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Escape - Attacked While Riding Alone
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The man started groping in my pocket than, and I soon found myself screaming hysterically at him that I didnít have anything for him. He motioned for me to be quiet, and though I knew it was useless, I yelled at him to l ...
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How To Edit A Background From Boring To Beautiful
26th Dec 2012   |   Graphics   |   T W I
While in an equine photo manipulation, the horse is the focal point of the image, a gorgeous background can add much to the overall impact of your creation. Here are several tips and tricks to get that dreamy, beautiful background that youíve always wanted. First, pick out an ...
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How to Draw Horse Hooves on Photoshop
4th Oct 2012   |   Graphics   |   T W I
Weíve all encountered that perfect stock image, a sleek, well positioned horse that will fit nicely in the background weíve picked out for our manip - except for one little detail. Dirty, gross-looking hooves. What now? Do we just abandon our stock horse in search of another with ...
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How to Draw a Black Mane and Tail using Photoshop
3rd Sep 2012   |   Graphics   |   T W I
This is my second tutorial on the painting of manes and tails! My previous one detailed how to draw chestnut manes and tails, and since the process is very different for black hair, I thought Iíd make a whole new tutorial specifically for black hair! Please note that since tutori ...
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Horse Graphics - How to Draw Scars Using Photoshop
19th Aug 2012   |   Graphics   |   T W I
Ever wondered how to draw scars on an equine, if you're looking for a a battle-weary impact, but don't want to draw gore? This tutorial will cover the process of painting scars onto a horse, using very little but our good old photoshop paintbrush. The scars we will be drawing wil ...
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Photoshop - How to Give a Black Horse White Facial Markings
27th Jul 2012   |   Graphics   |   T W I
Ever wanted to give a horse facial markings, like stars or snips, but donít know how? Today we are going to learn how to change the color of a horseís whole face, to make the bald face marking. This tutorial should be applicable to creating any white facial marking, however. ...
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Unicorn Moon - Part 3 of 3
27th Jun 2012   |   Horse Fiction   |   T W I
Exactly one month later, Ophaileís lunar cycle became Full Moon. Sharnyi, the moon of the Kelpies, became Dark Moon, invisible in the sky. The two moons cycled exactly opposite of each other, so once a year, Sharnyi would disappear and simultaneously, Ophaile would arrive at its ...
How To Effectively Blur Horse Manipulations
20th Jun 2012   |   Graphics   |   T W I
We have all seen images where the subject, maybe a flower or a human, is in crackling sharp clarity, but the background is just a blur of colors. Something about these always strikes the eye as more professional than the ones where everything is in focus, no matter the distance a ...
Unicorn Moon - Part 2 of 3
12th Jun 2012   |   Horse Fiction   |   T W I
The girl cried out, pleading with the people on shore. Though no words formed, her mouth choked with salt water, it was clear that she was begging for succor. Pendantís teeth were clenched as he stared down at the dark, milling forms on shore. No one made a move to enter the infe ...
Unicorn Moon - Part 1 of 3
6th Jun 2012   |   Horse Fiction   |   T W I
Though the night was cold, the unicorn stood proudly on the hill overlooking the village below. The wind was chilly so high up and it whipped the unicornís mane and tail, dark as the night itself, back and forth like so many banners in the breeze. There were many little hollows a ...
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Adding Custom Fonts To Horse Graphics
19th Apr 2012   |   Graphics   |   T W I
Have you ever wanted to spice up your horse graphics and banners using a cool font that no one else has? While your computer comes with some built-in fonts, the truth is, they're pretty boring. can change all that! The font website currently features 14,905 different f ...
Forma Silvestris - A Horse Role Play Website
24th Mar 2012   |   General   |   T W I
Have you ever wanted to join a horse RPG site with advanced role-players? Are you looking for a site with a complex storyline and intriguing plot? If so, Forma Silvestris is the place for you! We are a small proboards site composed of mainly members, looking for some ...
How to Download Photoshop Brushes in a Few Easy Steps
20th Mar 2012   |   Graphics   |   T W I
Have you ever wanted to download those gorgeous splash or fire brushes, but didn't know how? Downloading brushes can be tricky, but with this step-by-step tutorial, you will be able to download whatever brushes as you want, whenever you want to. There are two different ways t ...
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How to Make the Perfect Pixie Wings - Part 2
15th Mar 2012   |   Graphics   |   T W I
Part 2 of this tutorial completes the process of adding pixie wings to a horse graphic. While this tutorial is intended for equine manipulations, it doesn't have to be limited to just horses! It can be used anywhere and on anything. If you have not read Part 1 of this tutoria ...
How to Make the Perfect Pixie Wings - Part 1
8th Mar 2012   |   Graphics   |   T W I
Part 1 of this tutorial demonstrates how to make pixie wings. While this tutorial is intended for equine manipulations, it doesn't have to be limited to just horses! It can be used anywhere and on anything. Part 2 will be coming soon! Start by doing a quick stock search on De ...
Photoshop - Grounding Horse Hooves in Grass and Brush
10th Feb 2012   |   Graphics   |   T W I
Depending on how tall the grass is, the horse may be up to its knees in grass or the grass might simply be scattered around the hooves. If the horseís legs are buried in grass, take a fuzzy eraser and erase to a point just below where you think the grass would cover. If not, skip ...
