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Best Rank  14  | Best Jump  102.75"  | Winnings  3,073,700
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Retraining a Racehorse – First Dressage Show
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On the way to the dressage arena, he was rather excited by the unfamiliar atmosphere. He considered spooking at the dressage letters, but decided that watching them warily would work just as well – since I decided not to ...
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Common Horse Feeding Myths
24th Oct 2013   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
Horse feeding practices have changed over the years, and some things horse owners believed have been proven wrong now that we've learned more about nutrition and horse digestion. Here are a few persistent myths about feeding your horse. It's traditional to feed bran to horses. ...
How Many Horses are There In The World
27th Sep 2013   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
It's a little sobering to think that without human intervention, the modern horse might be extinct. The last truly wild horse, the Prezwalski Horse was grasped from the brink of extinction only a short time ago. However, genetically, this last real wild horse is not identical to ...
National Junior Championships – Part Five 5 June Showjumping Competition The Problems with Kitty Cats Getsu - Chapter One
What Not To Feed A Horse
2nd Jul 2013   |   Care and Grooming   |   Winniefield Park
I like to spoil my horse a bit, and I usually take a bag of carrots to the barn with me. She’s picky, so apples don’t cut it. However, some horses will eat anything. Sometimes, they’ll eat things that aren't good for them. What shouldn't you feed a horse? Here are a few things yo ...
Supersize vs Superskinny
18th Jul 2012   |   Care and Grooming   |   Twisted Rose
We've all looked at articles on laminitis or photo's of neglected skinny horses and felt sympathy for the poor horse, but have we ever considered that a few simple mistakes we make could cause our own horses to get into such a state Maybe that state will be less extreme, but does ...
Think You're Ready to Purchase a Horse?
5th Jan 2012   |   Care and Grooming   |   Spyricale
Purchasing something as great as a horse can prove as a very exciting experience for anybody. Whether you are going to board it or plan to keep it at home, everything about the lifestyle of owning a horse will take you on roller coaster of joy, pain, love, sorrow, despair, and ev ...
Family Farm Complete Horse Feed Recall
30th Jan 2011   |   Care and Grooming   |   Tsukikochan
Manna Pro, a feed manufacturer has recalled a single lot of their feed, Family Farm Complete Horse 10 horse feed. The feed contains monensin sodium, which is approved for some livestock and poultry, but can be fatal to equines when fed in large doses. The Feed was distributed ...
A Hidden Disease - Equine Ulcers
27th Apr 2010   |   General   |   mosquito
Most horse owners are familiar with how to feed safely – not feeding right before or after a ride, maintaining good feed hygiene, and making sure their horse always has fresh water. ...
The Right Way to Cool a Horse Down
23rd Feb 2010   |   General   |   mosquito
Everyone loves a good gallop, horses and riders alike. But after a hard workout, a long ride on ahot day, or a tough event, what’s the right way to cool your horse down? ...
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