Rank  Ret   •  Best Rank   121   •  Best Jump   96"   •  Jumpoff (W - L)   1,325 - 863   •  Best Streak   19   •  Winnings   646,100   •  Records   12 Retired
Head & Neck
Chest & Underline
Back & Hind
Legs & Feet
112911 Zemsta     online
Quarter Horse (100%)  •  Stallion  •  Retired  •  15.1 hh
CL Magic Night     online
Sire (2nd Generation)
CL Death Day      online
Dam (2nd Generation)
Owner & Breeder Colins Legacy   online
Breed Restriction No
DNA Mods 10 Active 1 Passive
Training Level 10 of 8
Co-Training No
Feed Type Pasture Feed (+0 Bonus)
Loyalty 100%
Birthday 🎂 12-02-2019
Views 1,308
Watching 1
 Horse ID# 3701997
 Jumpoff Stats
  Today (W-L)
Week (W-L)
Career (W-L)
Streak Avg Jump Best Jump
0 - 0
0 - 0
1,325 - 863
W - 2 79.75" 96"
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 Jumpoff Show Results
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 Career Jumpoff Show Stats 1 1 0 0 0
 Jumpoff Show Name Entries Min Age Max Age Items Gender Winnings Date
 Over 20 Shootout [#15] 32 20 40 YES ALL -- 02-16-2020
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Quarter Horse Breed Stats
Breed Rank
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Breed Registries
Banner  Registry Name Breed Registered (All-time) Date Accepted Rating Action
 ****Top Hand QH Registry**** Quarter Horse 9,423 12-03-2019 --
 *AQHA* Quarter Horse 7,886 12-03-2019 --
 Quarter Horses of Ponybox Quarter Horse 7,669 12-03-2019 --
 AAA Just A Spot QH Quarter Horse 4,433 12-03-2019 --
 A+ AQHA Registry - JAS Quarter Horse 4,348 12-03-2019 --
Owner Horse Description
90” @ 5
96” @ 12

My first breath stirs in my lungs, the air dry and hot. I lift my head, neck straining with the effort, and look to the one whom has carried me so far. Her sides shudder and her fiery eyes roll when she lifts them to look at me. “My son.” My legs refuse to bear my weight, and hers do the same, though she manages to draw near enough to bathe my coat and nuzzle my cheek for a few moments before the rattle in her chest is the only noise in the dark cave. Her body jerks and this time I make it to my feet, escaping being kicked by a hair. A dark sigh from deeper back warns me that we were not alone as I thought, and I back towards her still form. I do not understand what this is or why she has passed with my beginning, yet I am angry. The blood pooled around her body and coating my hooves begins to sizzle as the darkness parts before a silver form. The creature in front of me is not one I know, but my instincts warn of danger. It is not much taller than me, but has pointed ears and yellow eyes and a tail not like mine. “Your mother did not die because of you, little colt.” He pauses in speech and walks past me. With nothing else to do, I follow him on wobbly legs.
“She died because of them.” He jerks his head to the brightness and I flinch before my eyes adjust and I see.

There are many of them, and they are beautiful, but even as I watch, their glistening white coats are splattered with the blood of those that must have been my herd, fires guttering out as their lives do. The heat of my anger rises further as I stamp my hoof. “My name is Mizled. I am a coyote, and I will care for you. What do you wish to be called, as you were not named?” I already know my answer.
“What name means vengeance?” I say, watching the last of my people go still and looking back to the dark form of my dead mother. Mizled makes a low rumble in his chest. A growl. I see the flash of his teeth in the half light. “Zemsta.” I stomp my hoof again. “My name is Zemsta, and my enemies will scream in terror when they hear I am coming, as I will not stop and never die until I bathe in their blood as I was born in the blood of my mother’s, the worst mistake they ever made in killing her.

“Faster, boy, or I might eat you for supper.” I twist aside, away from Mizlead’s sharp fangs. The scars on my legs speak the the truth of his words and I run faster, fire as always trailing behind.
He enjoys threatening, pushing, and manipulating, but more than that, he enjoys it when I do the same. Learning the tricks of the trade, as he says before he curls up to sleep. That doesn’t mean I do not feel the fury of his fangs in punishment before then. Later, Mizled apologizes, but not for me, not to heal the rift between us, but to make himself feel clean. He claims that going to bed angry is never healthy.

