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Getting Up
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Album Going Down  |  Uploaded Nov 26, 2009
Partner Getting up!!! Luckily unharmed
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Rainbow Equine  
Woah. Looks a little painful. What happened?
  Nov 26, 2009  •  908 views
the horse dosnt really like that hmmm..
  Nov 27, 2009  •  908 views
Rainbow- if u look on thee 1st pic it says the whole story =D
  Nov 27, 2009  •  908 views
Quarters Only  
Looks like quite a spill. Beautiful horse though!
  Nov 28, 2009  •  908 views
Oooh....I don't like falling even though I have only fallen off once so-far....haha lol...Cute horse =D
  Nov 28, 2009  •  910 views
Jagers Nagel  
oh, looks a little painful, but atleast you have picture proof and a nice dirt patch on your shirt to remind you of it haha
  Nov 29, 2009  •  910 views
Whoa! What happened?
  Nov 30, 2009  •  910 views
i love gage  
the same exact thing happend to me when i was riding my horse pistol in a barrel race and he hit the barrel and triped over his own feet and landed on my right leg my leg waz broken but i fought the pain for 4 days before i gave in but its a good thing u 2 are okay
  57 days ago  •  910 views
gage-wow you must have been pretty strong to put up with a broken leg for 4 days!
  30 days ago  •  910 views
whisper rules  
hope u 2 are alright!! x
  Mar 13, 2010  •  910 views
hope u 2 r ok
  Jun 21, 2010  •  910 views
did you get hurt or anything?

i hope not, love the horse!
  Oct 4, 2010  •  910 views
Castaway Wish  
Why are you not wearing a helmet!?
  Nov 11, 2010  •  910 views
Oh my gosh! I you okay? I have to agree with playmobil1234.
  Nov 14, 2010  •  910 views
Looks like you broke a rain.
  25 days ago  •  910 views
MS Horses  
Hope you are okay! Pretty horse!
  23 days ago  •  910 views
Oh, sorry! I recommend wearing a helmet!
  22 days ago  •  910 views
uh-oh that is aful sorry for ya
  20 days ago  •  910 views
Seven Sins  
wow, glad you guys are ok
  19 days ago  •  910 views
Falling is a part of riding. It is the way you fall that is important. And of course getting back on so the horse doesn't put two and two together and realize there is a way not to be ridden. My daughter's barrel horse was 16.3 hh. I told her not to go fast because the arena was slick from heavy rains. To this day no one really knows what happened, but from the saddle imprint on the ground and the dirt all over the entire right side of the horse and saddle and daughter, I figured Baily slipped and went down on his side almost layed out flat before he got up. My daughter doesn't remember a thing. She hit her head on the groung pretty hard. However, it was that emergency room visit that found her kidney disease, so perhaps that was God's way of showing us there was something wrong.
  16 days ago  •  910 views
Estella Noire  
Wow Dreamcatcher. So true. God can show us things in the most remarkable ways...
Neat photo, though. Photographer was bang on, right in front of the horse! Hope you were OK, though! x
  23 hours ago  •  910 views
Dreamcatcher, touching story. I'm sorry!
  Mar 4, 2011  •  910 views
Were you ok??
Nice horse
  Apr 26, 2011  •  910 views
Hope you and the horse were alright anyway im 9 and iv fallen off 16 times!
(beat that) xxxxxx
  Nov 12, 2011  •  910 views
Sunny Daze  
Yikes! Well my mom says this to me all the time "When you fall off the horse you get right back on" Something like that...
You've just proven that it's true!
  52 days ago  •  877 views
Hiya Bye  
The one thing i would say is when you fall off dont put your hands on the floor because the horse could tread on them only out your hands down when the horse isnt near u! and hope your ok and was the hosre alright to? xxx
  Feb 26, 2012  •  877 views
Valkyrie   MOD 
Should be wearing a helmet, but glad you're okay this time.
  May 5, 2012  •  877 views
Oh Geez! And, that's why we have helmets:)
  Mar 21, 2014  •  877 views
After the Fall
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