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RIP Legacy Lady
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This is the mare that started it all for my sister and I with out love for standardbreds. We lost her in April due to injuries she sustained after being hit by a car. We miss her dearly. She was a very special horse.
This photo is me and her demoing dressage at the 2003 "Life After Racing" day at the Plainridge racecourse in MA.
Oak Creek Farm  
I am very sorry about her! I know how it feels to lose someone. She is absolutly beautiful!
  Nov 21, 2008  •  147 views
Topthorn Equestrian  
oh i am so sorry may i ask how she get hit by a car?
  Dec 4, 2008  •  147 views
Santa Ana Ranch  MOD 
MMS- Her and her stablemates got loose one day and her retirement farm was close to a main route, she was hit in the shoulder and it shattered her shoulder and at the age of 28yrs it was unrepairable and unfair to her to try. One of her stablemates as hit head on and died on the scene. We miss her terribly and I am havinga painting commissioned in her honor for my sister.
  Dec 4, 2008  •  147 views
Free Spirit Horse Rescue  
oh my goodness i kno where you are at. My barn Pic has the pic of a horse i used t ride his mane was hollywood or woody. i rode him for 5 months and had a AMAZINg bond with him he would do absoulutly nothing to hurt me... but he had arthiritis so they sold him,and you kno what they do with horses that trip alot..... I really miss him. I was just glad i wasnt there.
  Dec 7, 2008  •  147 views
Free Runnin Spirits  
She looks like a very nice horse i have never had a horse so i really dont know how it is to loose a horse that ment so much to me..
  Dec 22, 2008  •  147 views
Clear Mountain Stables  
you look sooo pretty tohgether!!!!
  Dec 27, 2008  •  147 views
Rose Tree Ranch  
Oh, I'm so sorry, I know how it is to lose a horse :( You guys look really good though =]
  Jan 20, 2009  •  147 views
Spun Gold Stables  
Poor Nassa.5 Of My Horses Got Hit By Cars Too
  Jan 27, 2009  •  147 views
Pocahontas Stables  
awwww that's so sad! I am so sorry Nassa!
  Feb 16, 2009  •  147 views
D A K O T A  
OMG that is so sad:-( I have never been through a horses death B4
  Apr 14, 2009  •  147 views
Hobos Rock XD  
I Know how you feel i lost my fav horse 4-16-09 im still crying it hurts sooo bad!!!!
  Apr 17, 2009  •  147 views
Starry Skies Retreat 2  
Oh my gosh, I`m so sorry!! That`s terrible. It must feel so painful in your heart.
  24 days ago  •  147 views
animals rock  
I am sorry I know how it feels to loose pets I have lost many and I still sometimes cry because they are like loosing family memebers
  33 days ago  •  147 views
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