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Ok, so I understand that a higher birth score results in a better adult score.
I get that items improve the score if added to the horse, and I get how a higher active DNA on the horse is a better thing than non-active DNA.

BUT I am struggling to understand exactly how the ratings of "very good" and "excellent" truly fit in.

I mean is a rating of "very good" mean the horse will be one that is not quite gonna perform up to the level a "excellent" horse would? Is it that simple?

Case in point...
IWWH Wild Wonders

This horse has a "very good" rating. However aside from his rank, which since I am just starting the breed is not the worst, I feel that his jump is good and I am impressed with his training at level 14 at age 18. I know with rares you have to be less picky, but before I can get my horses doing better I feel I need to understand this part of the whole breeding thing.

So aside from explaining the scores, talk to me about why excellent horses are better than very good. Because I do not like retiring as many horses as I feel are being retired all the time just because the very good horses are given a black mark for not being born excellent. I like to let them prove themselves but if that is not the way the PB community likes to do things, I want to understand why so I can make a decision.

AND I do understand that I am indeed free to play as I chose, I am just not getting why it is so bad to have a very good horse versus excellent.

Lets have a good honest debate, no picking on each other.
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This a a very decent Very Good horse. 95-96 is really the top jumps for the higher scoring VG horses. But their scores tend to be 5-15 points off what they woulda been if they had been born Excellent

I dont cut VG horses out of my herd entirely. But i do try not to breed a VG horse to another VG horse.

Breeding two VG is just alot harder to get better horses from.
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Ok, I understand that. It makes a lot of sense. So if you were to get this guy as a foal and x-ray him, what kind of base score would you consider bottom line acceptable for a very good horse? 5-15 points is not too bad actually, in my opinion that is. 8)
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What BMC said!

The only time I retire a Very Good in the rares is if itís a crossbreed.
It feels silly to crossbreed, use a hard to find DHS and the horse not be excellent.

I also try and make sure to breed with an Excellent so its better odds.

I feels itís pretty random if itís Very Good or Excellent which can be hard with the rarer breeds.
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See, i dont Xray as foals unless its a cross breed or special project. If its a VG as a foal i normally retire and try again. I Xray when they reach level 11 and show promise.
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Yep - what BMC just said....
Personally, My very good horses do not do as well as the excellent ones. So I send them to my challenger barn, But you can still breed them and use them if you want to.
It's just easier to breed them to an excellent horse to up your chances of getting excellent foals. Everyone here plays differently and that is what makes this game so interesting. Plus, we are all still learning about this together. =D
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Another thing i noticed is that you added a Charm to the horse you posted, this really improved his jump. I have had a few VG horses jump 95-96 with out a Charm, and that was a hard ask for them.. Without that charm he looks like hes about 12 points off where hed be as a Excellent. Without that charm hed probably be lacking 2 more inches

Totally nothing wrong with that, just something i noticed.
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As for points. We *Think* that each added point add .25 to their jump. Not sure how it works with the full score as the math is not right. But a Perfect Natural with Excellent and Max points(453 prime score) should jump at least 98" when pushed hard, a Charm adds 8 points meaning that any horse with a perfect 461 should hit 100" easy(Tho there is 1 horse that messed up this theory and we dont know how), and Supers(5 saddles adds 20 points, so 481 score) can jump at least 105"..

Im sure this is not that max as i had a 459 mare jump 100.5" with out and saddles. But she has yet to be matched or beaten by any Max Score(322/461) horses.

The other variable here is that all horses are different and some are way more stubborn than others.
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That is good to know BMC! So I guess charms do do something. LOL!

I am thinking I am starting to get what you are all saying. It always a gamble no matter the VG or EX, but it does help to look at it at some point to determine if it's worth breeding at least. And if it's a VG, perhaps add a charm to boost jump a bit if doing well in rank department that is. I'll breed him to am excellent mare if I can. 8) Any suggestions as to what kind of x-ray score I should look at in the mare?
If Wishes Were Horses    MOD   •  34,733 career posts 235 days ago
Personally i dont use charms on horses anymore unless they score 451+ in prime and are showing promise. If they have a 458+ score after the charm they should be good enough to jump 99"

Charms tend to be pricey and sometimes hard to find so i try to use them carefully.

Definitely look for one with a max score(322 base/453 no charm/461 charm/481 super)

This might make your chances at getting a higher scoring Excellent foal better XD
BMC General Store   MOD online  •  19,546 career posts 235 days ago
Thanks so much guys. I am sitting here writing up a requirements sheet. LOL!
IWWH Spare    •  8 career posts 235 days ago
Following, this is very helpful information that I'm sure I'll use later on. Thanks all for sharing!
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