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Moonfire - Fixing a Rearing Problem - Part 1
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It all started around November 2011 Ė I couldnít tell you what caused it. Sometimes there is no cause Ė young horses are constantly going through phases, which are seldom triggered by anything at all Ė and this was just ...
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Horses in Poetry
26th Dec 2017   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
We celebrate our love for horses in many ways. Artists have been creating images of horses before the written word was invented. And poets have been creating odes to horses. The ancient Greeks celebrated horses. And their poetry and song is interwoven with horse imagery and legen ...
Can Horses Eat Snow Instead of Fresh Water
2nd Feb 2016   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
Did you know that your horse may be more thirsty in winter time than in summer, and that its need for water can increase? The average riding horse weighing about 1000 lbs (450kg) needs about 10-12 gallons (37-45 L) of water per day. This is just a basic need and does not take int ...
Against All Odds - The Story of Bronze - Part 1 April 20th 2013 Showjumping Competition With Finola 16 October 2010 Provincial Junior Showjumping Championships - Part 2 Things You Give Up When You Have Horses
Game of Thrones Animal Abuse
16th Jun 2015   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
Game of Thrones is rapidly coming to an end and I canít say Iím disappointed. I watched the first few seasons and thought it was entertaining, but gruesome. Now, I feel like itís just gruesome, and hoping for at least a happy ending. I havenít read the books so I donít know how e ...
Preventing Hoof Freeze and Snowballs
15th Nov 2014   |   Care and Grooming   |   Winniefield Park
For those of you who have never contended with snowballs, hereís what happens. Warmth from the horseís hoof causes a thin layer of water to form as it stands in the snow. The water then freezes, and more snow sticks to the ice. Snow keeps building until thereís a big ball stuck t ...
The Story of Chris
16th Sep 2010   |   Horse Stories   |   ImaCoolCowgirl
After riding him the first time I made more time to groom him and ride him. I learned all I could about him. He was a trained barrel horse in his younger years, but was abused by his rider and refused to run. He was terrified of whips and being tied. He was kept by himself and is ...
Meet The Mods - Happy Stables
9th May 2010   |   Ponybox News   |   Happy Stables
Hello, all of you on PB 3 know me as, Happy Stables. I was one of the first to join Ponybox version 2 (PB 2) when it started in 2005. Happy Stables is also my barn on the Morgan server. This is my original barn that I started playing. I was not very good at figuring out h ...
Meet The Mods - Winners Circle Farm
23rd Apr 2010   |   Ponybox News   |   Whinny
Hi my name is Holly - Winners Circle Farm and Iíve been playing Pony Box since May 2007 and Iíve been a mod since Dec. 2007. My husband Matt (Matts Racing) and I began playing when he was diagnosed with cancer. ...
Horses Go On Snow in St. Moritz
16th Dec 2009   |   Horse Stories   |   mosquito
When winter rolls around, especially in the colder climates, many people move their horses indoors. They stable them, rug them, and spend the whole winter riding in indoor arenas. But in some parts of the world, the first snowfalls signal the start of a whole new season of eque ...
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