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Love Forever
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Album Profile Pictures  |  Uploaded Jul 15, 2012
Time To Make < 1 hr
This is a manip I made for a profile picture and I would greatly appreciate critique, please don't just say "the cutting is really choppy" tell me how I can improve!! :)

DON'T STEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is not for sale but you CAN ask me for a manip. It may take a while snce I am very busy with stuff in real life, but I will get it to you!
Warped Faith  
When you're doing the shadow put the opacity lower. It will make it look more realistic. You also over smudged the face. One more thing, try to make fly away hairs on the tail. But great job, your manip skills are getting so much better!
  Jul 16, 2012  •  223 views
Your best yet! Anyways, for the shadow, try to lower the opacity of the layer like you did with the text to make it look a bit more see-through like a real shadow. :] Also, try to get the shadow up closer to the horse. LOVE the mane and tail. :D But thats just me being picky. Haha.
  Jul 16, 2012  •  223 views
Love Forever  
Warped Faith~ Ok, I will try to do it lower, but this was my first time actually drawing the shadow, I usually use the drop shadow tool but it's not working so well..... Yeah, I noticed it was over smudged when I uploaded it... And I will try the fly away hairs. And thank you very much! You really made my day! One thing I did notice from a while ago is that my cutting has gotten MUCH better! :)

Empathy~ Aww, thanks! Like I said to Wubbles, this is the first time I have drawed the shadow. And I will put it closer next time. :)

Angie~ It probably looks fuzzy cause the face is over-smudged. Thank you! Umm, what black blobby thing? xD
  Jul 16, 2012  •  223 views
Love Forever  
You can use the drop shadow tool or you can draw it. Drawing it is easier but whatever floats your boat might be different than mine. xD
  Jul 28, 2012  •  223 views
Love Forever  
No problem!
  Aug 5, 2012  •  223 views
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