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Me on rearing horse
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Album Our horses  |  Uploaded Mar 27, 2008
Breed Paint
This is my mental horse, I was 11 in this pic, going around the first barrel in barrel racing he reared like this 4 times, and same around the last barrel.
Basicaly I was little, and just sat it out. I know now I wasn't supposed to pull back. lolz.
But I stayed on, the whole time.
I had to piece this together in photshop, the origional image was huge and had to be scanned in, in pieces. ;)
A b r a c a d a b r a  MOD 
Lolz. The pic was by a professional photographer at the show. My mom screamed and droped her camera. I was fine though. lolz. Stayed on and finished the pattern. I ride Western Pleasure more though now.
Shyester (this horse) we still have but he is no longer ridden, he has became agressive, attacked my dad and tore his shoulder out of place. Thus, we are looking for a brave trainer for him. lolz.
  Mar 29, 2008  •  498 views
Go to Woah got BOOed  
i think it looks cool
  Mar 29, 2008  •  498 views
Blue Highlight Paints 1  
I have an 11 year old at my barn and her horse does that we are trying to teach her not to pull back too
  Mar 29, 2008  •  498 views
A b r a c a d a b r a  MOD 
Yeah. I have videos of riding bucking horses bareback. Its enjoyment. ;)
I checked with the photographer, and he said it would be ok to post it. ;)
  Mar 30, 2008  •  498 views
A b r a c a d a b r a  MOD 
The pic? Yeah just scan lines. Of course today I found the smaller image. lolz.
  Apr 3, 2008  •  498 views
A b r a c a d a b r a  MOD 
Oh.. hrm. I rarely get thrown, or hurt, lolz.
  Apr 6, 2008  •  498 views
Phantom Stables Rp addict  
Today(4/6/08) I was riding this 12hh(and I'm like 5'.4") pony and he tried to do a big SCARY buck with me and he put all his power in the buck and only came 2feet off the ground(LOL).
HA I hate ponies.... Nice rear!
  Apr 6, 2008  •  498 views
LCM London Girl returns  MOD online
I could probably fix it for you. I'm not sure
  51 days ago  •  498 views
Forever Diamonds Farm  
  48 days ago  •  498 views
A b r a c a d a b r a  MOD 
=] hehe thankies!
Nah, I like the funky scannin. XD
LOLZ YEAH, tis funneh when ponys try and buck yah. I think thats why I never got a buck out of my 2 yr old while I've been training him, hes a pony and really, doesn't have that crazy baby attitude to give me a fuss. hehe I luff him. :)
  38 days ago  •  498 views
Baby Lou Tattoo  MOD 
LOL! this photo makes me happy.
  15 days ago  •  498 views
A b r a c a d a b r a  MOD 
lolz. Glad BLT, very glad. OH! I should upload pics of my pony. I pulled some things you did with Ted. :P
  15 days ago  •  498 views
Springs Parridise Barn  
yuu shud of been more calm! and contorlling!
  3 days ago  •  498 views
Green Clif Acres  MOD 
hehe Looks fun!
  2 days ago  •  498 views
A b r a c a d a b r a  MOD 
XD thanks for the back up Neon.
Okay sbp. I really don't need you telling me what to do.
#1. I was ELEVEN.
#2. It was the first time ever I rode a REARING horse.
#3. 75lb girl vs 1200lbs 15.3h super stocky paint. Do the math. I did as best as I could to get him to settle, and keep my butt in that saddle at the same time.
#4. I finished the pattern, and when I got out of the arena I smacked him. XD
#5. Its over now, I know not to pull back, and now I ride crazy horses for fun. Sound good. =]

XD I should scan in the other pic, he decided to lunge right the second time of rears and panic attack. XD

