Top Horse Jumps Today Age W - L Height Winnings Rank
O-Ren Ishii      10 507 - 130 96.5" 825,700 66
*EF Clipped Wings     12 7,769 - 2,504 98.25" 7,207,450 35
SD Black Pearl     11 4,849 - 964 97.75" 5,486,700 8
Angels First Copy     10 901 - 571 95" 513,200 2,941
Aegon The Conqueror      9 968 - 356 94.75" 793,200 137
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Equine Polydactylism
1st Dec 2018   |   Horse Anatomy   |   Saferaphus
In horses the extra appendage is called a supernumerary digit, and it grows off the splint bone on both front or hind legs. There may be four supernumerary digits, there may be only one, or a partial digit. The splint bone is a small bone that runs alongside of the canon bones. T ...
Horse Ears and Hearing
11th Feb 2018   |   Horse Anatomy   |   Saferaphus
Horses ears are large and open and funnel sound down into their ear canal. That big ear flap we see is called the pinna and is cartilage covered in skin and hair. They can move their ears separately, swiveling 180 degrees, listening to two different sounds at the same time. There ...
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Horse Eye Color Variety
25th Jan 2018   |   Horse Anatomy   |   Saferaphus
Green eyes occur on horses that are perlino, or cremello type colors. They appear green but might be blue with a gold ring around the outside of the colored area. It is possible for a very pale buckskin colored horse to have eyes that appear green. ...
Types of Horse Hair
2nd Jan 2018   |   Horse Anatomy   |   Saferaphus
As we groom, we’re probably aware of the different types of hair our horses have. There are basically three types. Here’s a look at what they are, and why they are important. ...
The Framework of Your Horse
15th Jul 2017   |   Horse Anatomy   |   Saferaphus
When we think of the parts of the horse we’re likely to think of those illustrations that show where parts like the poll, pastern, and hock are. But, all of those parts are also made of other things, and form the framework on which our horses are built. There are four basic types ...
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