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Album Demetri  |  Uploaded Nov 29, 2009
This is my horse demetri and I. We are galloping out behind the barn in a field.
Your horse is really pretty.
  60 days ago  •  877 views
wow i wish my horse would do that hes sooooooooo lazy
  58 days ago  •  877 views
Awwwww, Cute!!!! My horse is stubborn so she only rarely lets me gallop now =)
  58 days ago  •  877 views
Rainbow Equine  
My pony galloped on me all summer! He would come on an open gate and BOOM I don't even know whats happening. I'm like "Just hang on till he stops!" lol. Your horse is beautiful!
  57 days ago  •  877 views
dynimite ranch  
have you evertried galloping in the feild bare back
  54 days ago  •  877 views
Hunters Equine  
Yes i have. It is fun but the hard part is stopping. lol
  53 days ago  •  877 views
Jagers Nagel  
great action shot! love your horse! :)
  49 days ago  •  877 views
Wind Grove Farm  
Nice picture! I've always wanted to gallop in a field...
  49 days ago  •  881 views
you look intense lls
  38 days ago  •  881 views
I love galloping bareback in a field i have done it twice on my pony loves it you just cant stop him
  28 days ago  •  881 views
eventually stopping a horse will have temper attiudes. means they can buck and bite. they may even tell you to be a warning!!! Be careful!!!!
  19 days ago  •  881 views
Doesnt riding i shorts in a english saddle rub your legs because i did it oncei nthe summer and i came back with sours on my legs it hurts loads and also its not that dangerous only foals have attitudes against it i mean like 5year olds to about 9years old i ride with moomoo22 and shes loaning one of my horses and we gallop bareback and everything
  Mar 8, 2010  •  881 views
Very pretty horse!
  Mar 12, 2010  •  881 views
whisper rules  
you have a really pretty horse!
  Mar 14, 2010  •  881 views
That looks fun.
  Mar 19, 2010  •  881 views
Mystic Magic  
I would love to gallop ina field, but I think my horse would bolt or buck me off lol, he likes to be naughty any chance he gets. I love your horse and that is a great action shot.
  Apr 9, 2010  •  881 views
that looks cool
  May 24, 2010  •  881 views
AB Eventing  
You should try Jeans or Breeches....*Grimaces* .....Leg Sores....BIG TIME.
  May 25, 2010  •  881 views
i ride bareback all the time on my pony Buttons. He LOVES to run.
  Jun 21, 2010  •  881 views
It's fun to have a gallopp
  Jun 25, 2010  •  881 views
Awesome! Galopping in fields is really fun!!!
  Jun 28, 2010  •  881 views
Reminds me of the times I worked polo ponies. Wa. D.C. is hot during the summer. I always rode in shorts. However, that being said, let me regress. It took awhile for my calves to toughen up and the bruises to go away, lol. I love just letting them gallop free. So much fun.
  Nov 2, 2010  •  881 views
Nice picture!!
  56 days ago  •  881 views
WOW look at that muscle
  44 days ago  •  881 views
awesome, galloping is great, I love it and do it all the time, but you may want to be careful that there is no holes in that fild.
You may have already checked it, and im not trying to sound like a critique, but I know too many horses that have been injured that way!

gorgeous horse!
  36 days ago  •  834 views
Shorts and English leathers? You're BRAVER than me!
  Mar 6, 2011  •  834 views
I love riding bareback! Especially jumping and galloping! The trick
Is getting to stop... Heehee
  Aug 21, 2011  •  834 views
your leanig forward... why?
  6 days ago  •  834 views
Mutley Jackson  
BAHAHA LOLLIPOPS! Because she is galloping! It's the 'light-seat' or the 'galloping position'
  May 1, 2012  •  834 views
Mutley Jackson  
BAHAHA LOLLIPOPS! Because she is galloping! It's the 'light-seat' or the 'galloping position'
  May 1, 2012  •  834 views
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