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PonyBox Updates on the Roll - Training Update
PonyBox News Trending
Throughout the last quarter of 2019 a series of updates will be released for the game portion of PonyBox, with many of these updates based on member suggestions. Today we improved the horse training aspect of PonyBox. ...
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Horse Stress Relief Methods
18th Jun 2018   |   Care and Grooming   |   Winniefield Park
We all feel stressed sometimes and horses are no different. Many of us ask a lot of our horses, and we sometimes don’t keep them in ways that allow them to just be horses. Horses that are stressed can act out, develop ulcers, seem depressed, become balky or may become more flight ...
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Finding Your Rhythm with Music
27th Aug 2017   |   Dressage   |   Winniefield Park
Good rhythm means your horse is using its body and legs efficiently. It means it’s moving freely making the ride more comfortable for you. That’s what good training and good riding are all about: helping your horse to be more comfortable and safer to ride while making the horse’s ...
Retraining a Racehorse - Moonfire (Week 6) Baby Horse Diaries - Playtime (AKA the Hunger Games) The Problems with Kitty Cats Retraining a Racehorse – First Dressage Show
The White Turf Races
25th Mar 2016   |   Shows and Events   |   Winniefield Park
The seed to today’s White Turf Race was planted back in 1906 when a few brave souls raced between St. Moritz and the town of Champfèr, standing on skis and harnessed to their galloping horses. The almost 10 km (6 mile) trip took the winning team just over 20 minutes. The event, ...
Still Burning - Chapter Nine - Andrew's Story
28th Apr 2013   |   Horse Fiction   |   Moose
After school one day, I was running a little late while I was putting my books in my locker. For the first time since my dad went into the hospital, I noticed my baseball glove at the top of my locker. It had been untouched for months. Right then I thought, today is the day. Mayb ...
How Does Music Effect Your Horses Mood?
12th Mar 2011   |   General   |   Nikie
The power of music is definitely an emotional factor in the daily lives of humans. Listening to your favorite song may bring back memories of your childhood or a deceased grandparent, mother or father. You may even use the tunes of your favorite rock band to pump you up right bef ...
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Who You Are - Part 4 - The End
27th Feb 2011   |   Horse Fiction   |   Breegirly
I spent the next few weeks of my life in a daze, I only talked to Big Brown and James and that was just in a text. Izzy’s words had shaken me to the point of breaking. Nothing could bring me down before that, she had, she had brought back memories of me losing all the time to her ...
The Storm
19th Nov 2010   |   Horse Fiction   |   Painted Destiny
The wind blew my forelock and mane. The cliff I was standing on had a nice view of the whole valley. My herd stood at the bottom, grazing the fresh spring grasses. The young foals played, the colts chasing and nipping each other, while the fillies stood eating daintily. I turned ...
Saying Goodbye to Music
28th Sep 2010   |   Horse Stories   |   Dry Music
You were the most fun and best teacher for me, you said it was ok when we needed to calm down, you would put your head and neck over us and say your safe with me. Oh music your 5 fillies, they were so successful. Skeeter and I are going to make sure that we become champions in ha ...
The 136th Kentucky Derby
1st May 2010   |   General   |   MoMoz
Coming up this evening is the 136th Kentucky Derby. When most people think of the Kentucky Derby, they think of the hats, the parties, and the betting. But for most people, it’s just sitting at home watching the race on TV. Either way, the Kentucky Derby is referred to as “the mo ...
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