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Lady jumping
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Album Me Riding  |  Uploaded Dec 30, 2009
This is me riding a 11.2-11.3hh pony called lady. What height do you think it is?
She looks lovely! :D Great jumper too! :)
  21 days ago  •  904 views
3ft i have a shetland called fidget and hes 11.3hh and he jumps 3.3ft
  21 days ago  •  904 views
That's cool! People tell me I can't jump higher than 2 foot with my 14.3 hand horse. Do you think I can? I see your pony thinks that 3 ft. jump is pretty easy!
  21 days ago  •  904 views
Strawberry Kiwi Equine  
luffs, that is not three feet. If you look at the jump compared to the small pony, its about two feet.
  20 days ago  •  904 views
Pinky RIP Gypsy  
2 ft
  18 days ago  •  904 views
Silver Lining  
2' to 2'3
  14 days ago  •  904 views
Topthorn Equestri  
Maybe around 2ft 6"??? He is really cute my sisters pony can jump 2ft. He is really big like heavy big so it is hard for him to go any higher than that. He is 14.2h He is very cute.
  14 days ago  •  904 views
Something around 2ft-2ft 3 : ) Really cute pony by the way
  13 days ago  •  906 views
It's 2'3, the pony is small so it makes it look bigger! But good job!
  12 days ago  •  906 views
@dreamer100.i have an arabian that size and she jumps 4 foot.i wouldnt put it past your horse.
  11 days ago  •  906 views
shorted up the reins
  Feb 3, 2010  •  906 views
night banner you dont have to i go to showjmping shows and i have qualified for BSJA and i jump 1m40 and i dont shorten my reins. Dreamer100 You 14.2 would my pony bailey is 14.2hh and he jumps 1m40 because i qualified for BSJA i was well amzed its crazt lol
  Feb 23, 2010  •  906 views
im just saying my opinion that is pulling the horse back which can cuase mouth problem.and i do not realy care
  Feb 24, 2010  •  906 views
Hey silver, that looks like a super pony! Don't worry about trying t always jump higher - if your pony is confident and happy you are jumping plenty high enough. You've got a nice position there, just enjoy your jumping and have fun!
  Mar 5, 2010  •  906 views
Awesome! =D ... I would have no clue at all to how high it is, lolz! =D
  Mar 25, 2010  •  906 views
Polo the Weirdo  MOD 
Aaaw, what a lovely little pony! :D *is jealous*
  Mar 29, 2010  •  906 views
Violets Victory  
It looks 2 feet because the pony is small anywho you 2 have great form!!!!!
  Apr 2, 2010  •  906 views
It looks around 80cm and you look great you have such a good position
  May 2, 2010  •  906 views
Mystic Magic  
Love your pony and great position, I would guess about 75-80cm.
  May 4, 2010  •  906 views
2' 3''- 2' 6''
  21 days ago  •  906 views
Try not to round out your shoulders so much , other then that you look great! And yes , i agree this jump is 2' - 2' 3"
  Mar 15, 2011  •  906 views
thats such a great pi c and he is so cute
  Jun 19, 2011  •  906 views
that horse isnt too small. my friend jumps 3'6" on her 10.3hh pony. :/
  Aug 3, 2011  •  906 views
I think 2'3" or 2'6". Nice job! :-D
  Aug 4, 2011  •  906 views
try to keep the stirrups to the ball of your foot other than that you look great! x
  54 days ago  •  881 views
Starlight Farm  
2'6" cute :)
  Apr 16, 2012  •  881 views
he's a great little jumper and so r u!!
  Apr 30, 2013  •  881 views
Well Done!! You have a neat little position, and I actually think your rien lenth is a good lenth as you are still giving your horse his neck but you still have contact ad no 'lopes' in your reins. You are doing great, Keep it Up!!!!!!!!!

Not to mentin, cute as ponyXD Looks like my little boy Copper almost:)
  May 21, 2013  •  881 views
could I use this pic for my website?? I will add credits and I will show you before I put the image up
  May 23, 2013  •  881 views
hey ella, I dont think this person logs in regualy:P
  May 24, 2013  •  881 views
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