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Moyle (100%)  |  Mare
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Moonfire - Fixing a Rearing Problem - Part 1
PonyBox News Trending
It all started around November 2011 Ė I couldnít tell you what caused it. Sometimes there is no cause Ė young horses are constantly going through phases, which are seldom triggered by anything at all Ė and this was just ...
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Ponybox Featured Horse Graphics
4th Feb 2013   |   Graphics   |   PonyBox
Ponybox featured horse graphics is a weekly display of some of the best graphics and manips on Ponybox. Ponybox members include some of the most talented equestrian graphic artists. Want to see your graphics displayed here? Just submit your creative works to your Ponybox image al ...
PB Member Seven Sins - Questions About My Spinal Cord Injury
9th Feb 2013   |   General   |   PonyBox
On September 19th, 2010 Ponybox member Seven Sins was in a car accident. Her Chevy S10 truck fishtailed, lost traction and went off the road flipping on its side and hitting a tree. The impact with the tree caused her to be pinned between the seat and the steering wheel. She was ...
Why Riding With Anxiety is a Logical Paradox Top Ten Reasons Why Being a Horse Would Totally Rule The Best Rider Gadgets That Actually Work - Part I The Elusive Nature of the Half Halt
Cyber Bullying - There Are No Consequences
10th Feb 2013   |   General   |   Polo the Weirdo
We all know how harmful bullying can be in real life. Correct me if Iím wrong, but... Isn't that the reason a whole lot of us are escaping here to the Internet in the first place? Donít look at me like that, you know Iím right. Anyway, this is the Internet, and on the Internet, a ...
Special Moments With My Horses
17th Feb 2013   |   Horse Stories   |   IggyPogo
While all horses I've met have been important and special in their own way, a few have touched me and taught me important lessons. Some have just been so memorable that I'd like to share these special moments. When I was a little girl, not even seven years old, my mom used to ...
My First Horse Fun Show With Etch
23rd Feb 2013   |   Shows and Events   |   MississippiEtch
I have been riding my horse Etch ever since I was a little girl. As I started growing up my friend Lori taught me the responsibility's of caring for a horse like Etch. My most memorable moment was my first horse show "Fun Show" at South West Ranches. ...
The Girl Who Hated Horses
8th Mar 2013   |   General   |   Epic Windrunner
I Bayliee101 hated horses, literally. I was scared that they would kick me, bite me, and stand on my feet. I never wanted to go near a horse! I had a bad experience with horses when I was 4, I was riding my 14.1hh friends horse bare back and with no reins. It was just me, the ho ...
Cross Country 101 - Part One
11th Mar 2013   |   Horse Training   |   Polo the Weirdo
In this article, I will be explaining to you how best to ride your cross country course between the fences. Keep your eyes peeled for part two, which will look more closely at how to ride each individual type of fence. In cross country, one of the biggest challenges is always ...
My Dream To End Horse Cruelty and Abuse
19th Mar 2013   |   General   |   My Paper Heart
One area where society needs to improve is on cruelty to animals. People assume that since an animal, in most cases, is smaller, weaker and not as intelligent as us they can treat them like trash. Studies show that 64.5% of animal cruelty cases were with dogs, 18% with cats, and ...
Making A Plan For Your Equestrian Dream
24th Mar 2013   |   General   |   Madeirey
What is your plan and goals in regards to your horse riding? Do you just plan on having a few lessons each week for fun, or plan on progressing into an equestrian sport with more extensive training. If you don't have a plan, you could find yourself in disarray, both financially a ...
Ponybox Featured Horse Graphics
28th Mar 2013   |   Graphics   |   PonyBox
Ponybox featured horse graphics is a weekly display of some of the best graphics and manips on Ponybox. Ponybox members include some of the most talented equestrian graphic artists. Want to see your graphics displayed here? Just submit your creative works to your Ponybox image al ...
Three Secret Steps To Foolproof Your Horse
12th Apr 2013   |   Horse Training   |   Polo the Weirdo
Foolproofing is a task so impossibly difficult that it often evades even the most brilliant minds of our time! You see, in order to foolproof a horse, a person must endure incomprehensible suffering, and take on tasks so impossibly difficult that theyíll have you sweating from th ...
My First Show On Pogo [Video]
16th Apr 2013   |   Shows and Events   |   IggyPogo
Everyone came for the fifth race - barrel racing! Iím the first to say Pogo and I were not ever going to win in a million years. He never barrel raced before and I didn't have much experience in it with only two previous races under my belt. However, we gave it our best show and ...
The Story of My Horse Trillium
30th Apr 2013   |   Horse Stories   |   Winniefield Park
I've owned my horse Trillium for just over five years now. When I first met Trillium, she was just one of the many horses my sister rescued, and I didn't really pay much attention to her other to notice how terribly emaciated she was. She was covered in thick, shaggy reddish-brow ...
How to Ride a Dressage Test - The Eventerís Version
15th May 2013   |   Shows and Events   |   Polo the Weirdo
This article was inspired by my own fantastic event horse, Bronze, who Ė like most eventers Ė is eating a lot of high-energy food, and doing a lot of work. Basically, Bronze is a machine, and his main operating function is to bear down on a course of big, solid jumps like a freig ...
