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Thoroughbred (100%)  |  Stallion
Best Rank  10  | Best Jump  98.5"  | Winnings  6,457,800
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Best Rank  1  | Best Jump  98"  | Winnings  311,024,479
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Baby Horse Diaries - Baby Horses Are Stupid
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Baby horses are really neat. When you get them they are stupid. You know theyíre stupid, any rational human being can expect them to be stupid, and they donít know theyíre stupid because they donít know anything. Because ...
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What is That Smell
1st Jan 2019   |   Equine Disease and Prevention   |   Winniefield Park
Your horseís ears usually smells like the rest of the horse, with a waxy odor. If there is a foul odor, itís probably a sign of Otitis Externa. This can be caused by allergies, ticks and other biting insects, an injury, a foreign object or injury like a scrape. ...
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