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Album My Photo Box  |  Uploaded Jun 28, 2008
Please dont post rude comments. I have to have a tight rein on her.
Angel Fire Ranch  
Pretty appy. I love it :)
  Jun 29, 2008  •  66 views
Greystone Sporthorses  
Thank you!

She jumped a little too early
  Jun 29, 2008  •  66 views
Shady Creek Stables  
Very Beautiful POA =)

She did take off a bit early, but it happens to everyone.

I hear POA's are fantastic jumpers!
  Jul 11, 2008  •  66 views
Greystone Sporthorses  
thank you! I toght(spell check?) her everything she knows about jumping and dressage! :D
  Jul 11, 2008  •  66 views
TCS loves Jasper Hale  
awe you two are so cute =)

was this at holland western for the jr. equestrian meet?
  Jul 15, 2008  •  66 views
Greystone Sporthorses  
TCS-I think it was! I know it was for the jr. equesttrian
  Jul 15, 2008  •  66 views
Charmed Horse Ranch  
i agree she took off a wee bit early, but if her stride is longer than normal it may not matter. plus she made it up very beautifully, i think. I luv her coat. its very cute. I like how she tucks her head under; that's really kool; and cute.
  Jul 18, 2008  •  66 views
Greystone Sporthorses  
thank you for the constructive critisime! :D

Sometimes she takes horse strides so, she cant always fit-in more.
  Jul 18, 2008  •  66 views
Breezing Hill Farm  
haha Lu is also a bit eager to jump, but good job staying with her, its hard.
  Jul 19, 2008  •  66 views
Greystone Sporthorses  
  Jul 20, 2008  •  66 views
TCS loves Jasper Hale  
ahhh i remember seeing you!

you both looked awesome...angel is so cute =]
  Sep 12, 2008  •  66 views
Greystone Sporthorses  
thanks! :D was it a thomet?
  Sep 18, 2008  •  66 views
Parkridge Farm  
wow i wish i could jump like u and im the same age
  Oct 5, 2008  •  66 views
Greystone Sporthorses  
Thanks so much!
  Oct 5, 2008  •  66 views
Northern Mountain Stable  
You look asume!!! Just one thing that I see. You are looking down, try to look straight a head, like look a the rail in front of you before you jump and lock your eyes there until your done jumping. It looks much better, and you can fall off easier when you look down, and it feels better, and its more FUN!!! ;-)
  Oct 13, 2008  •  66 views
Sunnybrook Stables  
You look really happy!
  Oct 28, 2008  •  66 views
Lamoreaux Ridge Eq Center  
4LCS- She never said that was an "A" show so why are you acting like a snob? And GS knows that a red ribbon means that a horse kicks, other wise she wouldnt have been putting it on her horse. DUHH.
  Dec 4, 2008  •  66 views
Irish Sporting Stables  
Love Angel's full name!!!!! My arab takes off to early almost every time so I know what you mean! You did a great job of going with her though! Just try to bring your hands up a little further
  Dec 30, 2008  •  66 views
Greystone Sporthorses  
4LCS-ummm not everyone!!! I went to fair and everyone was up her butt. Its called bad riding.... if you dont know that other people dont, then thats sad...
  Dec 30, 2008  •  66 views
Canterbury Sporthorses  
Very nice looking Appy! Love her coloring :)
  52 days ago  •  66 views
M u s e O f C o l o u r s  
You both look ace!
Your rein isn't actually that tight, she looks comfortable and happy. Also she has a good tuck + you have a good position D
  23 days ago  •  66 views
Dutton Ranch  
wow u look great!
  18 days ago  •  66 views
The Karma Bomber  
Aww!! you guys are SO good at jumping!!
  May 13, 2009  •  66 views
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