102.5" *PT Mumma Bear     
Thoroughbred (100%)  |  Mare
Best Rank  2  | Best Jump  102.75"  | Winnings  5,544,404
Fjords in the Sunshine  
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Best Rank  1  | Best Jump  95.75"  | Winnings  40,627,250
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Retraining a Racehorse – Moonfire – First Show Of The Year
PonyBox News Trending
With 2010 well behind us, the time soon arose for Moony to make his 2011 debut – heading off for his first show of the year on the morning of 5 February 2011. He loaded without a problem, and arrived at the show safe ...
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Animal Cruelty on the Racetrack
2nd Jun 2010   |   General   |   Velski
Animal cruelty is bad for racehorses. The jockey needs a trusting horse, not an abused one. Animal cruelty can kill horses. They can be injured badly from animal cruelty and the owner might have them killed. Many racehorses have faults that cause injuries or death. Some racing ...
Model Horse Video
6th Jun 2010   |   General   |   T W I
I started on this project basically as soon as you announced it. I shot the first few nature clips at the beginning during the first few days and the scene where Bayfire is first seen standing at the fence. The clips after that I attempted to shoot on the first few days too, but ...
Polo The Weirdos Greatest Hits Crazy Stunts with Olop - Jumping Backwards - Part 4 How To Name A Racehorse Five Very Good Reasons To Learn To Use English
Chip the Wonder Horse
8th Jul 2010   |   Horse Stories   |   Pintie
Chip is a horse like know other. Chip was born in 1995 in Kentucky. He was first owned by a girl who had a special bond with him. She was a friend of mine. Then some other people bought him. I never got to meet them. Let me go ahead and tell the story of Chip and me. I first m ...
Teach a Horse to Bend
7th Aug 2010   |   Horse Training   |   Polo the Weirdo
In this article I shall be explaining in detail all the methods I have used to teach a horse to bend. Before I begin I wish to remind my readers that to try to follow these methods exactly step by step, or using any method without allowing flexibility, will seldom bring you succe ...
Triumph's True Triumph
26th Sep 2010   |   Horse Stories   |   Finally There
I laid my head on his chest and listened for breathing. It was dead silence. The silence was deafening. I buried my face in his mane and tried to calm my breathing but I couldn't. I held onto him with all my might and tried to tell myself this was just a dream. The only problem w ...
The Last Duck
10th Sep 2010   |   General   |   Weber98
Unfortunately, nothing stays young forever and soon they needed a pen of their own. My dad was the knight in shining armor, devoting his time and money to build our ducks a home. We introduced them to their new home, and they were thrilled. Now we had a new problem. At exactl ...
The Accident That Changed Us
15th Nov 2010   |   Horse Stories   |   Pintie
Chip heard the golf cart and was startled. He began to some sidestepping. All I could hold onto was a rein and I was starting to slip. Chip then began to freak out about the reins becoming tighter, so he threw his head up. I finally let go. I saw Chip’s hooves pricking up and dow ...
The Shriek of a Peacock On My First Trail Ride
27th Dec 2010   |   Horse Stories   |   ImaCoolCowgirl
We were walking up the road towards the trail when we heard a rather loud screeching noise. It got louder and louder as we got closer. Suddenly the horses heard it and stopped abruptly. Mr. McLaughlin and I urged them forward making them walk toward the sound. Almost at once the ...
Top Five Misused Horse Training Items
27th Apr 2011   |   Horse Training   |   mosquito
There are hundreds of gadgets out there that claim to fix all kinds of training and behavior problems. It would be great, if we could just spend a bit of money on a new gadget and all of a sudden our horse will mover better, and be more responsive. It is true that many training a ...
Be Free Cobolt - Part 1
26th Dec 2010   |   Horse Fiction   |   solo25
Hayley, a typical horse mad girl ran down the stairs to her mum yelling “My bedroom’s on fire, my bedroom’s on fire!” Hayley’s dad had died in a barn fire when she was just five, Hayley remembered her dad pushing her out of the stable as the roof collapsed directly on top of him. ...
Zenyatta - The Final Farewell
18th Dec 2010   |   Horse Stories   |   Specky
On December 5th, 2010, Zenyatta, the amazing mare who won 19 of 20 races earning more than 7.3 million dollars took a final stroll at Hollywood Park. Zenyatta entered the paddock between races wearing a pink blanket from her victory in the Apple Blossom. Zenyatta's groom walked h ...
Test Your Memory With Horse Memory iPhone App
7th Jan 2011   |   Equine Technology   |   PonyBox
Horse Memory is a simple and casual horse-themed memory game that consists of pairs of identical cards with illustrations. First, you will get a few seconds to memorize where each pair of playing cards is located. Then, a random card will appear on your screen and you will have t ...
My First Time On A Horse At The Phuket Riding Club
28th Nov 2010   |   General   |   Mystic56
I was on a holiday at Phuket, Thailand and my parents finally agreed to let me and my sister ride a horse at the Phuket Riding Club. I was so excited and the day finally came. It was Wednesday when we rode the horses. We were supposed to wear Jodphurs and boots, but seeing tha ...
Video: Falling Off My Horse
22nd Apr 2011   |   General   |   wild horse luva
At some point your going to fall off your horse. Hopefully you can look back and laugh at yourself later. I myself know the feeling of embarrassment! My best friend came to see me ride and I really wanted to impress her. I warmed up my pony Candy and then tried to canter down ...
