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Teach a Horse to Bend
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In this article I shall be explaining in detail all the methods I have used to teach a horse to bend. Before I begin I wish to remind my readers that to try to follow these methods exactly step by step, or using any meth ...
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Euthanization Imminent for Wild Mustang Herds in Western Utah
27th Apr 2014   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
Once again, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is coming under criticism for mismanaging Mustang herds, this time, in western Utah. On drought ravaged lands, Mustangs are being blamed for a shortage of grazing. However, proponents of the Mustangs say, they are being made scapego ...
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How to Avoid Barn Drama
21st Apr 2014   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
There are three things common to almost every stable that no one really wants: flies, manure piles and drama. Of these three, the flies and manure can be the easiest to get rid of. However, barn drama seems to stick around, and it can be very hard to eradicate. Yes, there are dra ...
Baby Horses are kind of like Farts How To Tell if Your Horse is Trying To Kill You Retraining a Racehorse – Moonfire – Back by popular demand My Horse is a #$@&%*!
Canadian Parliament Considers Law to Limit Horse Slaughter
17th Apr 2014   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
What happens to horses now that the US slaughter plants no longer can accept them? They are shipped to Canada or Mexico. The laws that shut down the plants haven’t really stopped horse slaughter. They’ve actually ensured that horses destined for slaughter have more to endure befo ...
A Royal Obsession - All the Queen's Horses
11th Apr 2014   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
On April 21, Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II will turn 88 years old. She is certainly not your average 88 year old, and that's not just because she may be the most famous woman in the world. Outside her queenly duties, HRH enjoys spending time with her horses. They are, in ...
Controlling a Strong Horse
6th Apr 2014   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
One of the most common problems many riders have is slowing down a horse that is a puller, or is very forward. The problem may be more noticeable after the horse has had a break, and has stored a little excess energy, like after this long winter we've had, when we haven't been ab ...
The Life of The Coal Mine Pit Pony
3rd Apr 2014   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
A long time ago, a friend's mother took my sister and I, and her two daughters to see a Disney movie, The Littlest Horse Thieves. The movie was released in 1976 and was about three children, who on learning that a coal mine's pit ponies were about to be destroyed to make way for ...
Take Care of Your Riding Helmet
1st Apr 2014   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
Your riding helmet is a very important piece of equipment that helps protect the one part of your body that is very difficult to fix if it gets broken: your brain. Helmets don't require a great deal of maintenance, but they do benefit from a little care to keep them clean and loo ...
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Preparing for the Spring Trail Rides
26th Mar 2014   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
As spring slowly breaks here in the northern hemisphere, many of us will finally be able to access trails that have been deep in snow for the last few months. Even some people who are normally able to head out have been slowed down by this extreme winter. That first time you head ...
Why I'm Jealous of My Horse
25th Mar 2014   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
I don't like to complain, but there are a few things that make me jealous of my horse. I probably wouldn't want to be a horse, but if I were, these things would make me happy. I'll admit I have accumulated a lot of shoes over the years. However, I certainly don't get footwear ...
So Miley Cyrus Doesn't Like the Horse Carriage Trade
19th Mar 2014   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
What do Bo Derek, Liam Neeson, Willy Nelson, Alec Baldwin, Gloria Steinem, Lea Michele and Miley Cyrus have in common? Yes, they are all celebrities. But, they are also celebrities who have spoken out about horse welfare issues. Bo Derek and Willy Nelson were very vocal during th ...
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How to Fight Back Mean Girls at the Barn
17th Mar 2014   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
So we know one way someone became a mean girl, and what it's like to be bullied by a mean girl (or boy). Most of us feel like we've been bullied at one time or another, and it can be a very hurtful experience. So, what do you do about a mean girl if they are bullying you? I talke ...
Mean Girls at the Stable - The Making of a Mean Girl
15th Mar 2014   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
When my daughter and I first met Jessica, she was quite a normal little horse crazy girl. Actually, horse crazy doesn't quite describe the enormity of her love for horses. So when she joined the Pony Club my daughter belonged to, and started taking riding lessons, she seemed as h ...
Dream Holidays on Horseback
4th Mar 2014   |   General   |   PonyBox
It seems like it's been winter for about ten years now. I'm trying to remember if I've stumbled through the back of a wardrobe and ended up in Narnia. Right now, a holiday on horseback in a warm place sounds just about right. I've been dreaming about the possibilities, ...
A Horses Guide on How to Train Your Human
1st Mar 2014   |   General   |   Polo the Weirdo
Well, I suppose it’s now or never. The first thing you have to realize is that training your human from the ground is not enough. Good ground manners and special awareness in a human are important, but these behaviours seldom carry over to ridden work. Your human may run when you ...
