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Woman Kicked By Wild Assateague Horse
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Recently, a woman found out the hard way that smacking a cooler-raiding horse with a toy shovel is a good way to get kicked. Which is why you need to take those do not feed that animals signs seriously. ...
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When Darkness Sets In - Part 1
22nd Jul 2012   |   Horse Fiction   |   Madeirey
The pain, the flashing of red in front of my open eyes. I was falling... Falling. Where was I? I began to feel, but I could not see. A soft cloth was pressing on my aching eyes kept them from opening. I felt the pain in my bones and muscles and it overwhelmed me. I moaned at t ...
Excerpt From My Book: Phillipines 4:13
23rd Jan 2011   |   General   |   Chris Antley Memorial
This is an excerpt from the introduction to my book, “Philippines 4:13.” This book is the story of my life as a young teenager to my life now, currently in training to become a jockey. Being a jockey is one of the easiest things to do. Right? All they have to do is get on a ...
How Many Riders Does It Take To Write An Essay Baby Horse Diaries Introduction May 16 2010 Showing Championships Flatwork for Showjumping
How To Play Horseball
31st Jan 2011   |   General   |   Estella Noire
Horse ball is made up of two teams who compete against each other. There are four players in each team. It is played on horseback and the winner is whichever team scores the most goals by throwing a ball into a hoop as shown below. A net behind each goal stops the ball from bounc ...
Unique Equines
8th Mar 2011   |   General   |   Artista
While horses come in hundreds of colors, for the most part when you breed two horses together, if you have some basic genetic knowledge, you can figure out what color your foal is going to be, just by default. If you breed two buckskins together, you're probably going to get a b ...
Video: Training A Cow To Show Jump
19th Apr 2011   |   General   |   T W I
One German girl, after a failed attempt to convince her parents to buy a pony, decided she would stop at nothing to get the show jumper she had always dreamed of. That was when she brought an alternate mount into the picture. Her cow Luna wasn’t the horse she’d always dreamed ...
The White Rose ~ Part Four
12th Feb 2012   |   Horse Fiction   |   Moose
Jenifer’s head throbbed, her body ached, she was dizzy, and her eyes felt heavy. She lifted her head and released her grip from around Azure’s neck to see that they had stopped. She jerked to a sitting position and squinted ahead. Still, she did not recognize anything. Feeling im ...
My Rusty Heart - How I Lost My Best Friend
7th Mar 2012   |   Horse Stories   |   MySweetButterfly
Life is like a rollercoaster, the wildest ride you could possibly imagine. It has its ups and downs, sometimes its fast, sometimes it’s slow. Other times you’re scared to death. The best time so far in my life so far was spent with horses. They have always been there for me, they ...
How You Know You Are A Horse Lover
29th Mar 2012   |   General   |   Cruisin Past Curfew
I made a list of a few reasons to determine if you really, really love horses. This list will help you rate how high horses are part of your life. How many do you relate with? If you have suggestions on more reasons to add to this article please leave a comment and let me know. ...
Secret Techniques For Grooming A Dirty Horse
1st Apr 2012   |   Care and Grooming   |   Madeirey
If you are trying to sell a horse you know it is hard because it can be extremely difficult to transform that horse into an eye catching model. Well, I am here to help! I have had a lot of experience in grooming dirty and disgusting horses and have mastered the technique. Groomin ...
Horse With Broken Withers Rehabilitated After One Year Stall Rest
4th Mar 2013   |   General   |   Dashwood
About six years ago, when Flash was fifteen, something tragic happened; no one knows how because no one was there to witness it, but we all know it ended with Flash having broken his withers. I was only eight at the time, so I don’t remember many details, but he was in the pen at ...
The Truth About Horse Slaughter
3rd Jan 2011   |   General   |   toffeelola
I'm sure you've all heard about horse slaughter and most of you are probably against it, but do you ever think about it, or go into depth about it? Are you truly serious when you say you are against horse slaughter? I admit I'm not a vegetarian and I hate the fact that I as a hum ...
Raging Storm
2nd Jan 2011   |   Horse Fiction   |   Unbridled Equus
I wanted him. I wanted him more than the other horse James was trying to sell me. I was at a Paint Saddlebred Stable where they sold Paint Saddlebreds and other horse breeds. James was trying to sell me a prize winning Paint Saddlebred, but I wanted Raging Storm. He was the cutes ...
Captured - Part 1
3rd Jan 2011   |   Horse Fiction   |   Pintie
My name is Shadow. These things called “humans” have captured me. I was grazing when the humans roped me and took me from all of my mares. Thankfully, I am at a place called home with my new owner, Melanie. Right now, I’m in my stall, getting tacked up, just like when I was somew ...
Making Money With Equine Photography
18th Jan 2011   |   Graphics   |   Artista
I'm a published photographer for a few equine magazines in Las Vegas, and additionally work as a graphic designer. I get paid by my parent company, in addition to making a 90% commission on events, and routinely get booked to freelance small shows, where I make 100% of the profi ...
