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Teach a Horse to Bend
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In this article I shall be explaining in detail all the methods I have used to teach a horse to bend. Before I begin I wish to remind my readers that to try to follow these methods exactly step by step, or using any meth ...
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The Appaloosa Breed
6th Feb 2019   |   Breeds   |   Winniefield Park
The Appaloosa breed began in the mid-west. Itís truly an all American breed. The horses we see today are descendants of horses selectively bred by the Nez Perce (French for Pierced Nose), an indigenous people who lived in central Idaho, northeastern Oregon, and south-eastern Was ...
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The Falabella Miniature Horse
29th Dec 2018   |   Breeds   |   Winniefield Park
Long before the Miniature Horse came into existence another diminutive breed held the title of the worldís smallest equine. The Falabella is very rare, and itís thought there are only about 2000 individuals in total. Although originally developed in Argentina, there are a few bre ...
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Among The Stars - Part 2 of 8 My Horse is a #$@&%*! The Impossible - The Story of Choc - Part 4 Crazy Stunts with Olop - Jumping Backwards - Part 2
Horse Herd Behavior
22nd May 2018   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
Horses live in the wild in herds, so for the most part, any combination works. But there are people who believe that a group of mares or geldings should be kept separate from each other to prevent squabbles. That may be true in some of cases, but in my experience, and what Iíve w ...
Those Arabian Crosses
18th Oct 2017   |   Breeds   |   Winniefield Park
Every light horse breed in the world owes a nod to the Arabian horse. Even some draft horse breeds have in their pedigree, the occasional Arabian. When a touch of refinement is needed, itís often added with an infusion of Arabian. Even pony breeds have benefited by crossbreeding ...
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Spotted Horse Breeds
16th Aug 2017   |   Breeds   |   Winniefield Park
When you think of a horse with spots, itís likely you will picture an Appaloosa. The Appaloosa is a very popular breed, often listed among the top five popular horse breeds worldwide. They are known for their spotted coat patterns and leopard spots from hoof to head are not unusu ...
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The Chickasaw Horse
27th May 2017   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
Long before the the American Quarter Horse, Paint and even the Appaloosa, there existed a breed of horses in North America, descended from some of the first horses that arrived here from Europe. The Chickasaw people lived in the region now bounded by the states of Alabama, Tennes ...
The Horse Funnies
20th May 2017   |   Graphics   |   Winniefield Park
I donít often buy a weekend paper anymore. But when I do, the first section I flip to are the funnies. I love the Peanuts, Family Circus and Shermanís Lagoon. I also like GoComics on my tablet. Horse magazines donít have a pull out comics section like newspapers do, but there are ...
National and State Horses
26th Feb 2017   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
Many countries and states, provinces and municipalities within countries have adopted horses as their official animals. Here is a look at the horses and horse relatives that are part of many countries' symbolism. ...
Horse Racing Not Just for Thoroughbreds
13th Dec 2016   |   Shows and Events   |   Winniefield Park
Most people are familiar with the type of racing done on tracks with Thoroughbred horses. But, flat racing is not exclusive to Thoroughbreds. There are many breeds that have racing similar to what we see at Thoroughbred tracks around the world. Hereís a look at just a few. ...
Five Great Pony and Horse Breeds for Kids
5th Oct 2016   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
While there's really no best breed of horses or ponies for kids, a few breeds do stand out from the crowd. Much depends on the temperament and training of the pony or horse. But, here are five breeds to think about when looking for a horse or pony for a child. ...
Pony of the Americas
26th Jul 2016   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
In the early 1950s a horse breeder acquired a mare that would give birth to an Appaloosa, Shetland, Arabian cross. The mixture sounds like a backyard breeders nightmare, but instead it inspired the development of a pony that was not only eye catching, but of the right temperamen ...
The Australian Brumby
21st Apr 2016   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
Those of us who live in North America sometimes neglect that there are other feral horses whose management brings about the same contentious issues as we see in Canada and America. Just like Mustangs, many, including some Governmental and environmental agencies see the Brumbies o ...
How Horse Breeds Developed
22nd May 2014   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
Itís hard for many of us to picture a horse in our minds, without seeing a particular breed. And, itís difficult to believe that there was a time when there was virtually no horse breeds as we know them today. Just a few short centuries ago, if you had asked someone what breed th ...
Best Websites For Horse Pedigree Research
2nd Dec 2013   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
As I was strolling down memory lane again, thinking about my wonderful pony Caramel, I was curious about his pedigree and did a little research. I had his registration papers and, a pedigree of his father, but when I outgrew the pony, he was sold, and the papers, of course, went ...
My First Barn Show
26th Aug 2013   |   Shows and Events   |   My Paper Heart
I got the news that I was going to be in a barn show July 15th. That was just two days after I had joined my barn. My general reaction was to panic! The show was August 10th, only a few weeks away. This meant I had four Saturday's to get ready. For a girl who had just returned to ...
