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At 13-year-old the 17-hand Thoroughbred stallion MH Shameful Fame captured the #1 spot and held the record for the highest jump over the last weekend in July. He had earned 4,932,500PB for Mountain Hollow Estate and his ...
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A Place For Us - Part 10 - The End
19th Jun 2012   |   Horse Fiction   |   Unique
It felt as if time was standing still in those few moments. Phantom arched his neck as they neared the truck. She felt his body grow tense. Before she knew what was happening Phantom swung his body around and stopped dead in front of Ryder’s blue truck. A gasp escaped Brielle’s l ...
A Place For Us - Part 9
11th Jun 2012   |   Horse Fiction   |   Unique
Wheels turned on the dirt driveway and Brielle turned to see Ryder’s truck pulling quickly down the muddy drive. “Ryder!” She screamed, lurching out of the barn. He didn’t stop and she began to run after him. Still he did not stop. She halted, and sucked in harsh breaths of the s ...
Improving The Seat Retraining a Racehorse - Moonfire (Week 4) Top Twenty Reasons To Ride A Horse Crazy Stunts with Olop - Jumping Backwards - Part 2
A Place For Us - Part 8
7th Jun 2012   |   Horse Fiction   |   Unique
A soft breeze blew through, causing a shiver to stream through Brielle’s petite frame. Blake’s truck came to a stop in front of the round pen. He offered a wave from inside the truck before swinging the door open. Brielle’s eyes flickered up to him and she forced her lips to curv ...
A Place For Us - Part 7
3rd Jun 2012   |   Horse Fiction   |   Unique
Ryder’s lips captured Brielle’s in an innocent kiss. Her heart raced as she leaned into his embrace. It was as if the whole world stopped spinning. Her body relaxed slowly as she felt his hand gently cup her cheek. Abruptly she pulled away, eyes slightly wide. “I - I’m sorry. ...
A Place For Us - Part 6
30th May 2012   |   Horse Fiction   |   Unique
Brielle’s lips curved into a small smile and she nodded, “I think he’s ready.” Stepping into the open stall she looked up at the seal brown stallion. “Hey, Phantom,” She cooed quietly. Her voice was soft, and soothing as she approached the horse. He arched his neck and stepped to ...
A Place For Us - Part 5
28th May 2012   |   Horse Fiction   |   Unique
Brielle nudged Moe’s sides with her heels, glad when the chestnut horse stepped into a slow walk. This was going to be perfectly fine. She was determined to get past her fear, to fight the flashbacks, and to move on. Life was about taking chances wasn’t it? Being afraid was only ...
A Place For Us - Part 4
24th May 2012   |   Horse Fiction   |   Unique
Brielle bit down on her bottom lip as she looked up at the prancing, supposedly gentle, stallion. Holding tightly to the reins she followed slowly behind Ryder. He walked confidently as he led Archer. She could hear him murmuring soft words to the stallion and it almost made her ...
A Place For Us - Part 3
20th May 2012   |   Horse Fiction   |   Unique
Why did she all of a sudden feel so nervous? The feeling soon fled when Ryder stepped away from her with a kind smile. When she was around this man she felt like a thirteen year old again, having her first crush. She almost verbally yelled at herself for the thoughts stirring up ...
A Place For Us - Part 2
16th May 2012   |   Horse Fiction   |   Unique
“Thanks,” She muttered under her breath. Cautiously she moved toward the stallion. He now pawed at the shavings on the stall floor with his right fore foot. “Easy,” She cooed quietly, “Easy boy.” Reaching out she brushed her finger tips against his well chiseled cheekbone. The st ...
A Place For Us - Part 1
11th May 2012   |   Horse Fiction   |   Unique
Brielle felt a tingle run up her spine as she climbed from her deep blue Ford F-250. The soft cool wind tousled her short chestnut hair, and caused her to shiver slightly. Her small frame looked as if it was blow over with the slightest force. Hazel eyes scanning over the landsca ...
