104.75" ? `Remembrance`       
Thoroughbred (100%)  |  Mare
Best Rank  2  | Best Jump  104.75"  | Winnings  70,562,917
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Best Rank  1  | Best Jump  104"  | Winnings  128,405,350
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Teach a Horse to Bend
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In this article I shall be explaining in detail all the methods I have used to teach a horse to bend. Before I begin I wish to remind my readers that to try to follow these methods exactly step by step, or using any meth ...
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Thoroughbreds and Frieisians Dominate PonyBox Rankings
29th Nov 2020   |   Product Reviews   |   Winniefield Park
Forced Return carries the PYTHON4 brand, was bred and is owned by PythonPonyPalaces COMP and reached the #1 spot on November 11. With 13 active and 3 passive DNA mods including Pegasus, Kangaroo and Super Horse Lineage, Forced Return has earned 553,300 PB and jumped a personal re ...
Summer Horse Product Inspiration
16th Jul 2020   |   Product Reviews   |   Winniefield Park
The lazy days of summer are the busiest for many horse owners, although COVID19 may be holding things up a bit. The only annoyances this time of year are the high temperatures and the bugs. Thanks to some great products, most of the discomforts can be mitigated. The products in t ...
Retraining A Racehorse – Moonfire – Cross Country - Part 1 How Long Does it Take to Back a Horse Retraining a Racehorse – Preparation For First Dressage Show Unnoobification Epiphanies of a Dressage Noob – Bend
Bad Horsemanship Barbie Toy Review
26th Sep 2015   |   Product Reviews   |   Winniefield Park
So look who’s hopping on her horse and going for a ride - all by herself! It’s Barbie. Barbie has been on horseback before. Previous incarnations had her wedged onto the saddle like a clothespin, with her feet arched chronically from constantly wearing high heels. My sister had t ...
Are Safety Stirrups Really Safe
29th Aug 2015   |   Product Reviews   |   Winniefield Park
The most common safety stirrup and one that is most often used on children's saddle is the peacock stirrup. These stirrups have a large elastic on the outside, held on by two small hooks on the bottom and towards the top of the stirrup. These stirrups are designed so that if the ...
Ripple and the Wild Horses of White Cloud Station Giveaway [Video]
12th Apr 2015   |   Product Reviews   |   PonyBox
The White Cloud Station horse series of books makes its debut in the United States with a giveaway exclusive to members. The books are aimed at 8-15 year olds and bring with them a slice of New Zealand high country station (ranch) life. ... Launches Equestrian Box Service [Video]
28th Oct 2014   |   Product Reviews   |   PonyBox recently launched a new subscription box service for horse lovers. Each month you receive a secret bundle of equestrian products delivered right to your door! The box service contains name brand products such as Absorbine, Banixx, Cowgirl Dirt, Bridle Bling, and mor ...
Howrse Sim Gameplay Offers Realism and Fantasy
4th May 2013   |   Product Reviews   |   24601
Many horse sim players often run into the conflict of whether they prefer realistic gameplay, or a more whimsical experience. Oftentimes, a sim game doesn’t cater to both of these styles in one game. Howrse effectively blends both genres into one smooth, beautifully designed sim. ...
The Secret To A White Mane Tail And Feathers
23rd Apr 2013   |   Product Reviews   |   RememberMeForThis
If you own a paint, draft or another horse with any white feathers, mane or tail, you probably hate yourself for buying that horse when you enter the show ring. Fact is, white gets dirty. This uncommon trick will get them white again without bleaching. Goop hand cleaner. Mostl ...
Best Equine Apps To Educate For iPhone and iPad
3rd Apr 2013   |   Product Reviews   |   haleybop21
Have you ever wondered what horsey apps are out there? If there are any educational apps for the equine geek or maybe addicting horse games for the gamer? Well it turns out there are many apps in the Apple store for horse lovers like you and me. There are many different types of ...
Top Facebook Horse Games
3rd Mar 2013   |   Product Reviews   |   PonyBox
Ponybox recently evaluated many Facebook horse games and used our unique measurement criteria to come up with the top horse games on Facebook. The Facebook apps were evaluated on ease of use, interface design, creativity and Ponybox member polls. To qualify, the application neede ...
BarnChimp Horse Boarding Website Builder
3rd Feb 2013   |   Product Reviews   |   PonyBox
Do you manage or own a horse boarding facility? After spending countless hours searching the internet for a horse boarding website builder, I was disappointing at the outcome. There wasn't one worth a crap! This started our minds in motion and we went to work and developed BarnCh ...
Horse Weight Calculator Android App
24th Jan 2013   |   Product Reviews   |   FloridaCowgirl
Equine Form's Horse Weight Calculator App is a really cool app to have around the barn. Nearly every horse supplement, feed and medication including wormers, bute and banamine require that you know how much your horse weighs in order to know how much to give. Since your horse's w ...
Pony Island - An Awesome Horse Fantasy Game
19th Jan 2013   |   Product Reviews   |   PonyBox
PonyIsland is an online fantasy game that's free to play and has a ton of cool things to do with your ponies. It's a sim game where you can breed ponies, play games and visit different parts of the sim world. It's an interactive game so you can talk to other members in moderated ...
Nerd Reviews: Riding Club Championship - Facebook Horse Game
3rd Nov 2012   |   Product Reviews   |   RainbowNerd01
We move on now my little cherubs to a game on Facebook. This game enables you (unlike the many others out there) to ride the horse. Now this game was available for download when it first came out. Sadly when I joined the site my computer had a really low graphic memory so I was u ...