Ugh, okay, thats settled. =]
Lolz Neonze. I can see you doing that. XD
  1 days ago  •  498 views
A b r a c a d a b r a  MOD 
XD I can see you doing so Neonze. :P
Lucky dork, I was still begging for a poneh at 6. -_-
I got Abby at my 8th birthday. =]
  18 hours ago  •  498 views
Marbu In The Cimarron  
Hey, I could probably train him! I'm fearless of horses, always willing to help, and I could do it for no-$ at all! I've been around a lot of horses, been run-off with a couple o' times, and I'd call myself a born-expert (though my grandfather doesn't trust me!) Anyway, if that were to happen, it'd be a miracle for me, and (like I said, IF it happened) your horse could possibly be gented in a couple o' months. HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! Like that'll happen! (Although, maybe, just MAYBE, it could!)
  Jun 22, 2008  •  498 views
Abracadabras Stallions  
Highly doubt it.
I am fearless as well, but this horse is MENTAL. He attacked my dad, bit him in the arm, threw him to the gound, and reared up on him.
My dad had a dislocated shoulder, and torn muscle.

We asked trainer, after trainer, and they were all clueless on how to fix him. But we just found this guy from colorado who says he's worked with Roping horses gone bad like this, so I think we might get him started in training there.
  Jun 25, 2008  •  498 views
Twin Oak Stables  
hey i worked with lots of wild horses worse then that ! like wild mustangs off the mountain ...(they were some old mans that he roped when he was younger and then he "tryed to trian " them but more like beat them ! so then the SPCA brought them to our farm down in Nine Mile River ..In Nova Scotia, Canada. anyways i wored with someof them and they were rideable after 1 year ..and man if i had pics i would show u in what shap they were in but i dont think they would let me put them up cuz thos horses looked nasty and skinny when they came :( but my friend has one of the foals that one old mare gave birth to ...and shes pretty ill put that pic up later ! anyways so yea that horse would be no prob !
  Jul 4, 2008  •  498 views
A b r a c a d a b r a  MOD 
Yeah.. Well, when he attacks you ill see what you think of him then. Not to say you aren't good with horses, and im sure you've seen some bad ones. but we've gone to trainer after trainer, and all said they were to basically chicken to fix him. -_-

If you'd like to come here, pick him up and train him for me be my guest. But I will say, this will be the most dangerous horse you'll work with, guarenteed. -_-

Its not like its just a trust issue he has, like a wild horse would have. This horse has kill in his eyes, he wants his way, and if he doesn't get it, run. He's stubborn, and willing to give it all to go back in his pasture and do as he pleases.
  Jul 15, 2008  •  498 views
Enlaced Farms  
that looks fun and i lov ethe way you scanned it in XD
  Jul 15, 2008  •  498 views
A b r a c a d a b r a  MOD 
haha thanks
  Jul 15, 2008  •  498 views
Cadilac Ranch 3  

i had a little shetland pony when i was littel and was just like that

everytime i would get on he would buck

so instead of riding with a bridle and saddle

i would hook my lead rope to his halter and ride him like a bronc rider
  Jul 17, 2008  •  498 views
if you pulled back on my horse when he reared he would topple over on you i had to learn the hard way so ya i will just say no down now like a dog and he gets mad and keeps rearing then i hit him on his head and down he goes
  Jul 23, 2008  •  498 views
A b r a c a d a b r a  MOD 
Ugh, yes I know that.. XD
I was YOUNG and brainless in this pic, this was more then 5 yrs ago. XD
  Jul 24, 2008  •  421 views
Changed Accounts  
lol, Abby! That looks soo fun!
I'm 'fearless' with horses, just like all the other girls. I'd pop him in the nose with a lead rope if he charged me, then if he was still charging, i'd haul myself outa there
I probably wouldn't have a very sure fire way to help train him. I'd have someone bite his ear while I got on, then I'd try to ride him through it. lol
I'd fail...-_- XD
  Aug 4, 2008  •  421 views
A b r a c a d a b r a  MOD 
lol. Yeah, he'd have you on the ground before you'd get a chance to pop him in the nose..
ugh. I hate that horse.
  Aug 4, 2008  •  421 views
Changed Accounts  
I'd take the four-wheeler with me. I drive fast and crazy. I'd find some way to get away. I'd hope to, at least. O_o
  Aug 4, 2008  •  421 views
A b r a c a d a b r a  MOD 
lol good idear =]
  Sep 13, 2008  •  421 views
Valhalla War Horses  
My horseie did the same thing,, she wanted to take off around the barrels and I wanted her to walk, so she reard up.
  Sep 30, 2008  •  421 views
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