Rank  Ret   •  Best Rank   33   •  Best Jump   95.5"   •  Jumpoff (W - L)   2,245 - 1,315   •  Best Streak   32   •  Winnings   1,180,400   •  Records   14 Retired
Head & Neck
Chest & Underline
Back & Hind
Legs & Feet
BMCArab TeAroha    
Thoroughbred (100%)  •  Mare  •  Retired  •  16.0 hh
BMC Titans Phantom     
Sire (7th Generation)
Dam (16th Generation)
Owner Rising Phoenix Farm   
Bred By Blood Moon Creations   
Breed Restriction No
DNA Mods 10 Active 3 Passive
Training Level 9 of 9
Co-Training No
Feed Type Pasture Feed (+0 Bonus)
Loyalty 100%
Birthday 12-01-2019
Views 846
Watching 1
 Horse ID# 3701325
 Jumpoff Stats
  Today (W-L)
Week (W-L)
Career (W-L)
Streak Avg Jump Best Jump
0 - 0
0 - 0
2,245 - 1,315
W - 4 -- 95.5"
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 Jumpoff Show Results
  Shows Flights Jumped Flights Won Shows Won Show Winnings
 Career Jumpoff Show Stats 1 1 0 0 0
 Jumpoff Show Name Entries Min Age Max Age Items Gender Winnings Date
 Over 20 Shootout [#4] 32 20 40 YES ALL -- 02-15-2020
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Breed Registries
Banner  Registry Name Breed Registered (All-time) Date Accepted Rating Action
 ! !#Elite Thoroughbreds 2019 Thoroughbred 24,028 12-01-2019 --
 △ Elite Thoroughbred's 2021 △ Thoroughbred 20,971 12-01-2019 --
 ! ! ! !🐎Foxie's 5⭐️ Thoroughbreds🐎 Thoroughbred 52,250 12-01-2019 --
 ! ! ! ! ! ! ⋘ʜᴀʏʟᴏ ᴛʜᴏʀᴏᴜɢʜʙʀᴇᴅs⋙ Thoroughbred 39,018 12-01-2019 --
  The Thoroughbred Registry (TTR) Thoroughbred 12,622 12-01-2019 --
Owner Horse Description
"TeAroha" meaning Empathy

It was a surprisingly calm, cool night. The forest surrounding a small lush meadow had an almost eerie silence about it, unusual for this time of year. In the middle of the meadow lay a mare, laboring hard with the moonlight shining upon her as if to give her a spotlight to break the darkness that surrounds her. All the woodland creatures understood what the presence of this newborn foal mean't and they hoped it was for the greater good. A beautiful white filly with a pink-purple luminescence stood by her mother. The filly opened her eyes to show powerful, bright blue eyes which seemed to look deep into her mother's soul. Strong wings with feathers of purple and silver accompanied her side which she stretched out wide. The once silent forest now filed with haunting whispers. "TeAroha" the forest called to her, looking around in a slight panic, her mother nudges her gently to calm her. Vasi stands to her feet looking back at her daughter "come with me little one" as they walk off into the shadows of the forest together.
The months seem to fly by as Vasi tries to raise her daughter the best she knows how. The woodland creatures in the forest of which her and her mother dwell in seem to be scared of her fierce power at first. TeAroha however, has this innate understanding of how those around her feel about her presence. This was an issue to her at first, as all she ever wanted was to have friends. As she grew older she understood how her powerful presence could intimidate those smaller and much weaker around her, so she worked relentlessly to gain the trust of those around her. The gentle nature she possessed was to her benefit. Vasi never said much to her daughter about what it meant to be a Titan. TeAroha could not make logical sense to why a war was necessary and felt very adverse about the whole situation, until one night.
TeAroha always had such elaborate dreams while she slept, but this dream was different. This dream seemed so real. TeAroha found herself standing in the same meadow where she was born, across the meadow stood a chestnut stallion with a star on his forehead. It was her grandsire, Alom. They walked calmly towards each other to meet in the middle of the meadow, with the moonlight shining down on them both.
"My sweet empathetic granddaughter" Alom said in his soothing voice "you know you must soon make a decision, I know you've been avoiding it but I'm here to help you."
TeAroha snorts loudly and anxiously paws the ground.
"Grandfather, how can I fight a war when I understand the feelings of others, I fear this will tear me apart."
Alom smiles and nudges her forelock away to show her ice blue eyes
"Oh my TeAroha you are still so young yet, the blood of the Titans runs through your veins you are a lot stronger than you give yourself credit for. Let me share some stories of our people."
TeAroha found herself moved by the stories of her ancestors and came to find reason for this fight she knew she must be apart of. She awakens from her sleep frantically, her body smoking in the cool night air from her warm sweat. Hurriedly she stands to her feet and flexes her wings out wide, pink flames ignite from their tops. Her eyes seem to glow even brighter.
"I will fight for the good of this world." she whispers to herself as she walks out from the forest into a clearing. Vasi stands back and watches her daughter, she knew this day would soon come. As TeAroha flies off to find her calling, her mother looks up and smiles, she sheds a tear on her silver face and whispers "never forget me my empathetic child."
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  Horse was DNA bred and not from natural breeding.
  Super Horse (+2 Jump Bonus). Passes Super Horse DNA trait to foals (+2 Jump Bonus).
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Jumpoffs are a great way to earn PonyBucks. To enter or remove a horse from jumpoffs just click on the horse name and select the Jumpoff ON/OFF slider at the top of the horse profile page. Your horse will continue to compete automatically in Jumpoffs until you remove it, the horse is sold, the horse is in foal, or the horse is retired. Horses with Jumpoff selected will automatically be entered in jumpoffs each day and will also be available for other member to challenge.

