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Buddy before a ride
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Album my pony  |  Uploaded Jun 22, 2010
my 5 year old 12hh welsh cob gelding buddy before i tack him up im waiting for a good pic of us riding he was only recently broke and isnt great
lifes a risk  
soo cue
wish i had my own horse
ur so lucky
  Jul 26, 2010  •  1,068 views
Run Free  
tnx hes sooooooooo great u mit get one soon buddy was a surprise if u wanna no more bout him read my arctical on him "buddy my pony"
  Aug 5, 2010  •  1,068 views
ohh isnt he gorgeous i luv my horse fleck 2 shes much bigger do
  59 days ago  •  1,068 views
Run Free  
ya lots bigger wont be riding him as much when puzzle safe 2 ride but i still love my little buthead buddy
  53 days ago  •  1,068 views
i know a horse just like him but taller
  40 days ago  •  1,068 views
Run Free  
really iv seen some lots like him but buddys defo diff from any oda horse in his personality he pretty strange
  39 days ago  •  1,068 views
Beeswax Crusade  
What a cutie! I absolutely adore buckskins
  35 days ago  •  1,068 views
Run Free  
well buddys colours strange he more buckskin wen he got his winta coat (like in dis pic) but hes lighter in da summer
  30 days ago  •  1,068 views
he reminds me of my old buckskin. There really pretty horses.
Hes so short and cute!! I would call him shorty. Your cute in this photo to!!
  Nov 30, 2010  •  1,068 views
Run Free  
thanks hes short furry cute and a bit fat too but it makes him cuter.I dont ride him much more cause hes got into a rearing habit and needs to go to a friend to be retrained
  Dec 2, 2010  •  1,068 views
Oh rearing habits are dangerous. good luck
  Dec 8, 2010  •  1,068 views
Run Free  
I no hes really naughty and we are waiting for a friend to come and retrain him.Thanks were gonna need it lol
  Dec 9, 2010  •  1,068 views
this might help" use a crop and keep your reins tight and feet at the ready. When he rears, jab your head into his mane. keep the reins at your waist and keep his head bowed. use the crop if he try's to rear. Don't forget a helmet! oh and tell me if what I said is close to what your friend says.
oh and try a gel pad under the saddle
  Dec 10, 2010  •  1,068 views
Run Free  
your idea is great and im only getting used to sitting the rear so i fall off most of the time (it doesnt hurt cause hes so small andd we never hack him out any more)the problem with the crop is he is frightened of the crop,we have tried everything to get him used to it but nothing works,so he rears for longer and spoooks so its even worse
  Dec 11, 2010  •  1,068 views
This was awhile ago, but if he still has this problem, you may want a more experienced person to ride him. If you have a western saddle, ride him in that, so you have a deeper seat and better balance and won't fall off as much. Don't react at all to the rear, that's giving him the attention he wants. Just sit quietly, and when he lands ask him to do what he was doing before.
  12 days ago  •  1,068 views
Run Free  
He was sold not long after the last comment, unfortunately my instructor thought he wasn't broken in correctly although he is used as a happy hack now and he likes the simplicity of walking and trotting in an open space
  11 days ago  •  1,068 views
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