10 Ways to Tell You are Desperate for a Horse
9th Apr 2012   |   General   |   Unique
Some people, like myself, are absolutely desperate for an equine companion. You feel as if you could not go another day without being near a horse. There is a constant ache in your heart every time you lay eyes on a horse and their loving owner. Each time you see a horse in need ...
Can You Hear Me? - Part 11 - The End
8th Oct 2011   |   Horse Fiction   |   Unique
One year and two months later Mac slid a sparkling wedding band onto my finger. It was the promise that he would love me forever, love me for always. Always hear me and never forget me. He would always believe in me, and hold me when I was afraid. Always be there and never give u ...
Can You Hear Me? - Part 10
2nd Oct 2011   |   Horse Fiction   |   Unique
Three months later came my seventeenth birthday. My birthday present was staying home while my parents went to court for their divorce. They told me I didn’t need to attend. I hadn’t planned on it anyways, I wanted to see Sym. I had gained his trust enough that he would let me si ...
Can You Hear Me? - Part 9
26th Sep 2011   |   Horse Fiction   |   Unique
It had been six months since I had met the Harris’. I went to the farm every day to visit Sym. The problem was that as much as I tried to stay away from Mac he found me every time. I hadn’t talked to him very much. Figuring that would be best. But it seemed that he tried to seek ...
Can You Hear Me? - Part 8
20th Sep 2011   |   Horse Fiction   |   Unique
I turned and walked toward the barn. Figuring I’d find something to pain with in there. When I got there I turned the corner and leaned against the door. Relieved that I was away from Mac finally. I dropped the nickname I had given him because it sounded too friendly. I didn’t wa ...
Can You Hear Me? - Part 7
15th Sep 2011   |   Horse Fiction   |   Unique
It had been two days since Antic’s death. I finally dragged myself out of bed and dressed into some ripped jeans and a t-shirt. Scoffing at my appearance I didn’t really care. As I opened the door of my bedroom I listened and heard no fighting coming from my parents. Thankful, I ...
Can You Hear Me? - Part 6
11th Sep 2011   |   Horse Fiction   |   Unique
It wasn't fair how you could have something one moment and the next moment they were gone. Slipped out from between your fingers, never to get them back. I walked up the stairs to my bedroom and closed the door. Flopping down on my bed I let my tears gather in my eyes. Finally th ...
Can You Hear Me? - Part 5
8th Sep 2011   |   Horse Fiction   |   Unique
As I turned back onto the main road I saw my dad’s truck barreling down at a high speed. Antic ran up to the truck barking. I stared up at dad before looking back down at Antic. Dad was rambling on his cellular phone and Antic was running straight for the truck. “ANTIC!” I let ou ...
Can You Hear Me? - Part 4
4th Sep 2011   |   Horse Fiction   |   Unique
I slammed my palm against my forehead and let out a sigh. Great, I was acting weird around him and I didn’t want to. I wanted to act like my own distant, lonely self. Not someone who was bubbly and friendly. Definitely not someone like that. That was just dangerous because then I ...
Can You Hear Me? - Part 3
30th Aug 2011   |   Horse Fiction   |   Unique
Really no one understood me. But then again, I always wanted to be a loner, I didn’t like being told what to do. What was too dangerous, where to go. It just got on my nerves most times. Then again they did care about me. Or they acted like they did. My parents fed me, clothed ...
Can You Hear Me? - Part 2
25th Aug 2011   |   Horse Fiction   |   Unique
I turned back with a crooked smirk on my face when I saw Mac and Mr. Harris standing there, staring after me and Antic. I almost laughed, the looks on their faces were absolutely priceless. A girl walking away with a wolf? Didn't see that everyday. I'm sure they were quite confus ...
Can You Hear Me? - Part 1
22nd Aug 2011   |   Horse Fiction   |   Unique
The day seemed to be longer and gloomier then ever as I walked down the stone cold road. Almost home, to the place I barely belonged. It seemed like the only place I belonged was alone, just me, myself and I. No one there to tell me how to look, what to do, or who to be. Just me. ...
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