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My horse
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Album horses  |  Uploaded Nov 9, 2009
This is J.Crew my Saddlebred horse!
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He's very pretty. You look so small on
  Nov 10, 2009  •  1,220 views
No Walkin Farms9  
You have a beautiful horse.
  Nov 10, 2009  •  1,220 views
OhMyGosh.He is stunning.Bet he cost alot! how big is he?
  Nov 11, 2009  •  1,220 views
haaay heaven  
ur horse iz a noob
  Nov 11, 2009  •  1,220 views
OMG!he is so beautiful may I have him :P
  Nov 11, 2009  •  1,220 views
Lazy Z Sporthorses   
God he is gorgeous Iam so jealous
  Nov 11, 2009  •  1,220 views
Awww, adorable!!! luuurve ur jacket too lolz =D
  Nov 12, 2009  •  1,220 views
  Nov 12, 2009  •  1,220 views
Equitate Acres  
pretty i have a saddlebred too i got him last year on holloween
  Nov 12, 2009  •  1,220 views
I ride a Saddlebred named Magic :)
  Nov 12, 2009  •  1,220 views
Lovely Horse, Great Photo. Is that a set of rings on him or something? My mum would like to know as they look good for beginners and hasnt seen them before
  Nov 12, 2009  •  1,221 views
Sterling Ridge  
You look so good on him!!! I ride saddleseat as well, but I ride Morgans :) I've always wanted to try saddlebreds tho.... What do you compete in? BTW I love your suit
  Nov 15, 2009  •  1,221 views
i ride saddleseat morgans! what division do you show in?
  Nov 24, 2009  •  1,221 views
Winning Ways  
I ABSOLUTLY LUB HIM!!!!!! I WOULDNT TRADE HIM IN FOR ANYTHING IN THE WORLD! He is sooooo sweet when i hug him he wraps his head around me and the judges like us cuz we like always win by the way we just won nationals! he is a pony though he doesnt look like it and he is 14.2 and guess how old he is? he is 20 but when he runs and plays he acts like he is 5! u can only tell that he is 20 when he is in his stall cuz he sleeps all day! but he is smart too cuz when we go in his stall he sniffs our pockets and it is sooooooo funny! and he is soooooo not a beginner horse he has gotten like top 3 at worlds when he was younger and he was $10,000! I show in academy but will go performance (professional) next yr! and i get to go to worlds!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! thanks for all the lovely comments! i will put up more pics! see ya ltr! bye!
  Nov 27, 2009  •  1,221 views
I love him, he's a stunning horse! I also love your outfit!
  58 days ago  •  1,221 views
Do you live in Kentucky? Ride at L'ville Equestrian Center?
  52 days ago  •  1,221 views
your horse is stunning
  38 days ago  •  1,221 views
yr horse is to oringnal!i dont really like him!:(
  33 days ago  •  1,221 views
Pretty Horse! I ride saddleseat and saddlebreds to and hopefully will get one in the middle of show season this year.
  5 days ago  •  1,221 views
Winning Ways  
Yes i do ride at the Louisville Equestrian Center and own him.
  Feb 10, 2010  •  1,221 views
i love ur suit and horse
  Apr 18, 2010  •  1,221 views
btw i also ride saddleseat in ky 2!
  Apr 18, 2010  •  1,221 views
Where u ride at. i ride saddleseat too, at paul cates stables
  Jul 12, 2010  •  1,221 views
Fleet Wings  
Yay more Kentucky Girls!
Though I'm in Lexington
  Aug 7, 2010  •  1,221 views
thats cool!!! our family friends own a saddlebred ranch in north carolina called high caliber stables!
  56 days ago  •  1,213 views
SkyFall Equestrian Center  
OMG!!!!!!!!!! On the September/October 2010 young rider magazine cover, There's a horse that looks EXACTLY like that!!! His name is clover Hill's Dream Command! What a coincidence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P
  24 days ago  •  1,213 views
I know Excaliber... I was scanning through all the comments looking for one that said that .... he is even wearing the same tack! Is that him?
  13 days ago  •  1,213 views
Nope, it's not the same horse this one has a stripe the one on the mag has a star!
  13 days ago  •  1,213 views
His coat looks so shiny! I'm not much of a Saddlbred person, but he is pretty. =)
  Mar 7, 2011  •  1,213 views
Beautiful horse!
  Mar 25, 2011  •  1,213 views
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