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Moonfire - Fixing a Rearing Problem - Part 1
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It all started around November 2011 – I couldn’t tell you what caused it. Sometimes there is no cause – young horses are constantly going through phases, which are seldom triggered by anything at all – and this was just ...
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Listening To The Horse Documentary
11th Aug 2019   |   Horse Training   |   Winniefield Park
Created in 2018, the documentary series Listening to the Horse is designed to help you develop a better understanding of your horse and improve your relationship whether in the saddle or on the ground. Featured are over 70 well known industry experts and horse trainers from aroun ...
Horse Praise and Rewards
14th Mar 2019   |   Horse Training   |   Winniefield Park
When it comes to horse training, timing is incredibly important and whether your reinforcement is positive or negative, it needs to be done with split second accuracy. Praise in itself doesn’t mean anything to a horse. Your parents might tell you how proud they are that you got g ...
27 - 28 July Eventing Show - Part One My Horse is a #$@&%*! 10 Reasons Not To Clip Your Eventer The Impossible - The Story of Choc - Part 5
Common Horse Show Problems
7th Nov 2018   |   Horse Training   |   Winniefield Park
Horse shows tend to be where we are both at our worst and our best. And at schooling shows and smaller open shows, you see a very wide range of riding skills. So you get kids bumping around on ponies to experienced competitors bringing out a green horse for the last bit of exposu ...
How to Lead a Horse
27th Jul 2018   |   Horse Training   |   Winniefield Park
Leading isn’t walking ahead of your horse while pulling on the lead rope. It isn’t tagging along as your horse drags you along. Rather, your horse should be trained to walk beside you with no tension on the rope at all. You may move the rope a bit to guide the horse, but otherwis ...
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Influential Equestrians You Should Know
5th Dec 2017   |   Horse Training   |   Winniefield Park
Many trainers have influenced how we train and treat horses over the ages. There have been many philosophies about how horses should be handled. Here is a look at a few of the most influential equestrians over the centuries. ...
Training For All Ages
1st Dec 2017   |   Horse Training   |   Winniefield Park
It’s said that we never really stop teaching our horses. Every time we handle or ride them, they are learning something from us. This is why consistent handling is so important. And training doesn’t begin when we start to introduce the bridle and saddle. It starts from the moment ...
Horse Riding Up and Down Hills
23rd Sep 2017   |   Horse Training   |   Winniefield Park
1Riding up and down hills takes a few different skills than riding on flat ground. As you go up or down a hill, you and your horse must adjust your balance so you stay together. This makes the ride more comfortable for you, and the job of carrying you easier for your horse. It’s ...
Horses and Fireworks
6th Jul 2017   |   Horse Training   |   Winniefield Park
If you belong to any sort of pet rescue group or page on Facebook or follow similar feeds on Twitter, you’ll no doubt notice that in the days following events that feature fireworks as part of the party, there are a lot more lost dogs and cats. This even happened to one of my nei ...
How To Emergency Stop Your Horse
13th Jun 2017   |   Horse Training   |   Winniefield Park
The emergency stop is sometimes called a one-rein stop. If a horse is going much faster than you’d like it to, and it’s ignoring your aids to slow down, an emergency stop can help get it back under control. Here’s how to do it. ...
10 Signs you have the Wrong Instructor
10th Mar 2017   |   Horse Training   |   Polo the Weirdo
If your instructor is able to get through more than three bottles of wine in a lesson, you probably have the wrong instructor. Or your instructor has the wrong pupil. You should never drive instructors to alcoholism, no matter how bad a job they are doing. This is wrong. ...
Opinionated Equestrians Confidence Issues
20th Feb 2017   |   Horse Training   |   Polo the Weirdo
As an occasionally arrogant, usually opinionated, and ‘always right’ equestrian, I feel that my opinion on all equestrian matters is relevant and important. Of course, this view is basically the ‘crazy horse lady starter kit’. We’re all guilty of it, at least sometimes, and the p ...
Horses Learn To Tell Us How They Feel
22nd Oct 2016   |   Horse Training   |   Winniefield Park
One of the things that impedes an easy flow of conversation between horse and human is that we really don’t understand each other’s languages. Sure, we know when our horse is calling out to another horse but we don’t know exactly what they’re saying. We might hear a mare nicker g ...
Spring Horse Training
27th Apr 2016   |   Horse Training   |   Winniefield Park
You might not have ridden as much during the winter as you wanted to, and now your normally fit horse is a glossy, flabby butterball. A few turns around the arena and it’s panting and broken into a sweat. It’s unrealistic to expect a horse to hold it’s fitness over months of idle ...
Who Were the Horse Whisperers
28th Mar 2016   |   Horse Training   |   Winniefield Park
The term ‘horse whisperer’ came into the public collective conscious after a long absence with the 1995 novel by Nicolas Evans and 1998 movie starring Robert Redford based on the book. The main character in the book, Tom Brooker is said to have been inspired by trainers Tom Dorra ...
Past Horse Gurus
15th Dec 2015   |   Horse Training   |   Winniefield Park
We may have Monty Roberts, the Parellis, and John Lyons to guide us to perfect equestrian enlightenment. But, before they existed, who did we have to turn to? It seems there have always been horse gurus and whisperers. But, some have withstood the test of time, and their teaching ...
