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Me and my Boy
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Album Me and Calvin  |  Uploaded Jan 22, 2010
This is me and Calvin (WaterMark).

He was an incredible show horse! Boy I loved that guy.. but I showed him too hard, and then my little sister came and messed up his balance, putting more stress on his joints. He came up lame with arthritis right after my last medal class on him (we managed to win with flying colors!) and was put out to pasture for two months, started treating him with Adequan. But because the arthritis was in his front right pastern area (between the coffin and something joint) and then had a bone chip on his opposite leg between the coffin and navicular joint, he was retired from jumping. Then finance troubles came and we had to give him away to a friend who kept him in Arizona with her aunt. Now THEY have financial issues and he's being sold :'(

I really can't take it anymore. I'm barely getting by without him! The only thing that keeps me going is actually working with other horses. I honestly can't find a cause for being so extra emotional about it!

But before my sister came into the picture there were many happy times :)

Over 20 blue ribbons and 2 Champions in ONE show (oh yeah :D) and all the happy times just hanging out with him, grooming, laughing at how utterly thick his main was and how thin his tail xP Every one compared it to my own thick hair. lol.

Okay I'm gonna stop talking about him before I really start breaking out in tears! :']
oh don't worry my guinea pig died and me and her were best friends (sounds, strange I know) but I have eventually come to terms with it I hope he finds a good home.
  Jan 25, 2010  •  276 views
toffeelola.. I relate now more than ever. He just died last week. No one knows from what, he was having issues with the different weather in AZ, got strangles, recovered and then.. but he made a friend and was, possibly for the first time able to run around with another buddy :) They were actually sharing a stall (Calvins was rained out) for a while before..
  40 days ago  •  276 views
AWWWWWWWWWWWW!a horse at my ranch died yesterday..he was a great horse but crazy and could not jump at all
  37 days ago  •  276 views
I am really sorry. I dont know what it is like, as I have only lost my hamster.
  Apr 2, 2010  •  276 views
Such a sad story. :( at least he had a happy life with you, and then with his buddy.
  Apr 2, 2010  •  276 views
aww, that's so sad *big hug for jean* At least you had memories with him, we had a youngster who got grass sickness, I knew him for only a few months but had big plans for us, I would have been breaking him in this spring too :/
  12 days ago  •  276 views
I'm sorry! Will you be able to see him again? Maybe your friend can get his new owner's number, and you could visit him.
  Apr 15, 2011  •  276 views
Carpe Diem  
I'm so sorry! You two are amazing together! And I love your shoes :)
  Jul 5, 2011  •  276 views
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