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How To Draw Horse Manes on Photoshop - Part 2
29th Nov 2011   |   Graphics   |   T W I
After you are satisfied with your burning job, itís time to dodge. Put the range on highlights and the exposure to 30%. As with the burning process, you need to decide where to highlight. The areas we will be highlighting are going to be a bit smaller and less in mass than the bu ...
How To Draw Horse Manes On Photoshop
25th Oct 2011   |   Graphics   |   T W I
By popular request, I finally ended up creating a mane tutorial. Iím still not completely satisfied with the quality of the manes (and tails) I draw, so in the future I might end up creating another updated version as I continue to improve my method. This tutorial will be focu ...
From White to Black - Darkening Equine Legs in Photoshop
11th Oct 2011   |   Graphics   |   T W I
I recently entered a manipulation contest and was required to turn the legs of a horse black. I found the process to be fairly simple, so I thought Iíd share my technique with the rest of Ponybox. This tutorial will only be covering how to darken the legs, as oppose to the whole ...
Three Essential Tips For Photomanipulation
13th Sep 2011   |   Graphics   |   T W I
If youíve ever sat in front of your computer for two hours straight, youíre probably used to the rather aggravating experience of having the computer screen hovering in front of your vision while your eyes are shut, a malicious white blur interfering with your attempt at some vis ...
Photoshop - Blending Horse Hooves in Water - Part 3
30th Aug 2011   |   Graphics   |   T W I
Once the horse is positioned and blended into the water, itís ready for the splashes. Only make splashes if the horse is running or trotting in a way that would kick up water. If the horse is standing in turbulent water, I like to just add some foam around the hooves instead of w ...
Sealah - A Pegasus - Part 5 - The End
13th Aug 2011   |   Horse Fiction   |   T W I
It was true. Her fuzzy coat, still damp from birth was a clear shade of dark bay, just like her sire's. Sealah suspected that as she grew up, her pelt would come to closely resemble his exact shade. She had a wild little mane, black as the night sky above her. Just like Kao. Thou ...
Photoshop - Blending Horse Hooves In Water - Part 2
19th Jul 2011   |   Graphics   |   T W I
Today we are going to learn how to create ripples in water. Stay tuned for part 3, on how to create splashes! Take a look at the surface of the water you are blending the horse into. Is it the smooth, calm surface of a lake? Or is it a turbulent river? Check out the horseís p ...
Photoshop - Blending Horse Hooves In Water - Part 1
12th Jul 2011   |   Graphics   |   T W I
To give the impression that the horse is indeed standing in the water as oppose to on top of it, use a hard eraser tool to erase as much of the leg as you think would be realistically covered by water, depending on the depth of the body of water your horse will be standing in. St ...
Combining Two Horses In Photoshop Elements
16th Jun 2011   |   Graphics   |   T W I
If you see muscles from the new body part that look out of place, itís a good idea to erase them and leave the original ones. This is why you donít erase the original body parts that are being replaced until your completely satisfied with how the new horse looks. Once everyt ...
Sealah - A Pegasus - Part 4
10th Jun 2011   |   Horse Fiction   |   T W I
The sun made its way, bit by blazing bit, higher into the sky. Its unrelenting rays penetrated the thick foliage of a tangled thicket and continued on through an opening in the top to warm a small gray form, invisible to all but the airborne observer. Noontide was upon Sealah, an ...
Grounding Your Horse On Photoshop - The Shadow - Part 2
23rd May 2011   |   Graphics   |   T W I
This is part two of my tutorial series on how to ground horses using a shadow. If you would like a quick overview of where to place the shadows and how light or dark to make them, please take a look at part 1, Grounding Your Horse On Photoshop - The Shadow - Part 1 Duplicate t ...
Grounding Your Horse On Photoshop - The Shadow - Part 1
15th May 2011   |   Graphics   |   T W I
Floating horses in manipulations are a fairly common problem to have, especially with backgrounds where the ground isnít just a flat surface, but with grass, water, flowers, etc. There are two main methods that I use to successfully banish this annoying problem. Shadows ar ...
Video: Training A Cow To Show Jump
19th Apr 2011   |   General   |   T W I
One German girl, after a failed attempt to convince her parents to buy a pony, decided she would stop at nothing to get the show jumper she had always dreamed of. That was when she brought an alternate mount into the picture. Her cow Luna wasnít the horse sheíd always dreamed ...
How To Edit A Horses Hue And Lighting
14th Apr 2011   |   Graphics   |   T W I
Once you have pasted your cutout horse onto the new background, itís time to work on the horseís lighting! Knowing whether to lighten or darken, add a tinge of green or a hint of red all comes with experience. If you are new to photomanipulation, I recommend taking a look some ...
Adding Appaloosa Markings to a Horse Graphic
8th Apr 2011   |   Graphics   |   T W I
Choose two horses from a stock site, such as DeviantArt. One of them will be the subject to which we will be adding the markings. Position and color are not important, so choose whatever horse catches your fancy. The other horse should be an Appaloosa, from which we are taking th ...
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