Lunging Done Right
7th Nov 2015   |   Horse Training   |   Winniefield Park
Lunging can be a good way to train and exercise a horse, but in order for it to be effective, it has to be done right. Now, some people will argue that you should always use a lunging cavesson. This is a headstall with some reinforcing in the noseband and extra rings so that the ...
How Caprilli Changed Everything About Jumping
7th Aug 2015   |   Horse Training   |   Winniefield Park
If you look at old paintings and prints of horses and riders leaping over obstacles you might notice something that doesn’t look quite right to the modern eye. Whether it’s a woman riding side saddle or a man riding astride, both are leaning well back as their horse negotiates th ...
Mastering the Trot Out at Shows and Events
9th Jul 2015   |   Horse Training   |   Winniefield Park
I mentioned that I had been a recorder at a long distance trail event. While I was there, I noticed a few things about the riders and others that were handling horses. In many sports, you are required to trot your horse out so judges or vets can assess its soundness, although the ...
Four Tactics of Wiley School Horses
14th Mar 2015   |   Horse Training   |   Winniefield Park
School horses can be wiley. They’re a bit like production line workers who get a tad bored and find ways to entertain themselves or make their work easier. Like a good boss, we need to know how to motivate them and keep them at their work. ...
Tricks Horses Play on Novice Riders
20th Aug 2014   |   Horse Training   |   Winniefield Park
Camp week is always good for me, because it reminds me of how really difficult and sometimes frustrating learning to ride can be for beginners. Those of us who know how to ride forget the struggles we had starting out. And often, lesson horses don’t really help matters. This ...
Leading Your Horse Through Gates and Doors
29th Jul 2014   |   Horse Training   |   Winniefield Park
It sounds simple right? And you may do it almost every day. But leading your horse through a gate takes a bit more attention than you might first think. Holding a horse while fiddling with a gate latch, having other horses crowd around or having the gate get caught in the wind, a ...
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Horse Problem Solving 101
27th May 2014   |   Horse Training   |   Winniefield Park
We all like to solve problems quickly. That’s why the walls of tack shops are filled with scads of shining bits, and all sorts of martingales, nosebands, tie downs and other paraphernalia. And sometimes, used properly, these things are just the ticket to overcoming a problem. Ho ...
Strides (And why they totally suck) - The Showjumper's Diary
2nd Nov 2013   |   Horse Training   |   Polo the Weirdo
Studies have shown that the average horse’s canter stride covers 3,65 meters. We know that jumps seven steps apart will have one canter stride between them, and that jumps eleven steps apart will be separated by two. We know that if the distance between two jumps walks short then ...
Trick Training - Teach Your Horse to Kiss
14th Sep 2013   |   Horse Training   |   Polo the Weirdo
When asking your horse to kiss, always be aware that horses are big animals, and to have a horse’s head anywhere near your face can be dangerous. Always be ready to back away in case he moves his head too suddenly. And, most importantly, watch your nose! If you’re not careful, yo ...
Trick Training - Teach Your Horse to Bow
13th Sep 2013   |   Horse Training   |   Polo the Weirdo
Every little girl has a dream. To be swept off her feet by a charming knight in shining armour on a big white horse, and have him kneel down before her, take her hand, kiss her cheek, and whatever other secret, romantic fantasy her little heart desires. Unfortunately, for some li ...
The Great Clicker Training Experiment
2nd Sep 2013   |   Horse Training   |   Winniefield Park
Recently, my mother asked me to give a clicker training demonstration at a horse camp she was running. I am not an expert on clicker training, but I'm always glad to share what I do know. The challenge was that I had four separate groups of six girls to work with and thirty minut ...
Flatwork for Showjumping
21st Aug 2013   |   Horse Training   |   Polo the Weirdo
It may sound surprising to say, but ‘showjumping’ is actually not all about ‘jumping’. When faced with a big course of jumps, the horse’s physical jump can only take it so far. What matters is what happens between the jumps; balance, impulsion, adjustability, and the overall qual ...
15 Minute Groundwork Exercises That Work
1st Aug 2013   |   Horse Training   |   Kaori
One of my many pet peeves are people who constantly complain about their horses having bad manners, but doing nothing about it. Any horse can learn basic manners if the owner is willing to put time, effort and commitment into a bit of groundwork. Good manners can make everyday ch ...
Tips For Sitting the Trot
22nd Jul 2013   |   Horse Training   |   Winniefield Park
One of the many things you’ll want to learn as you become a better rider is how to sit the trot. Sitting the trot sounds very simple, but it often presents more problems than learning to post. This is especially so if you ride a horse that lifts you out of the saddle with a lot o ...
Why Are You Upgrading To A Stronger Bit
21st Jul 2013   |   Horse Training   |   Kaori
It's a pretty logical situation. The horse gets strong, the rider looses confidence, and therefore buys a stronger bit so they feel in control. When I put it like this, you're probably thinking they should just learn to ride, not compensate with gadgets. The horse gets strong, st ...
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