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Grape Misfortune
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Album Deadsy Doodles  |  Uploaded Jan 19, 2016
Grape Misfortune

A Deadsy Doodle

Ozzie stirred energetically, knowing the family recipe by heart he adjusted for taste, casually singing as he worked away. Liz sat at the table working from her laptop on a website design with a cup of coffee, the foals drawing patiently as their father prepared a meal.

“Mommy, look.” Lexie said holding up her artwork proudly, the three year old’s hand bumped her grape juice cup, tipping the liquid all over the table, the purple trail creeped toward Liz’s laptop.

“Lexie!!” she yelled, frantically picking up her laptop. The filly’s ears pinned back, feeling bad. Liz panicked and grabbed her drawing and extra papers to soak up the mess, holding her laptop high in one hand. Izzie looked at her little sister’s crushed pride as she watched her hard work become a purple catastrophe, tears starting to well in her eyes.

Ozzie hurried over with a dry towel and soaked up the mess, noticing the destroyed artwork of his younger daughter. He looked up at her with apologetic eyes as Liz was shaking her head lividly and storming from the room with her laptop, the charging cord dripping a bit. Oz tossed the towel in the sink and picked up his daughter as some silent tears were falling, she was trying her best not to cry.

“It’s okay.” He said quietly, hugging her into his shoulder and neck. He scratched her back softly, hearing her sniffles and the shoulder of his shirt growing wet with salty crocodile tears. He carried her back into the kitchen to multitask, avoiding burning their food.

“It was an accident.” She said very miserably.

“She knows hon, you’re okay, not in trouble.” He said quietly to her as Liz came back with a wiped down laptop, Izzie felt her tension as she picked up her coffee and took the last drink from it. Izzie got up from the table softly and asked her father how she could help him.

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Colins Legacy   
I swear this is just a different version of my evening. XD Except I'm Lexie. :P
  7 hours ago  •  479 views
PythonPonyPalaces FRSN2   online
  7 hours ago  •  476 views
Oh no! Don't be a sad little horsie, I won't allow it :)
  7 hours ago  •  475 views
Thank you Python :)
  7 hours ago  •  473 views
Mystic Moon  
Poor Lexie :(
  4 hours ago  •  465 views
Skyline Spare  
Once, I was holding a cup of water while walking over to the pc, when my foot caught on the edge of the plastic floor mat, spilling most all the water onto the desk, which made it's way to the back edge and down into the multi-plug. Shorted out the entire second floor in three seconds. Not my best day.
  2 hours ago  •  462 views
Dang Timberland! Danger Zone!
  Jan 20, 2016  •  456 views
Skyline Spare  
Fortunately, all items dried out and back in action. While welding, I grabbed steel that closed the circuit and I saw a bright flash, having the ground properly set saved me from being the ground. Dunno what it is with me and electricity. Zapped a few times on a pasture hot wire, that's always fun...
  Jan 21, 2016  •  451 views
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