Nerd Reviews: My Horse Club - Horse Game
23rd Oct 2012   |   Product Reviews   |   RainbowNerd01
So I’m back, once again and this time without a portable pony. This game has been down for roughly a year and has finally come back online. This is ‘My Horse Club’ which is an online free game with 3D graphics. This game took me a while to find three years ago and I’ve signed ...
Nerd Reviews: My Horse - Horse Game
10th Oct 2012   |   Product Reviews   |   RainbowNerd01
We start off this beautiful sunny day (If you’re not in England) with saying what this game requires. You must have either an android powered smart phone or an iPhone/iPad as this is not a phone for bricks (sorry). The game can be found by searching for the keywords “My Horse”. I ...
Horse360 - The Ultimate Equine Anatomy App
6th Jul 2012   |   Product Reviews   |   FreeRein
I am going to be completely honest with you. I know the outside of a horse like the back of my hand; croup, dock, tail, hock, cornet, jowl, poll, fetlock, hock, cannon, etc. Everything. But when it came to things like tendons, ligaments, the difference between the Metatarsal and ...
New Australian Horse Shirt Label 'Ponyclub' Launches Website
2nd May 2012   |   Product Reviews   |   PonyBox
Teen T-Shirt Label PONYCLUB has officially launched their very first range of original limited edition T-Shirts and their Online Store at The PONYCLUB Label combines a love of horses, art and fashion to create gorgeous 100% Cotton T-Shirts in fun c ...
My Top Five Favorite Horse Products
14th Sep 2011   |   Product Reviews   |   mosquito
Horse people are funny. On the one hand, they love new products and constantly seek out the latest innovations to make their horse healthier, happier, or perform better. They’ll spend lots of cash to get the newest, latest clever idea. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they don’ ...
Back To Basics With Horse Moxie
10th Aug 2011   |   Product Reviews   |   PonyBox
Horse Moxie is a new horse sim game that takes you back to the basics. No complicated items to figure out or training techniques that require a doctorate to achieve a superior horse. Horse Moxie takes to back to a much simpler time in horse sim games with the basic buy, train, br ...
Horse Breeds Gallery App – Awesome or Meh?
7th Aug 2011   |   Product Reviews   |   FloridaCowgirl
As much as this horse-tech geek loves her horse stuff, The Horse Breed Gallery app's getting uninstalled and rated a very low “Meh.” There are plenty of great apps out there that feature amazing pictures of horses without trying to force a click or a sale. ...
Pony Sim Online Horse Game Preview
5th Jul 2011   |   Product Reviews   |   Equine Exposure1
Ever dreamed of owning your own horse, competing in world class shows or becoming an Olympic Champion? Now that dream can become real on a new online game called Pony. Pony is a small equine simulation site with a great community where everyone knows each other, but is always ...
Socks For Horses
30th Jun 2011   |   Product Reviews   |   mosquito
For horses with chronic conditions like arthritis, which have difficulty moving but who really need to maintain their circulation to reduce inflammation in the lower leg, the whinny warmers are ideal. They provide just enough compression and warmth to aid circulation, without con ...
Animal Print Horse Turnout Blankets
5th Feb 2011   |   Product Reviews   |   Dark Star
Now for all those horse owners out there, there is a long controversy on blanketing horses in the winter. I blanket mine, but many of my friends don't. For those of you that chose the path I did, then I have a nice article for you. Tough-1 makes many things, from blankets to b ...
Fun and Science at Horse Eden Horse Sim Game
15th Dec 2010   |   Product Reviews   |   mosquito
One of the best features of this game is the clever science behind breeding your sim horses. Each horse – in addition to hidden scores that determine its show performance potential – has a complete coat color genetic code. By paying your virtual vet some ‘Eden bucks’, this code ...
Dream Horse Stables Horse Sim Game
18th Nov 2010   |   Product Reviews   |   toffeelola
I recently created my own horse sim game called Dream Horse Stables. This Sim game has a friendly community and I'm sure most of the people on DHS are also Ponyboxers! I have spent almost everyday updating and working to make DHS just as good as all the other sim games out the ...
Cool Horse and Equestrian Products
15th Oct 2010   |   Product Reviews   |   Fantasy Farms
These are by far my favorite bell boots. I love the fact that they won’t turn around when they are on your horse. They have knobs on the inside of the bell boot to prevent them from turning. They are stain and water-resistant. I have had my pair of these bell boots for over a yea ...
FITS Breeches Company
7th Oct 2010   |   Product Reviews   |   Minnie
How many times has it frustrated you that your slippery breeches don’t let you sit deep at the canter or your long-sleeve show shirt leaves you hot and sticky after you ride? FITS breeches are changing all of that. Their line of innovative breeches and other riding apparel will m ...
MTG - Mane Tail Groom
13th Aug 2010   |   Product Reviews   |   24601
To begin with, Marmalade was experiencing hair loss from a condition known as rain rot. The skin in the affected areas had either no hair or sparse, bristly, loose hair. The skin was very dry and flaky. I looked up different hair growth products, and my mother found M-T-G. We wen ...
Intelligent Stirrups
27th Jul 2010   |   Product Reviews   |   Ms Grace
Losing a stirrup anywhere, a lesson, horse show, or even on a trail ride can diminish your concentration which could lead in loss of control, balance, etc and result in a fall. When you lose a stirrup it is positioned flat against the horse’s side it closes against the rider’s fo ...
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