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My Lady Bug R.I.P
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Album My Images  |  Uploaded Apr 29, 2008
She was put down 2 years ago today . I loved her so much I did alot of obedience shows with her .
Eight Belles Stables  
I'm really sorry! what happened??
  Apr 29, 2008  •  150 views
Flemington Mares Immortal  
aww...feel your pain
  Apr 29, 2008  •  150 views
Royal Haven EQ Center  
She Had Lymes Disease . We tried treating it but was to far gone. I used pervenative and everything but some people don't understand that ticks have to bite to be killed by that stuff so she still got it. SHe started to turn on me one day and she wouldn't hurt a fly . So i had to get her put down .
  Apr 30, 2008  •  150 views
Dreamy International  
Aww! she's gorgeous.
  May 1, 2008  •  150 views
Royal Haven EQ Center  
Thanks you can't see her color that weel but dhe has brown spots instead of black . Caled a liver spotted dalmation.
  May 3, 2008  •  150 views
awww she too cute to be put down!i feel sorry for you
  May 7, 2008  •  150 views
Royal Haven EQ Center  
I know I have to take pic of the ribbons she won in obedience trials
  May 8, 2008  •  150 views
Dark Mew Meadows  
Awww, that's too bad. It's hard to put them down, but it's worth it to know that they are not suffering.
  May 19, 2008  •  150 views
Royal Haven EQ Center  
Thank you DMM
  May 20, 2008  •  151 views
Dark Mew Meadows  
You're welcome. My grandma had a dog that got cancer. We had to put him down. I miss Burk... He was silly. He would sit in the backyard, and act like was going to let you pet him, and then take off across the yard. Burk was crazy... Running in circles around the yard... I miss him... I feel your pain.
  May 24, 2008  •  151 views
Midnight Sun Jumpers  
I know how you feel. The pain in your heart and the empty feeling in your chest. sometimes you even see them in the corner of your eye, resting, or looking at you, calling you.
  May 26, 2008  •  151 views
Royal Haven EQ Center  
You are very right Bubbling Seas
  May 28, 2008  •  151 views
Take the Leap Equine  
awww! so sry! I had 2 dalmations also and had to put them down :(
what a gorgious dog.....
  60 days ago  •  151 views
Hidden Demon  
I'm sorry to hear that.
  47 days ago  •  151 views
The Unforgiven Metallica  
They had to put my dog down a couple mothes ago so I can feel your pain.
  33 days ago  •  151 views
Cheshire Cheetah  
im so srry. i know ur pain. i lost my 3 dogs too
  27 days ago  •  151 views
Cheshire Cheetah  
im so srry. i know ur pain. i lost my 3 dogs too
  27 days ago  •  151 views
oh. i know how it feels. my cat had bathroom problems so we got rid of him. :( y was he put down?
  Oct 7, 2008  •  151 views
The black nights  
im sorry for your loss
  Nov 3, 2008  •  151 views
Royal Haven EQ Center  
It's fine she is in a better place where there's no pain
  Nov 18, 2008  •  151 views
Charlie the Unicorn Ranch  
I am so sorry! I had a dog named Toby and we couldn't take care of him anymore cuz he needed extra help, so we gave him to my sister and we thought he would be safe, but he got mauled by a bear! I was so sad to hear that when my sis told me!
  Dec 1, 2008  •  151 views
Snowy Grace Stables  
Im so sorry. I know that feeling. I had a husky named Niko and he died about 3 years ago...
  Dec 15, 2008  •  151 views
Royal Haven EQ Center  
Thank you . I'm sorry for you lose as well
  Jan 5, 2009  •  151 views
California Princesa  
Hey I totally know how ya'l feel my dog died a few months ago :((
(u can read more about her in my blog)
  Jan 15, 2009  •  151 views
Mythical Creatures Ranch  
I feel your pain. once i had a cat named Fiddler but he died.Here is his story: once before i was born my mom was walking home from work. she saw some kids poking a paper bag. she asked them why and they said there was something alive in there. so my mom asked them why they didnt let it out and they said they were scared it was a skunk or something. so my mom let it out. it was a tiny kitten with a hurt leg. she took him home and named him Fiddler. then a few years AFTER i was born he died from kidney problems. :(
  Jan 24, 2009  •  118 views
PythonPonyPalaces   MOD online
Awwww - she's so beautiful! Sorry for your loss!
I had a "Liver-spotted" male named Nandon's Major Bentley!
Luffed him to bits, also! Dalmations are such characters...
  Feb 16, 2009  •  118 views
White Brook  
They used to run UNDER the fir engines, so they had a lot of endurance and training.
  Feb 19, 2009  •  118 views
Royal Haven EQ Center  
your right they were breed to be around horses because thats what pulled the old fire engine carts
  Feb 22, 2009  •  118 views
Kadypet Stables  
I know how you feel, my dog passed away. His name was Cody.
  Mar 16, 2009  •  118 views
awww i had tons of my animals put down i know how u feel:(
  Apr 18, 2009  •  118 views
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