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What is a Jumpoff:
A jumpoff is a competition or challenge between two horses to see who can jump the highest. The winner of the jumpoff is the horse with the highest jump.

Jumpoff Type (Items):
Jumpoffs are divided into two categories, Stock (No-items) and Free-style (Items allowed). If the opponents horse being challenged does not have items then you can only use horses you own that do not have items to compete in the Jumpoff. If the opponents horse being challenged has items, the you can use any non-retired horse to complete in the jumpoff. The opponents horse determines wether the Jumpoff will be a Stock or Free-style jumpoff.

Does Horses Strength matter in Jumpoffs:
A horses strength can be viewed by visiting any horse profile page. Horse strength decreases greatly when competing in shows and events. However, strength is not a factor in Jumpoffs and does not decrease from Jumpoff challenges. This allows owners to compete a horse in shows, events and Jumpoffs at the same time. Horse strength only comes into play when entering your horse in a show or event.

What determines a horses Jumpoff performance:
The following factors play a role in your horses performance in Jumpoffs in no specific order:
1. Training (Train horse up to 300% in any combination of disciplines for max perforance).
2. Age (Horse younger than 3 and older than 30 will have significant difficulty in Jumpoffs).
3. Boarding (Boarding your horse will increase performance and imrpove even more the better ranked the barn).
4. Breed Registry (Register horse in up to 5 Breed Registries for Max Performance with higher rated Registries adding even more performance).
5. Feed (The better the feed the better the performance).
6. Conformation (Higher the better).
7. Pedigree (Breeding from foundations or bloodlines with previous champions definitely helps).
8. Loyalty (It takes some time, but your horses will gain loyalty and improve the longer you own them without placing them for sale).
9. DNA (DNA mods imrpove performace).
10. Experience (The more you Jump the better you get).
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