When Your Horse Talks Do You Listen
29th May 2013   |   Horse Training   |   Winniefield Park
Who hasn't heard of a horse whisper? Theyíre those mystical trainers who can lift an eyebrow, shake a finger or twirl a rope and transform a horse from unruly and wild to docile and willing. However, the fact is, when weíre solving training problems, itís often more important to ...
What Color Ribbon Will You Win
3rd Jun 2013   |   Shows and Events   |   Winniefield Park
When I was very little, my favorite color was blue. I liked blue clothing, my bedroom was blue and when my mother bought my sister and I aprons to wear when we helped in the kitchen, I was angry because she gave my sister a blue one and gave a red one to me. I was absolutely deva ...
Making a Personalized and Informative Stall Card
7th Jun 2013   |   Graphics   |   RememberMeForThis
When going to a show you will need a stall card so others can have need-to-know information that will help in an emergency. Also, they can look pretty darn cool. You will want to have some records of your horse. Such as a negative coggins and extra copies, registration papers, ce ...
Where to Find Free Horse Books
8th Jun 2013   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
I love horses. I love books. So I really love the combination of horses and books. While libraries and bookstores are the logical places to find horse books, there are lots of horse books on the Internet as well. In fact, there are many free horse books, both fiction and non-fict ...
Where To Find The Last Of The Wild Horses
19th Jun 2013   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
Once upon a time, wild horses roamed the grassy plains of Asia, the Americas and areas of Europe. For the most part, they were small stocky, hardy, almost pony-like animals. Over time, they disappeared from the Americas, leaving only their fossilized remains as evidence of their ...
Sky's Song - A Sakia Short Story
7th Jul 2013   |   Horse Fiction   |   Unbridled Sakia
Sky's eyes glowed brightly as the dark world around him tried despairingly to take the light away from him. When he saw her his eyes bulged, as he watched her take a shallow breath. Sakia felt a presence near her but the world had gone black long ago. The mare's black eyes wer ...
National Show Horse Breed Photos
29th Jul 2013   |   General   |   PonyBox
Ponybox receives hundreds of member submitted horse photos each week. In addition to our weekly featured graphics, we are going to add a new weekly news post featuring random horse breeds submitted to If you own this weeks featured breed, we would love to hear your c ...
Am I Too Big For My Horse
31st Jul 2013   |   Care and Grooming   |   Winniefield Park
One of the most common questions I hear when people are thinking of buying a horse or learning to ride is Ďam I too big for the horseí. Horses of course, aren't like shoes, so you can't just get on one and know by the feel if you've found a good fit. Interestingly, I think more w ...
15 Minute Groundwork Exercises That Work
1st Aug 2013   |   Horse Training   |   Kaori
One of my many pet peeves are people who constantly complain about their horses having bad manners, but doing nothing about it. Any horse can learn basic manners if the owner is willing to put time, effort and commitment into a bit of groundwork. Good manners can make everyday ch ...
My First Barn Show
26th Aug 2013   |   Shows and Events   |   My Paper Heart
I got the news that I was going to be in a barn show July 15th. That was just two days after I had joined my barn. My general reaction was to panic! The show was August 10th, only a few weeks away. This meant I had four Saturday's to get ready. For a girl who had just returned to ...
Why I Regret Giving my Eventer a Holiday (The incredible true story)
19th Sep 2013   |   Shows and Events   |   Polo the Weirdo
Anybody who has owned or ridden one will know that eventers are machines. Some are scooters, trundling mildly around until they bump into the frist cross country jump and the engine cuts out. Others are monster trucks, ploughing boldly around and demolishing anything in their tra ...
Study Shows Horse Ear Position Indicator of Jumping Success
17th Oct 2013   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
A recent study out of the University of Guelph showed a link between ear position and success over jumps. The research set out to assess how ear position predicts how a horse is responding to its rider and surroundings. Beyond what a horse is thinking at the moment, how can ear ...
Strides (And why they totally suck) - The Showjumper's Diary
2nd Nov 2013   |   Horse Training   |   Polo the Weirdo
Studies have shown that the average horseís canter stride covers 3,65 meters. We know that jumps seven steps apart will have one canter stride between them, and that jumps eleven steps apart will be separated by two. We know that if the distance between two jumps walks short then ...
Horse Poem by Ponybox Member Copper711
18th Nov 2013   |   General   |   Copper711
There is one animal is this soulful world, That gives us humans something that most animals cant, Something that you can put a price to, Something that will stay in our small hearts forever, Something that gives us humans the courage to do things we wouldn't normally do, Som ...
Finding My Dream Horse
28th Nov 2013   |   Horse Stories   |   My Paper Heart
After purchasing Penny, I realized that I would be getting no where with her. It was a constant battle for dominance and I was losing the joy I found in horses. I didn't have the time or experience to keep fighting her. Finally, I broke Mom down and got her looking in the horse m ...
Ponybox Horse News Hits 4 Million Unique Page Views
1st Dec 2013   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
Early this morning the PonyBox News section surpassed 4 million unique news article views. This means over 4 million unique horse lovers throughout the world visited PonyBox and viewed a news article! PonyBox began publishing news articles about four years ago to compliment the h ...
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