Hunter    Retired
Pinto (100%)  |  Stallion
tr Lvl
0 - 0
week (W-L)
575 - 328
career (W-L)
high jump
 DNA Mods
   DNA Mod Name DNA Bonus Pts Active Date Received
 DNA Bred
 Horse was bred artificially from DNA.
0 Yes 01-07-2014
 Generation 1 Paint Lineage
 Lineage links back to the era of the Paint Server. The world of Paint went extinct on May 23rd 2014.
1 Yes 05-31-2014
 High Fertility
 Introduces chance of giving birth to twins. Increases more if both Sire and Dam carry this DNA.
0 Yes 02-09-2014
 Pegasus DNA
 Carries traits linking back to the flying Pegasus horse. Increases performance in shows and jumpoffs.
5 Yes 01-07-2014
DNA Mod:
Modifications to the horses DNA that have a neutral, negative or positive effect on the horses performance and breeding.  A DNA Mod will sometimes pass down to foals of the Dam or Sire. Once a horse contracts a DNA Mod, it will always be a carrier in either a passive or active state.  Passive DNA mods have no effect on the horse but can be transferred to foals in an active state.

Passive DNA Mod:
Passive DNA Mods have no effect on your horses performeance or breeding, but can be passed to foals as an Active or Passive DNA Mod.

Active DNA Mod:
Active DNA Mods have will effect your horses performeance or breeding and can be passed to foals as an Active or Passive DNA Mod.

What happens if I add a DNA mod to the same horse twice:
A horse can only have one instance of each type of DNA mod.  However, adding a DNA mod that the horse already has existing in a passive state will make the existing DNA mod active.

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