104" MH Møder The Jötunn        online
Thoroughbred (100%)  |  Stallion
Best Rank  1  | Best Jump  104"  | Winnings  53,649,100
Mountain Hollow Estate   online
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Best Rank  1  | Best Jump  104"  | Winnings  174,248,153
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10 Signs you have the Wrong Instructor
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If your instructor is able to get through more than three bottles of wine in a lesson, you probably have the wrong instructor. Or your instructor has the wrong pupil. You should never drive instructors to alcoholism, no ...
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Pros and Cons of Jobs In The Horse Industry
29th Jun 2013   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
If you’re horse crazy, there’s no question that you've thought about a future career in the horse industry. What would be better than spending all day, every day with horses? Here’s a look at five careers that you might aspire to. Every time you handle or ride your horse, you are ...
God's Gift To Me - My First Horse
30th Dec 2012   |   Horse Stories   |   Prarie Rose
I fell in love with horses when I was three years old, due to a toy horse that I got for my birthday. I grew up as a normal horse crazy kid. My “I love horses so freak’in much stage” didn't fade away like most kids, thanks to my next door neighbor. She owned five horses at the ti ...
Sand Colic The Eventers Dictionary - Part 1 National Junior Championships – Part Four Similarities between Students and Equestrians
Outsourcing Horse Art and Graphics
20th Mar 2010   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
Ponybox relies heavily on outsourcing art and other aspects of the site to people that are more talented than myself. As the owner of Ponybox LLC my time is very valuable and outsources some of our work to experts makes a lot of sense. ...
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