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Album Horses  |  Uploaded Dec 19, 2009
Me and Rosie jumping 2 foot in a show.
arr you 2 go well together and it doesnt look 2foot it looks 1foot it might be cause i jump mailey straight bars
  Dec 20, 2009  •  769 views
thanks for saying we look good together! It is 2 foot though because I hekped the show manager set it up. I think it my be an optical illusian because of the cross bars.
  Dec 22, 2009  •  769 views
That is 1'9, We ahve the xrail classes at our shows. although were you jump, its only a few inches, where the poles are placed in the jump they are 1'9
  Dec 24, 2009  •  769 views
whisper rules  
brilliant thats what u are!
  37 days ago  •  769 views
I think it is smaller because it is a cross rail. Thank you for the comments!
  36 days ago  •  769 views
ya thats 2 ft
  35 days ago  •  769 views
Well who cares about the height. Comment on the horse and me now please.
  34 days ago  •  769 views
Mystic Magic  
Nice pony. I used to have a grey welsh mare called Rosie. You and your horse look great jumping. :)
  17 days ago  •  769 views
What show or competion.
  Jun 25, 2010  •  769 views
bambam roxs  
sorry but thats terrible!you are to big for that pony there fore you are falling off him while the way thats under 18"
  Jul 1, 2010  •  769 views
Katie Cullen  
Hey, no need to critizise her. I think she is the right size for the pony but will soon be to big. You guys look great together! I wish I had a horse i could call my own!
  Jul 21, 2010  •  769 views
Katie Cullen  
Hey, no need to critizise her. I think she is the right size for the pony but will soon be to big. You guys look great together! I wish I had a horse i could call my own!
  Jul 21, 2010  •  769 views
BamBamRoxs...she is NOT falling off off the pony, and she not too big, soon she will be, but I don't understand what you mean by "falling off". Dreamer, you loko great and your pony is adorable, my only critique is that you release more, but that may just be the way you have to ride your pony:P lol:):)
  Aug 19, 2010  •  769 views
Thanks everyone!
BamBamRoxs- I have heard you be mean to a lot of people on here, so therefore I am going to ignore you completely.
And I am at my max height and I am not growing anymore, so Rosie will stay with me her whole entire life, and do perfectly fine.
This was my first jumping show and we were both a bit timid. I was holding her back too much and was a little bit in a weird jumping position, but I will improve.
Thank you for the comments, please keep them coming!
  Aug 19, 2010  •  769 views
And now that I think of it the show said it was a 2 foot max class, so that jump was probably around 18 inches. It was a great jump to start out with though.
This was an Open 4-H show with our county, so pretty small, but very FUN!
Talk more later! Thank you all! More comments please.
  Aug 19, 2010  •  769 views
YAY!! Dreamer!! Way to stand up to BamBam!! She is really mean to many people!! Cute horse!! You guys look great!!
  Dec 12, 2010  •  769 views
Thank you. I love comments!
  Dec 14, 2010  •  769 views
dreamer...awesome job standing up for your horsie and you!!! i have herd bambam be mean and u look good for your first jumping show!!!
  56 days ago  •  769 views
I see mistakes in it now, because it has been a year since that first jumping show, but who cares. It was very fun and good experience. thank you for all the comments. I love talking and can be friends with anyone. LOL! I love jumping though! Anyways, hope to ttyl.
  51 days ago  •  769 views
This might seem rude but, THAT'S TINY!!!!! I know I started there to but it just seems SO SMALL to me now....
  May 23, 2011  •  769 views
Yes, it is a tiny jump, but that was my first jumping show for me and the horse. I have progressed since then. I can jump 2 ft. to 2 ft.3" now. I need to get some new photos on here. But thank you.
  May 30, 2011  •  769 views
There is no way thats too foot, and you are perhaps a little too big for that horse, but then again I know I am too big for my Dipsy so I'm not going to make a big thing of it
  Feb 4, 2012  •  769 views
I have improved since then. I can laugh at myself now. lol!
  Aug 15, 2012  •  769 views
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