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My Boarding Facility - Fox Hill Stables
6th Feb 2011   |   General   |   MardiGras
Fox Hill Stables, located in Mequon, Wisconsin is a fantastic equestrian facility with a 350x350 ft. outdoor arena, a good drainage system and all types of jumps. There is also a small cross country course, soon to be expanded, and a gazebo that you can sit in while watching some ...
Pyjamas For Horses
12th Jan 2011   |   Equine Technology   |   DejaVu
You worked all Summer to get that gorgeous, shiny coat on your horse and then comes Fall and cold weather. Snuggy Hoods has the answer to your question how to keep that shiny coat instead of dealing with winter woollies. These products not only help to keep coat short, but it can ...
Love that Let's Go
23rd Dec 2010   |   Horse Stories   |   Got My Wish
Have you ever fell in love with a horse because they are so special to you? Around March 2010 my trainer let my try out a new horse because my other horse wasn't working out for me. Her name was Megan and I didn't think I could bond with her, but I tried her out anyway. Her walk ...
Brain Testers with Herm the Horse
5th Jan 2011   |   General   |   Depplain
Herm has challenged his friend Harry to a word target extravaganza! But he needs your help to find the words! Using the letters below, construct words of four or more letters- making sure each contains the letter located in the center of the target. For a real challenge try to ...
Getting The Right Supplements To Your Horse
13th Jan 2011   |   Care and Grooming   |   mosquito
Some horses seem to thrive on nothing but hay and water, but most horses need a little extra. Some horses – especially those with heavy workloads, or problem areas like a dull coat or weak hooves – really need specialized extras nutrition. But how do you find the perfect nutri ...
Broken Spirits - Prologue
18th Jan 2011   |   Horse Fiction   |   Lil Booger
Almost all the horses had dozed off for the night except him. He didn’t want to sleep. He had learned the hard way that if he closed his eyes he would be shocked, kicked, whipped, or stabbed. He never felt safe anymore. Thudding echoed through the quite barn. A scared face a ...
True Spirit: Pilot - Esprits Story
19th Jan 2011   |   Horse Fiction   |   Brezie
The large gray Thoroughbred breezed along the inside fence. His jockey whipped him to many times to count. The jockey slowed the horse at the 3/4 mile pole and pulled him to a stop by the trainer and owner. "He won't run, Mr. Gray," the jockey said settling the frisky horse. ...
Photoshop Background Editing: From Day To Night
22nd Jan 2011   |   Graphics   |   T W I
Now that we have our horse cut out, it’s time to work on the background! Today we will be turning our rather plain, unappealing background into a striking night scene. Stay tuned for more tutorials on preparing the background for the horse. ...
Photoshop Position Changes: Editing The Angle Of A Leg
22nd Feb 2011   |   Graphics   |   T W I
Today we will be adjusting the position of the front leg. This is the first part of the tutorial, so stay tuned for part 2. That is why there is no 'before and after' example. The first step is to choose your stock. Choosing a trotting horse somewhat defeats the purpose, so I am ...
Healing Hearts Ranch - Final Chapter
1st Feb 2011   |   Horse Fiction   |   Finally There
In the last section of Healing Hearts Ranch Luci agreed to go with Steve to a horse auction. In this chapter, the final chapter find out who Luci chooses for love and another love that will last forever. The day of the auction came and Luci dressed quickly in a pair of ripped ...
My New Horse Lease Named Dino
6th Feb 2011   |   Horse Stories   |   Strawberry Kiwi Equine
I recently found out that I would be showing a new horse at my barn, and his name is Dino. Dino is an Appendix Quarter Horse who stands 16.2hh tall and is about 7 years old. He's the kind of horse that has a huge sense of character and puts a great deal of heart into his work. La ...
My Boarding Facility Free Shirt Giveaway
6th Feb 2011   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
Starting today and running through March 2011, Ponybox is running a contest named My Boarding Facility and is giving away free horse shirts to all entries that display on Ponybox. Submitting an entry is easy. Just submit a Ponybox news article titled "My Boarding ...
Video: Should You Use A Whip When Lounging?
9th Feb 2011   |   Horse Training   |   PonyBox
This video shows an inexperienced girl riding and lounging a horse with a whip. This is a good example of a lack of communication between rider and horse. The horse is lounging in fear instead of enjoying himself. ...
Western Legacy Invents A Unique Way To Wash Your Velcro Items
12th Feb 2011   |   Equine Technology   |   DejaVu
Tacky Rack is a unique and handy accessory to any horse owner: you can store/organize your items in it or you can use it as a place to secure and wash your tack items. Tacky Rack is made out of high quality polyester and it has multiple mesh pockets. ...
Internet Reshenia LLC Releases Jumpy Horse App To iPhone iPad and iPod Touch
13th Feb 2011   |   Equine Technology   |   PonyBox
In this game you play the horse and try to buck the cowboy off. The app allows you to also choose different landscapes. A special bonus round gives you a selection of horse wallpapers that you can use on your device. This app is best for ages 5 through 12. The game teaches child ...
My Boarding Facility - Bit By Bit Farms
13th Feb 2011   |   General   |   Evita
Bit By Bit Farms, located on 100 acres of sandy soil in Elgin, Texas, is a gorgeous facility with a friendly but professional atmosphere. There are three blocks of stabling: The main barn, the five-stall barn, and the big stalls and paddocks by the hay barn. Each stall is large a ...
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