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Crazy Stunts with Olop - Jumping Backwards - Part 1
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Who is Olop, you ask? Well, that is my new nickname for Polo. Read on, and I daresay the reason will soon become clear. Those of you who know me will surely know that I am somewhat ‘lacking’ in the sanity division. In ...
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Dotty’s Story – Chapter Six
23rd Dec 2010   |   Horse Fiction   |   mosquito
Dotty spent several days stuck in her stable. She didn’t really mind it hurt just to breathe, let alone to walk around. Jimmy came to check on her several times a day, and to change the bandages on her knees, rub her aching neck, and feed her a hot bran mash. The vet came often ...
Mustang Mountain - Part 2
21st Dec 2010   |   Horse Fiction   |   Run Free
We galloped for half an hour wandering over thousands of trails on Mustang Mountain. Soon Black Beauty got tired so we slowed to a walk. Where could he be I thought. I tried to clear my mind, think of where he likes to graze. Suddenly I remembered where I found him on the Rocky t ...
Five Very Good Reasons To Learn To Use English Similarities between Students and Equestrians April 20th 2013 Showjumping Competition With Finola Retraining a Racehorse – Moonfire – First Show Of The Year
Jello's Story - Part 2 The Foal
20th Dec 2010   |   Horse Fiction   |   Velski
The next day Jello and the others woke up. Snare trotted around the herd, making sure everyone was okay and had made it through the night. Clarinet stood next to Jello, and Jello stood next to Trumpet. A young dapple gray filly leaped up, just missing Jello’s nose. Jello smiled a ...
Hooves Over My Heart
16th Dec 2010   |   Horse Fiction   |   Briseno TBs
I have always longed to jump onto a wild horse’s broad back, then run my fingers through his coarse hair twirling it into little ringlets then letting go and watching it fall apart. Then I’d bury my hands once more and snap my heels against his side urging him forward, the wind c ...
Healing Hearts Ranch - Part 4
14th Dec 2010   |   Horse Fiction   |   Finally There
In the last part of the story we were introduced to Steve. Steve had invited Luci to go to a horse auction with him on Saturday, find out her answer and Nathan's not so subtle reaction in Part 4 of Healing Hearts Ranch! ...
Dotty’s story – Chapter Five
11th Dec 2010   |   Horse Fiction   |   mosquito
Before long, Dotty woke up to squeals of laughter and excitement. She opened her eyes, saw the little faces peering at her through the stall bars, and breathed a sigh of relief. It was the nice lady from the day before with the big sunglasses, but this time there were two other l ...
The Jump
10th Dec 2010   |   Horse Fiction   |   ImaCoolCowgirl
He prances gracefully into the ring at a collected trot. His coat gleams in the late afternoon sun. His dark mane braided and tucked under in neat little bumps. His dark tail braided and flung high as his rider circles him at a walk trot and canter before turning him towards the ...
A Love Story Of A Girl And Her Horse
9th Dec 2010   |   Horse Fiction   |   Ponyissie
At the age of 14 I finally got my first horse. She was a beautiful mare called Stained Gold, I called her Gold for short. She was a gorgeous 14.3hh, palomino Quarter horse and had a heart of gold, hence the name Gold. One day we went riding in the forest and I rode Gold, nobody w ...
Lost and Found - Chapter Three
8th Dec 2010   |   Horse Fiction   |   Maiandra
Cinnamon stared at the deep blue sky and all the little stars that lit it up like a Christmas tree. He pondered if Eliza was seeing the same sky and wondering the same things. Where was everyone? Where I am? Where are you? Cinnamon thrashed a hoof at the door in frustration. Get ...
How To Fly
6th Dec 2010   |   Horse Fiction   |   Castaway Wish
I was standing up to the window portion of the door in my own filth, I couldn’t even move. It was horrible, but I was not going to surrender to a murderer like her. The whip flashed again, and nearly struck me in the eye. Instead, it hit a nerve, and I screamed as loud as I could ...
My Name is Azulene
6th Dec 2010   |   Horse Fiction   |   calypsogirl94
Suddenly a rope flew out from the bushes and settled on her neck. She jerked back and let out a piercing neigh, the signal for danger. A man on a pale gray horse jumped from behind the bushes, the rope tied to his saddle horn. Azulene reared and kicked, but still he held her capt ...
Keela - A Pegasus - Part 4
5th Dec 2010   |   Horse Fiction   |   T W I
My eyelids felt like leaden weights, forcefully restraining any attempt I might make to lift them. I tried feebly, but the effort was too much for my unresponsive body. Aside from my shallow breathing, I found that I could not move at all. I lay on the ground, limp and weak, help ...
Mustang Mountain
4th Dec 2010   |   Horse Fiction   |   Run Free
It all started when I ran to the stables to see my horses. I tacked up Lily and we went on a ride down the trails. After half an hour Lily spooked and I fell off. There I saw him, a pure black mustang stallion. He was beautiful. I tried to get close to him, but he galloped away. ...
Dotty’s Story – Chapter Four
3rd Dec 2010   |   Horse Fiction   |   mosquito
Dotty found out soon enough what was to happen next. Sarah had been spending a lot of extra hours at the barns, exercising and grooming all the fillies. All of them except Maid. Dotty was getting worried about what would happen to Maid, and although Maid never said as much, Do ...