I live not a moment without my anger, my hatred. It fuels my flame, the fire that flickers off my skin. It is all I live for. It is all I have, besides this life of training and blood.
A whicker pulls both of our attention up and I halt my running, sides heaving as I flick my tail and look to Mizled. “Are we expecting someone?” He flicks his tail, sides also heaving with effort. These days, Mizled’s age wears on him. From the brush, three other horses emerge slowly, eyes taking in the two of us. A stallion and two mares. They draw nearer, and their ears flicker back as they spot the flame that dances along my withers and through my tail and mane. “I told you coming here was a bad idea.” “They say a war is coming. Where else were we to go?” “There is no proof of a war coming!” The stallion flattens his ears and snaps at the offending female. She kicks towards his face, the other mare tries to intervene and she gets bitten by both of them.

Mizlead slips into the darkness as their fighting grows rougher, and I take one last look before following. It’s been years since I’ve seen another of my kind, and I hadn’t missed it. Their lighter coats remind me of my mother’s killers and the vengeance I swore on them, a reminder every time my name is spoken. “It is time.” “For what?” I ask, daring Mizlead’s wrath. “There is war coming to this place, but it will be by your hooves and no other. You have power you do not know of. Your strength drove them to fight amongst themselves, just as you will drive the enemy to fight between themselves.”
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  Horse is available for Breeding/Stud.
  Horse is in Training.
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  Horse was DNA bred and not from natural breeding.
  Super Horse (+2 Jump Bonus). Passes Super Horse DNA trait to foals (+2 Jump Bonus).
  Items were used to enhance horses performance.
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How do I Enter and Remove from Jumpoffs:
Jumpoffs are a great way to earn PonyBucks. To enter or remove a horse from jumpoffs just click on the horse name and select the Jumpoff ON/OFF slider at the top of the horse profile page. Your horse will continue to compete automatically in Jumpoffs until you remove it, the horse is sold, the horse is in foal, or the horse is retired. Horses with Jumpoff selected will automatically be entered in jumpoffs each day and will also be available for other member to challenge.

How can I improve My Horses Performance:
The following attributes play a role in a horses jumpoff performance: Training Level, Age, Strength, Loyalty, Conformation, Jumpoff Experience, Breed Percentage, Feed Type, Items, Pedigree, DNA, Registry Memberships and associated Registry Ratings.

How do I breed my horse:
A breed link will display above for any unretired Stallion 3 years or older that has a stud fee set.  If the Stallion has no Stud Fee set then you can't breed to the horse.  All Stud Fees collected will be credited to the Stallion owners account.  Foals are born 3 to 5 days after breeding.  Most of the stallion and mares traits will be transferred to the new foal.

Horse Rank:
Horse ranking is determined by the horses jumpoff win/loss ratio over the past 7 days. This is also weighted agaist the number of jumpoffs entered. For example, a horse with a 30-2 win/loss record over the past 7 days will rank better than a horse with a 5-1 win/loss record. A horse rank of 1 is the top horse on Ponybox.

Training Level:
Training is important for good jump performance.  Horses age 2 and over are automatically trained to your barns maximum training ability for the specific breed.  Typically horses increase 1 level per horse year.  The first number in the training level the specific horses training level and the second number is your barns maximum training ability for that breed (2/8).  Horses in training will show a "T" icon next to their name.  If your horse does not have this icon then it is not actively being trained due to being in foal, under the age of 2, or retired.

Loyalty is how loyal the horse is to its owner.  A horses loyalty will increase the longer you own it and take care of it.  Placing your horse for sale or selling the horse will decrease its loyalty. Horse loyalty plays a significant role in how well a horse jumps.

Strength is the total strength of the horse with 100% representing the horses full strength.  Horse stregth will increase slightly with each jumpoff and also each night of rest.  Horses not active in jumpoffs will max out at about 80% strength  When a horse is bred, both the Mare and Stallion will realize an effect on strength. A Mare can't breed if strength goes below 20%.

Feed Type:
Feed Type is the type of feed the horse is receiving.  If no performance feed is being fed to the horse then it will default it Pasture Feed. Horse feed plays a significant role in how well a horse jumps.

Head & Neck, Chest & Underline:
These features represent the horses conformation on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 representing poor conformation and 10 representing perfect conformation. Horse conformation plays a significant role in how well a horse jumps.

How you care for your horse in regards to feed, strength and loyalty can effect how well your horse grows in its first 9 years of life.  These first nine years of growth will also have some effect on foal birth height over multiple generations.  Breeding a horse too early can lead to smaller foals.  How healthy a foal is in regards to expected height for the breed can impact jumpoff performmance later in life.

Breed Restriction:
If a Breed Restriction has been placed on the horse then only the barn that placed the breed restriction can breed the horse.

DNA Mod:
Modifications to the horses DNA that have a neutral, negative or positive effect on the horses performance and breeding.  A DNA Mod will sometimes pass down to foals of the Dam or Sire.  Once a horse contracts a DNA Mod, it will always be a carrier in either a passive or active state.  Passive DNA mods have no effect on the horse but can be transferred to foals in an active state.

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