How can I improve My Horses Performance:
The following attributes play a role in a horses jumpoff performance: Training Level, Age, Strength, Loyalty, Conformation, Jumpoff Experience, Breed Percentage, Feed Type, Items, Pedigree, DNA, Registry Memberships and associated Registry Ratings.

How do I breed my horse:
A breed link will display above for any unretired Stallion 3 years or older that has a stud fee set.  If the Stallion has no Stud Fee set then you can't breed to the horse.  All Stud Fees collected will be credited to the Stallion owners account.  Foals are born 3 to 5 days after breeding.  Most of the stallion and mares traits will be transferred to the new foal.

Horse Rank:
Horse ranking is determined by the horses jumpoff win/loss ratio over the past 7 days. This is also weighted agaist the number of jumpoffs entered. For example, a horse with a 30-2 win/loss record over the past 7 days will rank better than a horse with a 5-1 win/loss record. A horse rank of 1 is the top horse on Ponybox.

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Training is important for good jump performance.  Horses age 2 and over are automatically trained to your barns maximum training ability for the specific breed.  Typically horses increase 1 level per horse year.  The first number in the training level the specific horses training level and the second number is your barns maximum training ability for that breed (2/8).  Horses in training will show a "T" icon next to their name.  If your horse does not have this icon then it is not actively being trained due to being in foal, under the age of 2, or retired.

Loyalty is how loyal the horse is to its owner.  A horses loyalty will increase the longer you own it and take care of it.  Placing your horse for sale or selling the horse will decrease its loyalty. Horse loyalty plays a significant role in how well a horse jumps.

Strength is the total strength of the horse with 100% representing the horses full strength.  Horse stregth will increase slightly with each jumpoff and also each night of rest.  Horses not active in jumpoffs will max out at about 80% strength  When a horse is bred, both the Mare and Stallion will realize an effect on strength. A Mare can't breed if strength goes below 20%.

Feed Type:
Feed Type is the type of feed the horse is receiving.  If no performance feed is being fed to the horse then it will default it Pasture Feed. Horse feed plays a significant role in how well a horse jumps.

Head & Neck, Chest & Underline:
These features represent the horses conformation on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 representing poor conformation and 10 representing perfect conformation. Horse conformation plays a significant role in how well a horse jumps.

How you care for your horse in regards to feed, strength and loyalty can effect how well your horse grows in its first 9 years of life.  These first nine years of growth will also have some effect on foal birth height over multiple generations.  Breeding a horse too early can lead to smaller foals.  How healthy a foal is in regards to expected height for the breed can impact jumpoff performmance later in life.

Breed Restriction:
If a Breed Restriction has been placed on the horse then only the barn that placed the breed restriction can breed the horse.

DNA Mod:
Modifications to the horses DNA that have a neutral, negative or positive effect on the horses performance and breeding.  A DNA Mod will sometimes pass down to foals of the Dam or Sire.  Once a horse contracts a DNA Mod, it will always be a carrier in either a passive or active state.  Passive DNA mods have no effect on the horse but can be transferred to foals in an active state.

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