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Doc and I
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Album Doc and I  |  Uploaded Feb 4, 2012
This is Doc and myself. I just love this horse to bits and I had a great time at the clinic with him.:D Is he cute or not? I mean really? Lol.:)
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Carpe Diem  
Wow, that's a beautiful horse! :) May I have him? :D
  Feb 4, 2012  •  847 views
What a gorgeous shot of you two. That horse is literally breath taking. ^.^ Love it so much.

On a side note, your helmet definitely needs tightened. Your straps are supposed to be snugly fitting against your cheeks and sides of face instead of dangling. That's even more dangerous than no helmet at all.
  Feb 4, 2012  •  847 views
D'aw! His face reminds me a little of Derby's! He really is cute! :D I just love the look of a simple bridle with a plain dee bit, it compliments him well! You're pretty cute, too. XD
  Feb 4, 2012  •  847 views
Lovely shot!

I agree with Spy on the helmet :P

And I agree with Weeza!! I LOVE seeing horses trained right that don't need any gadgets to control. And the simple bridle compliments him very very well.
  Feb 5, 2012  •  847 views
Carpe-Thank you! But um... I don't think I can give up my

Spy-Why thank you! Doc would LOVE to hear that!
Yes it does, I'm no sure why it was so loose... I always in showmanship wear it quite snug, and the rest of the time. Hmm...

weeza-Aww, haha! I think he is pretty adorable to! And yah, I often don't use super fancy, or super low quality bridles or bits. Well, I never use low quality bridles but you know what I mean...I hope.:)

Cowgirl-Thank you! My mother loves taking photos!
Yes! Finaly some one that gets that! I hate when people use super harsh bits when not needed. And I HATE, when people don't train their horses well enough, so thet give them a harsh bit.

Well thank you very much! I think it suits him as well:)
  Feb 5, 2012  •  847 views
Dunns DragonFly Stable  
Awwwww Doc!!!!! You looked awesome at the clinic!!!
  Feb 6, 2012  •  847 views
D'awww! Thankies!!! Isen't Doc just adorable? Hahahaha!!
  Feb 7, 2012  •  847 views
Sunny Daze  
My horse was trained bit-less. She responds very well and is trained in "Natural Horsemanship" We also taught her a few Parelli tricks as well^_^
  Feb 10, 2012  •  847 views
  Feb 14, 2012  •  847 views
be free  
you to are PERFECT together!!!!!!!!!:Dlol
  Apr 5, 2012  •  847 views
Gone forever BYE  
Awesome Horse!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Jul 4, 2012  •  847 views
Flutters manip
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