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Album Flynte Dakota  |  Uploaded May 10, 2012
This is Flynte again.
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Oooo pretty color.
  Jul 26, 2012  •  1,082 views
Storm Surge Equestrian  
Thank you. He lost all of his spots and is now a VERY bright yellow!
  Jul 26, 2012  •  1,082 views
LIZARD. He looks so tiny and kewt ^.^
  Sep 24, 2012  •  1,082 views
Storm Surge Equestrian  
In the picture he was about 2 inches now he is about 5-6 inches.
  Sep 24, 2012  •  1,082 views
Green Rock Farm  
So cool!! lol
  Dec 24, 2012  •  1,082 views
Storm Surge Equestrian  
He really is! He's so sweet!
  Dec 24, 2012  •  1,082 views
Aww so adorable, and he has a very beautiful color to him!!!
  May 17, 2013  •  1,082 views
Storm Surge Equestrian  
Thank you he's all yellow now with yellow dots by his mouth and an orange and yellow tail, lost his spots though lol
  May 17, 2013  •  1,082 views
T e d d e r E q u u s  
He's so cute! I love lizards! I don't know much about reptiles but I once had a turtle, and I really want a snake!!
  21 days ago  •  1,070 views
Storm Surge Equestrian  
Thanks! So do I, lizards are awesome! Haha my cousin had a turtle. I want a snake sooo bad!
  21 days ago  •  1,064 views
Dark Side  
i used to have a lizard he was a fat tailed gecko named spike but he died at the age of four
  20 days ago  •  1,061 views
Storm Surge Equestrian  
Fat tailed geckos are adorable. I'm so sorry for your loss
  20 days ago  •  1,059 views
E L E G A N T E  
This little guy is so cute! How old is he? Do you know?
  Jun 5, 2014  •  1,031 views
Storm Surge Equestrian  
Thanks! He just turned 2this past April :)
  Jun 5, 2014  •  1,027 views
InfidelStables aka LSS  
Hes so cute! :3
  Jun 5, 2014  •  1,024 views
Storm Surge Equestrian  
Thank you :)
  Jun 5, 2014  •  1,021 views
Marseille Academy  
Very beautiful! I'm hoping to get a Leo as an upcoming reptile in either November or December. You're so lucky! They seem so fun!
  Oct 11, 2014  •  995 views
Storm Surge Equestrian  
Thank you! I do consider myself lucky. Ooh, exciting! Make sure you have the temperature and humidity levels correct, and make sure the food is calcium dusted! Make sure you have a moist hide. If you need any help, let me know. First reptile, I don't know it all, but I at least know the basics! Good luck!
  Oct 12, 2014  •  993 views
Marseille Academy  
I actually did a TON of research on Leos months ago and got a tank setup and everything for one - but I accidentally came home with my baby Beardie (Sparx) instead so I had to go out and buy an entire new setup for her. Luckily, I still have most of the supplies for the Leo (I returned some for a bit of extra money to go toward Sparx's setup) so acquiring the few missing pieces online won't be much. Thank you for offering advice though! I'll be sure to come to you in the event that I need assistance :]
  Oct 12, 2014  •  990 views
Storm Surge Equestrian  
Good! Haha I didn't even notice that was you who owned Sparx(I don't pay attention to names lol) haha but you're absolutely welcome, and feel free!
  Oct 13, 2014  •  988 views
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