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My Jazmine..
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Album My Photo Box  |  Uploaded Aug 12, 2009
This was my horse Jazmine. we gave her away to this guy that i dont like but yea. what can ya say! she went to a good home!!shes an Arabian! 13-14yrs old!
freak of equine  
You realize her halter is about to slip off, correct?
  Aug 30, 2009  •  311 views
r o x e h  
lol, yepp! she does that herself! i guess shes not a fan of halters! :)
  Aug 30, 2009  •  311 views
Hanks Hoof Foundation  
i love her!
  Sep 6, 2009  •  311 views
  Sep 12, 2009  •  311 views
Aww! She's so pretty! XD Her halter's comin' off XD Silly Jazmine XD
  Sep 20, 2009  •  311 views
Headfirst For Halos  
awww sooo pretty :)
  Sep 20, 2009  •  311 views
aww why did you give her away?
  Sep 26, 2009  •  311 views
r o x e h  
Well, we gave her away, cause we couldnt do anything with her, so we.. well my sister gave her away! i wasnt home so i didnt now! i miss her!
  Sep 26, 2009  •  311 views
Tilly and taylors top ten  
she so cute!
  Oct 15, 2009  •  311 views
r o x e h  
huhh... how can you tell that shes an Highland Pony?
  Oct 18, 2009  •  311 views
XxX A r t i s t i c XxX  
Her face doesn't quite look like an arabiam, but its ust because o her halter...the rest of her body looks like one...:) I like her. Shes too cute!
  Nov 18, 2009  •  311 views
freak of equine  
She's a tad fat in the picture.. and her head's not quite Arabian shaped. I'd say ArabianxPony cross..?
  Dec 17, 2009  •  311 views
XxRj loves PjxX  
She is Beautiful!!!My horses name is Jasmine and she takes her halter off like that too!LOL!!!
  Dec 25, 2009  •  311 views
Arabs Painted Ranch  
ohhhhhhhhhhhh that is sooo wierd because i love ponies!!
  Jan 2, 2010  •  311 views
Viridian Sporthorses  
Lol cute!!
  Feb 3, 2010  •  311 views
she is beutiful.
  Feb 17, 2010  •  311 views
Abandon All Ships  
awww she is cute
  Feb 21, 2010  •  311 views
r o x e h  
Thank You!
Im so sad that she is gone now. I miss her :(
  Feb 25, 2010  •  311 views
Tillys Echo is HERE  
hahah look at all those buttter cups im sorry you had to give her away it must of been tough shes a purty horse
  Feb 27, 2010  •  311 views
Reineh luvs the PBR  
Awwww! That's an AMAZING pic! Shes so pretty! Im sorry u had to sell her, its kinda sad, but she went to a good place, makes it easier huh.
  Mar 8, 2010  •  311 views
Noughts And Crosses  
shes gorgeous! its kinda like theres an element of another breed in her too (altho that may just be the pic) but i think often cross breeds are good as they get tghe best out of 2 breeds! mine is a x bred :) xxx
  Mar 14, 2010  •  311 views
Bee Sting Ranch  
Pretty :)
  30 days ago  •  311 views
harleys horses  
365 views!365 days in a year! wierd
  Nov 19, 2012  •  311 views
W i l d H o r s e s  
Awe, she is so cute!
  Dec 25, 2012  •  311 views
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