forum is quiet compared to years ago....a lot less players now.
PythonPonyPalaces    MOD   •  30,902 career posts 133 days ago
Welcome back 🥰
Tip Top TBs    online  •  2,219 career posts 132 days ago
Welcome back!
PB is quiet now
If you ever need help getting started again pm me! When I came back after all those years I was very confused lol
Dixie Diamond Equine      •  2,043 career posts 132 days ago
Hey guys! Yeah I知 pretty confused on what to focus on. If the forums are quiet and there痴 not many players how do I sell horses? Haha. Or is it just like a thing where people buy credits all the time now ?

How many players are there anymore anyways?
Charismatic Horses     •  4,615 career posts 132 days ago
You can still sale horses like normal
Elmo Ink The Defenders      •  35,724 career posts 132 days ago
I don稚 even know what breed to start with lol. I guess I meant sales I知 sure are slower now
Charismatic Horses     •  4,616 career posts 132 days ago
Hmm Sometimes but 90% of the time most things do sale
Elmo Ink The Defenders      •  35,725 career posts 132 days ago
Welcome back!!
Things are definitely a little quieter around here, but there are still a good few old players and returners kicking around! =)

There are a lot of rare and extinct breeds now, which can be tricky to get a successful herd going. Suggest starting with a breed that has a strong population, so buying/selling is easier and you have a good gene pool to make breeding easier.

Breed Status Here
Bepaling Stables    MOD   •  5,695 career posts 131 days ago
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