27 - 28 July Eventing Show - Part One
12th Aug 2013   |   Shows and Events   |   Polo the Weirdo
I had two mounts at this show: My own horse, Finola, doing her first 90cm event, and a clientís horse, Pride, in her second event at 70cm. Pride is a five year old mare, Appaloosa cross Warmblood, who I have been training for a few months. She was coming from her first event ...
Appaloosa Horse Breed Photos
4th Nov 2012   |   General   |   PonyBox
Ponybox receives hundreds of member submitted horse photos each week. In addition to our weekly featured graphics, we are going to add a new weekly news post featuring random horse breeds submitted to If you own this weeks featured breed, we would love to hear your c ...
Horse Lineart Tutorial Basics
26th Apr 2012   |   Graphics   |   Valkyrie
This is a very basic tutorial. A lot of artists go into more depth with their work, and I often like to as well, but for the purpose of learning and gaining confidence I've just whipped up a quick tutorial to get you started. There are plenty of tutorials on sites like DeviantART ...
FFA Horse Judging
14th Feb 2012   |   Shows and Events   |   Seven Sins
During my years in high school we had a program through my schools agriculture department called FFA, which was once known as Future Farmers of America. Although that name isn't used anymore because it let to the false belief that FFA was just for farmers. During my senior year I ...
My First Love - An Appaloosa
30th Jan 2012   |   Horse Stories   |   Faith forever
Faith was my first love. Faith is a 3 year old appaloosa. I still remember the day I got her. It was August 15th and it was raining off and on. My uncle called a guy named Bruce. He had a little Appaloosa and a Barrel Racer that he might consider selling. When me and my cousin we ...
Going To States - Persistence Pays Off
20th Jul 2011   |   Horse Stories   |   Strawberry Kiwi Equine
As some of you know, in late February I made the change from a 17 year old Appaloosa mare named Poppy to a 4 year old Appendix gelding named Dino. For the first few months it was hard, I didn't think I would ever make it to a show by how slow we were progressing. But each time ...
Poppy Seed Ranked Top Horse By
8th May 2011   |   Shows and Events   |   PonyBox
Poppy Seed has climbed the charts recently to the worlds top show horse by Ponystats. is the only world ranking of horses that charts professional and non-professional show horses together. On May 8th, Poppy Seed climbed to the Ponystats number 1 ranking. ...
Adding Appaloosa Markings to a Horse Graphic
8th Apr 2011   |   Graphics   |   T W I
Choose two horses from a stock site, such as DeviantArt. One of them will be the subject to which we will be adding the markings. Position and color are not important, so choose whatever horse catches your fancy. The other horse should be an Appaloosa, from which we are taking th ...
Unique Equines
8th Mar 2011   |   General   |   Artista
While horses come in hundreds of colors, for the most part when you breed two horses together, if you have some basic genetic knowledge, you can figure out what color your foal is going to be, just by default. If you breed two buckskins together, you're probably going to get a b ...
The Role Playing Guide
26th Dec 2010   |   General   |   Painted Destiny
This is a basic guide to Role Playing on Ponybox. When I first started Role Playing, the talk confused me. This article includes some basic guides on how to properly play role playing games on Ponybox. ...
What Is The Round Pen
13th Nov 2010   |   Horse Training   |   Whispyy
The last horse I worked with was a 14 year old Appaloosa mare named Flyer. Flyer had an amazing head for an appaloosa. Working with her in the round pen I started to realize something really weird. Every time I would focus on her hip she would stop, which is the very opposite tha ...
My Arapalossa Named Tex
24th Sep 2010   |   Horse Stories   |   Stay Untamed
The farrier hated him so much that last time he got shod, Tex was on the ground hobbled and ended up with rope burns all over his body. My friend at the barn was the one to witness this, my mom and I didn't even know he was going to get new shoes that day. Needless to say, we mov ...
A Horse of a Different Color - Tutorial
7th Sep 2010   |   General   |   mosquito
Thereís been quite a lot of discussion about colors of horses, so I thought we could have a few articles on why horses look the colors they do, and how horse colors work. Itís complicated, but Iíll try to keep it simple, and Iím pretty sure youíll start looking at horses a littl ...
The Story of Lily
7th Sep 2010   |   Horse Stories   |   Sundancer
I had given up on riding pretty much for good because I didn't like people yelling at me and telling me what to do. Pretty stupid move, huh? Well things were about to change dramatically for me. We were moving to a new barn because we wanted a barn that didn't place a priority wi ...
Color Breed Confusion Resolved
11th Aug 2010   |   General   |   ImaCoolCowgirl
Color breeds are not BREEDS! Any Paint, Pinto, Palomino, or Appaloosa is also a non color breed. Just like there are sorrels, chestnuts, blacks, grays and whites, there are paints, pintos, palominos and appaloosas. They just have their own associations and registries ...
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