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Entertainment Or Abuse? - You Decide
25th Mar 2011   |   General   |   Ponyissie
In Chinese zoos they do some terrible things, but a form of abuse you may not have heard of is lions riding horses for entertainment. In this particular exhibit, an adult lion is trained to climb onto a waiting horse which then jogs about the ring while the bravest, cruelest man ...
Penny And Me
22nd Jul 2011   |   Horse Stories   |   My Paper Heart
I had been asking for a horse for as long as I could remember. Then one day on my 8th birthday my mom blind folded me and took me outside. When we were outside I smelt something, but couldn't place it. Then I heard a horse sneeze and shortly afterwards felt a wet mist on my fa ...
The Apple Grove - Part 1
18th Oct 2011   |   Horse Fiction   |   Moose
Jenifer’s trembling hand touched the heart around her neck. She closed her eyes in a deep concentration, her heart grew tight and tears were forced through her eyelids. She gripped the tiny golden heart tightly between her fingers and held her breath, tightening her throat in con ...
My Long Journey Back With Horses After An Accident Left Me Paralyzed
13th Nov 2011   |   Horse Stories   |   Seven Sins
After a long year of very little contact with horses, the day came. After my accident (you can read about in my previous article) I was left paralyzed never to walk again. Only on October 31st, 2011 I was given the opportunity to ride again. The barn was called Haku Baldwin Horse ...
My Gift From Jessica
28th Jun 2012   |   General   |   Seven Sins
I remember being one of the people wondering why anyone would own a small pony or miniature horse, until the day I came to own Willy Wonka. After my car accident that left me paralyzed I was having a difficult time at school, one friend I had named Jessica was in almost all of my ...
This Weeks Favorite Youtube Video - The Life And Death Of A Horse
25th Apr 2011   |   General   |   PonyBox
This Weeks Favorite Youtube Video - The Life And Death Of A Horse. Made this for a project. Have a bit more colouring to do on it and I might add some sound effects of the horse. ...
Our Favorite YouTube Video This Week
19th Dec 2010   |   General   |   PonyBox
This brings a new meaning to riding bareback. A Giraffe, really? Next time your at the zoo maybe you should pack your saddle. ...
A Huge Part of My Everything
2nd Feb 2011   |   Horse Stories   |   Cowzers
I still remember the day I laid eyes on my girl as if it was yesterday. After selling out overly spunky Welsh Cob, most definitely not suited for a child, we had been looking for a quiet mare ever since. A crisp autumn evening in September 2003, I recall my mom coming up to me ...
How To Add Credits To Images
18th Apr 2011   |   Graphics   |   Wanderin Boy Memorial
One big thing on Ponybox is graphics. With graphics and photos you can personalize your own page. On Ponybox, you can have a banner and a profile photo on your profile page... you can even have your own photo albums! On the legacy servers of Ponybox you can decorate and person ...
Retraining A Racehorse – Moonfire – Cross Country - Part 1
14th May 2011   |   Horse Training   |   Polo the Weirdo
On 17 February 2011, I began preparing Moony for his eventing debut. After his Third Place in his first jumping show of the year, I decided it was time for him to start eventing and see if he couldn’t achieve similar results. We boxed Moony and Bronze to a nearby venue that we ...
How To Train Your Horse To Smile
12th Jun 2011   |   Horse Training   |   Baby Lou Tattoo
This is a really cool party trick. It doesn't involve any complicated equipment, the horses love it and it's very effective! The trick is the smile. The goal is to create a big "smile" with your horse. He'll lift up his lip and hold it, usually raising his head up in a big "gr ...
If I listened To What People Said
26th Jun 2011   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
The Ponybox News section will soon be two years old. Over the past two years we have improved upon the news section and it has steadily gained interest and readership. As always, we also have received our share of unsatisfied readers. A few months ago we received an email fro ...
This Weeks Top Horse Graphics
27th Jul 2011   |   Graphics   |   PonyBox
Over the past few years Ponybox members have submitted some incredible horse graphics for display on their member profile pages. It's amazing to see how much talent exists withing the Ponybox membership. Below is a sample of some of the more popular works of art. ...
The White Rose ~ Part Two
6th Feb 2012   |   Horse Fiction   |   Moose
Luke had fallen asleep next to Jenifer as she cried herself to sleep. Her cries became whimpers, and her whimpers became soft murmurs until she was in a deep coma-like sleep. Luke fell asleep from exhaustion, with Jenifer’s head on his chest. He knew this was hard for her, and th ...
Preparations For Purchasing Your First Horse
11th Feb 2012   |   General   |   Spyricale
Once you have discussed in-depth with your family regarding purchasing a horse of your own, and have succeeded in renovating a safe haven for your horse, gone over the finances, time commitment and purchased all of the necessary items, it is now time to focus on searching for a h ...
A Place For Us - Part 1
11th May 2012   |   Horse Fiction   |   Unique
Brielle felt a tingle run up her spine as she climbed from her deep blue Ford F-250. The soft cool wind tousled her short chestnut hair, and caused her to shiver slightly. Her small frame looked as if it was blow over with the slightest force. Hazel eyes scanning over the landsca ...
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