Lost and Found - Chapter Two
2nd Dec 2010   |   Horse Fiction   |   Maiandra
The next morning Eliza woke up with the same pain, the same confusion, and in the same hospital. This time her mother lay in the chair next to her, fast asleep. Her makeup was smudged, her hair was pulled back into a messy pony-tail, and a stack of unorganized papers lay on her c ...
Healing Hearts Ranch - Part 3
2nd Dec 2010   |   Horse Fiction   |   Finally There
They continued back home and Luci laid down on Narrow’s neck letting him take the lead. They got back to the ranch and Luci slipped down off Narrow’s high back. “I’m gonna go change this shirt.” she said nodding her head towards the rip Nathan had made in it in order to get her f ...
Lost and Found - Chapter One
1st Dec 2010   |   Horse Fiction   |   Maiandra
Okay remember, posture, heels down, chin up, and...Eliza and Cimarron flew over the first jump with elegance, crispness, and perfect stride. Eliza could almost here her instructor clapping and cheering just as if she were right beside her. The second jump was coming up. She we ...
The Story of Lexie - Part 2
30th Nov 2010   |   Horse Fiction   |   Aralia
The next school day seemed to have a kind of cheerful feeling about it to Krystal. When Geometry came Ben waved hello to her and began to chat, asking about her schedule. After school they walked together to their houses as usual. Everything was fine until they reached Lexie's pa ...
Healing Hearts Ranch- Part 2
29th Nov 2010   |   Horse Fiction   |   Finally There
Nathan reluctantly put her down in the water. He splashed Luci then dove under the murky water. Luci went after him but since he was taller than her he could go out much farther than her. She knew it wasn’t a good idea but waded out into the middle. Soon she couldn’t stand. She t ...
Dotty’s Story – Chapter Three
25th Nov 2010   |   Horse Fiction   |   mosquito
Winter came and went for Dotty. She and Maid and the other fillies played in the snow, and then dug down to nibble the sweet spring grass. They all secretly wondered what would happen to them next, but no one wanted to bring it up. As the days got longer and warmer, Dotty craved ...
Esparanza's Story
22nd Nov 2010   |   Horse Fiction   |   T E M P E S T
The next morning I roused Spirit and decided to return to the herd that day, especially after the wolf incident the night before. I went slowly so Spirit could keep up. Staying by the forest for cover, I was anxios to get back to the herd and Emporer’s protection. I could smell m ...
Once A Unicorn - Part 3 - Final
21st Nov 2010   |   Horse Fiction   |   Rein or Shine
Ariela took a deep breath and glanced at Rose. The human was still sitting by the creek, letting the water splash through her fingers, humming contently. Ariela’s heart beat faster as she watched Rose. No love for a human had ever been so strong, not for her, or anybody. ...
Goodbye to My Horse Saffron
20th Nov 2010   |   Horse Fiction   |   Inactive Member
"Goodbye" I managed to choke out. Saffron looked at me sadly and nuzzled my neck. I wished she could understand what was going on. Why we had to sell her, why we're moving all the way to Pennsylvania from our home in Kentucky. I didn't even know why. All I knew that I would miss ...
The Storm
19th Nov 2010   |   Horse Fiction   |   Painted Destiny
The wind blew my forelock and mane. The cliff I was standing on had a nice view of the whole valley. My herd stood at the bottom, grazing the fresh spring grasses. The young foals played, the colts chasing and nipping each other, while the fillies stood eating daintily. I turned ...
Wild Roots - Part 1
17th Nov 2010   |   Horse Fiction   |   Savveh
Flea circled the area, the small mare's barrel sagging dangerously, heavy with a foal. She was chalk white other then some small freckle like spots that dappled her body. She was the oldest mare in the herd, her temper gone sour after years of putting young cocky horses in their ...
Once A Unicorn - Part 2
15th Nov 2010   |   Horse Fiction   |   Rein or Shine
Ariela lifted her nose from the brook. Water dripped swiftly from her muzzle. Ariela looked around. It was a warm, sunny day. The wind was blowing gently, ruffling Ariela’s mane and tail. Ariela snorted and tossed her head, the light shining off her eyes and making them fiery. Sh ...
Dotty’s Story - Chapter Two
14th Nov 2010   |   Horse Fiction   |   mosquito
The trailer finally slowed down, lurched to a final stop and threw the fillies around for one last time. It was dark, and it was cold outside. It felt like they had been travelling for hours. Dotty heard voices outside, excited voices, and the ramp came down. The fillies rushed ...
My Dream Ride
13th Nov 2010   |   Horse Fiction   |   Rein or Shine
As she galloped her champion barrel racer around the first barrel, I practically drooled with envy. Her shiny, white-blonde hair streamed out in a gorgeous ripple behind her, underlining her every move. Her beautiful white stallion, Speed Twist O’ Rama, curved neatly around every ...
Dotty's Story - Chapter One
11th Nov 2010   |   Horse Fiction   |   mosquito
Dotty shook her pretty, dark bay head. It was early – too early. It was still dark. It was way too early to be going out, but out they were going. Dotty’s mom looked over her shoulder. ‘Come on. You’ll warm up when you get moving.’ Dotty sighed deeply, and trotted to catch up ...
Healing Hearts Ranch - Part 1
10th Nov 2010   |   Horse Fiction   |   Finally There
Luci walked out to the barn and slid open the massive sliding doors. “Good morning guys!” She yelled smiling. She breathed in the fresh scent that had been locked up all night. She listened to the horses standing up and whinnying, some prancing restlessly like usual. She loved th ...
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