Build Your Horse a Pasture Paradise
27th Feb 2014   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
Caring horse owners have always done their best to keep their horses safe, healthy and happy. As we learn more about the natural needs and habits of horses, we've been able to adjust how we look after them. We now understand that keeping a horse in a stable might not be the healt ...
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Why Horses Should Not Be Used As Service Animals
23rd Feb 2014   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
Last September, the state of Arizona officially recognized horses as service animals. Horses are already used in many different places, and seem to be gaining acceptance. A service animal is one who assists a person with a disability navigate their world, or help the person do sm ...
What's With My Little Pony?
15th Feb 2014   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
I have several news feeds that I watch and one subject that consistently appears on the one I have set up for the search word 'pony' is 'My Little Pony'. I remember a My Little Pony toy my daughter had when she was little. It was pink with sparkly mane and my daughter quickly rej ...
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The Horses of Russia
14th Feb 2014   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
What am I doing these days when not working? Watching the Sochi Winter Olympics of course! I love the Olympics, and although I know there's a lot of posturing and politics involved, I really admire the athletes. They're an inspiration. I thought it was very interesting that durin ...
The Long Riders – Equestrian Adventurers
12th Feb 2014   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
If your dreams include spending your days in the saddle and being a world traveler, you might want to join the ranks of the long riders. A Long Rider as defined by the Long Riders' Guild is a person who has ridden more than 1000 miles in a single journey. Historically, there have ...
What Happens When A Horse Starves
9th Feb 2014   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
It's hard to believe that in North America, where we enjoy some of the highest standards of living, that animals, including horses, starve to death. It's shocking when news stories report stables full of starving horses, and it happens far too often. Most often, the animals can b ...
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How to Feed a Starving or Malnourished Horse
8th Feb 2014   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
One of the things I miss about having my own pastures is that I enjoyed rehabilitating horses that were down in condition. There is something very satisfying about watching the sharp angles of a skinny horse round out, life come back into their eye and energy return to their stri ...
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Most Common Causes of Barn Fires
5th Feb 2014   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
I was shocked to learn that fire leveled a local riding stable Friday night. At about 3:00AM a passing motorist noticed the blaze and called 911. By the time fire fighters arrived the barn was fully engulfed and by 6:00AM, despite the combined efforts of four rural fire departmen ...
Paraguay Bans Work Horses in City Streets After Outcry From Animal Rights Groups
4th Feb 2014   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
The minimum wage where I live has sat at $10.25 an hour for many years and recently, it's been raised to $11. For anyone who must try to live on a minimum wage, life can be a struggle. But imagine trying to live on $10 a day. In Ausoncion, Paraguay that's the daily earnings of so ...
Terrible Horse Names
2nd Feb 2014   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
Like most of you, I take a lot of care when naming a horse. I try to match the name to the horse's nature or appearance. I like names that are dignified, yet easy to say. I think names are important. But every now and then I come across a horse name that makes me ask, 'what we're ...
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15 Things I Have Learned From Being an Equestrian
28th Jan 2014   |   General   |   Vaulter101
I have been around horses and horse people for quite some time, and have decided to share some observations I've had made. Here are the top 15 things I have learned from being an equestrian. ...
How to Choose the Correct Bit
26th Jan 2014   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
Is it time for a new bit? Walk into your local tack shop and chances are you will be overwhelmed by the number of shiny bits hanging on the wall. Which of those shiny, sleek looking bits will be the best one for you and your horse? Bit designers sometimes promise miracles, but f ...
Popular Quotes Used To Evaluate A Horse
23rd Jan 2014   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
Should You Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth? Horses and humans have had a long history together, and while humans certainly have formed many opinions about what makes a good horse, we'll never be sure exactly what a horse's opinion of a human may be. Here are some long-held opinion ...
A Bit About Curb Chains and Straps
22nd Jan 2014   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
All curb bits, whether they are English, western or driving bits should be used with a curb chain or strap. Although the curb chain or strap looks very small compared to many other parts of a bridle, it's really very important for both the comfort of the horse and for the effecti ...
Llamanitis Epidemic Hits the Equine World Without Mercy
20th Jan 2014   |   General   |   Polo the Weirdo
Llamanitis is a very common and frustrating disease often found in horses and ponies of all shapes and sizes (Most often school ponies, mares, or particularly flamboyant geldings). It has been known to be contagious, and recently I have noticed the epidemic beginning to spread. ...
Is the Final End In Sight for Horse Slaughter in the United States
19th Jan 2014   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
On Thursday, January 16, the latest congressional spending bill cleared the Senate and House of Representatives without providing funding for meat plant inspectors. This will effectively halt the opening of plants that had planned on resuming operations in the very near future, b ...
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