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Almost there
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Album Going Down  |  Uploaded Nov 26, 2009
Here is Partner actually going down now
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Oak Leaf Breeds  
OH NO!!!! I would jump but I must stay with my horsey.
  Nov 29, 2009  •  1,207 views
Eeeek, I wouldn't have liked that... =P
  Nov 29, 2009  •  1,207 views
omg were you and the horse okay
  Dec 5, 2009  •  1,207 views
Dark Star  
I saw someone do something like this while they were pole bending, they hit a slick spot at the turn and there horse went down on his side, they were both ok though, a few scratches on the horse and a few bruses on the rider where the horse fell on her (she had rubber bands on)
  Aug 11, 2010  •  1,207 views
where you guys ok?!?!!?
  Aug 28, 2010  •  1,207 views
Dixie Chick  
My horse trips over his own feet.One time I finally coaxed my friend into riding my horse with me because she doesnt really like gaited horses and my horse is a Tennessee Walker.Well,anyway, i trotted him and he was doing perfectly.I cantered and he was doing so well!!My friend said his canter was the smoothest that she had ever felt and then i took her in a gallop because my horse is dead broke and he takes care of me really i was galloping with my friend on the back having the time of our lives and all of a sudden he trips.He went down onto his side.My friend wrapped her arms around my waist and arms locking them to my sides so couldnt hold on or anything.She shut her eyes tight and down we went.She ended up pulling me off and landing on top of me while my horse halfway landed on my leg and almost broke it.Luckily my friend had my arms locked to my sides because i probably would have broken them.Well,my horse was just about to roll on top of us when he realized that we were t
  Sep 13, 2010  •  1,207 views
Finally There  
thats so much fun!
  Sep 25, 2010  •  1,207 views
Pink Pony  
OMG, thay happend to my brother today!!!! i hope your both ok
  12 days ago  •  1,207 views
Cool picture!!
  7 days ago  •  1,207 views
Finally There  
Well not falling, well falling can be fun. but uh roping. Lol.
  4 days ago  •  1,207 views
Mutley Jackson  
If i Were you I'd swing my leg over the saddle to avoid leg crushing but stay with my horse
  Feb 19, 2011  •  1,207 views
Oh, hope your ok! And also, I know you wearern girls think your all ruff and tuff but a helmet would be nice to see in this picture. :P
  Sep 8, 2011  •  1,207 views
Okay so I've noticed some of you say, I would have done this or that, but MOST of the time you panic, and it all happens to quickly to realize your going down. She was trying to stay on and wasn't thinking at the moment what was happening. So she wasn't hurt. Thats all that matters. :P

Cool picture though!
  Mar 27, 2012  •  1,207 views
WOW! I have seen sooooooooo many photos of this horse falling! LOLZ:)
  Mar 21, 2014  •  1,207 views
After the Fall
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