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Album My Photo Box  |  Uploaded Nov 18, 2009
Not or best run, but our best time!!! We ran an 18.754...My best time of the year! (this is only my first show season with Indy)
Scarlett Rayne Stables  
awesome! Auntie A is sooooo proud! wish I was there to have seen it.
  Nov 19, 2009  •  291 views
freak of equine  
If you don't mind my critiquing, don't pull down to your tight. Pull up to your belt.
  Dec 7, 2009  •  291 views
Turnin With Style Stables  
ok...ill try that next time! my trainer told me try my thight...(she rides in a hackamore so its a little different) and i think the reason I did it (pulled to my thigh) was cause she didnt want to turn that day...she was fighting with me all day! lol! but thanks! i will try next time! (my next show is jan 17, 2010)
  Dec 15, 2009  •  291 views
freak of equine  
Okay, good luck(: That helps with that problem.
  Dec 17, 2009  •  291 views
Turnin With Style Stables  
you know! i got a wonder bit for x-mas and its the only bit she will accept and then i was warming up doing circles at a walk and trot, she was moving sooo much smoother when i pulled to my belt...THANSKS EQUINE!!!
  Jan 11, 2010  •  291 views
Away what a beautiful horse:D! I'm glad the wonder bit helped her, but good job on that time!
  Jan 15, 2010  •  306 views
Affinity Equestrian  
Thats awesome xD
  Jan 17, 2010  •  306 views
Top Notch Farm  
u may hate royal but we did win w/t barrels in a dressage saddle! beat tht lol
  Jan 17, 2010  •  306 views
Turnin With Style Stables  
u ran a what? and i ran a what? I WIN!!!!
  Jan 18, 2010  •  306 views
Wow I LOVE her tail!!
  Jan 19, 2010  •  306 views
Turnin With Style Stables  
yeah, shes got a extreamly thick mane and tail...I have no idea how she got it, shes a TB, they usually dont have alot of drags on the ground...its usually braided or in a tail bag...its just that long...
  Jan 19, 2010  •  306 views
Cluey Luvs Justin  
FASTER!!!!! lol nice
  Feb 14, 2010  •  306 views
Arabs Painted Ranch  
u lok a little off but u made it. indy went to close to the barrel. try to make it a little farhter when u turn.
  Feb 15, 2010  •  306 views
Arabs Painted Ranch  
but you did rlly well.
  Feb 15, 2010  •  306 views
Dark Summer Nights  
you look very good! :)
  Mar 15, 2010  •  306 views
Turnin With Style Stables  
not really...
  Mar 15, 2010  •  306 views
Bee Sting Ranch  
If you dont mind my critiquing, since your in a hackamore pull to the tree of your saddle. :) And dont lean, keep your shoulders aligned with your hips, and sit deep in the saddle with you inside leg pressuring on Indys side. :) Hope it helps. And I bow down to you for barrel racing a TB. :D They get put down in the industry :( Great Job!! And Good luck!!
  Mar 20, 2010  •  306 views
Turnin With Style Stables  
Thanks! I did alot better at the last show (3-21) We found out that my dumb mare, knows how to get her tounge over and under the thats y she is always shaking her head and throwing it around...
  Mar 24, 2010  •  306 views
Mill creek farm  
Wow,looks fun!!I love your horse!~~Millie:)
  Apr 21, 2010  •  306 views
Noughts And Crosses  
that looks like soo much fun! XD you two look realky good ) xxx
  May 9, 2010  •  306 views
Turnin With Style Stables  
Thanks, we make a pretty good team! :D
  May 9, 2010  •  306 views
Mill creek farm  
Awww,looks arelly good!!~~Millie:)
  37 days ago  •  306 views
Arabs Painted Ranch  
ok will FYI i quit barrel racin and now is doin poles. :) why? becuz barrrels is to hard for storm [ the horses im usin]. hmph.. we cut to short ran into the barrrel and i freaked out!! i think she dad to.. :( but im starting poles so thats good.
  36 days ago  •  306 views
Strawberry Kiwi Equine  
You guys look awesome! I just started barrel racing this year :)
  Oct 17, 2010  •  306 views
Turnin With Style Stables  
Its addicting and AMAZING!
  Oct 17, 2010  •  289 views
Seven Sins  
Turn 'N Burn, you guys look great
  Mar 20, 2012  •  289 views
Turnin With Style Stables  
Thanks You!
  Mar 20, 2012  •  289 views
Artiste Mystique  
You look awesome! :D
I always worry that the horses are gonna fall over though :/

But looks like you are both pros! :D
  Apr 18, 2012  •  289 views
Turnin With Style Stables  
HAHA Idk bout pros, but we were pretty good :D won a few champions.. and you have to trust your horse and if you trust your horse you guys will be just perfect :D
  Apr 18, 2012  •  289 views
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