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Saddle Up Series - Understanding Your Horse's Back - Part One
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When it comes to selecting a saddle, any knowledgeable horse person will tell you that this is a task not to be taken lightly. The fit of a saddle can make or break a horse’s performance, and a poorly fitting one can cau ...
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Background Editing: From Beach to Paradise - Part 1
20th Mar 2011   |   Graphics   |   T W I
I have always been a fan of manipulations that have a surreal, dreamy feeling to them. Who isn't? Wonderfully enough, it's possible to give the impression of a fantasy world without adding wings to the horse or having a dragon circling in the distance. All that we have to do to ...
Dawn of a Champion
29th Mar 2011   |   Horse Fiction   |   ImaCoolCowgirl
A fictional story my mother wrote for me based on my work with theraputic riding and my first horse Freckles. He steps forward. The muscles tense and bulge under the tight skin. His compact powerful legs have propelled him over hurdles his whole life. His mother died during ...
The Nature of the Crazy Eventer Similarities between Students and Equestrians April 20th 2013 Showjumping Competition With Finola How to Stay Sane During Lockdown - A Guide for Equestrians
Dotty’s Story – Chapter Twelve
7th Apr 2011   |   Horse Fiction   |   mosquito
The next morning, Dotty woke up to the sound of singing, grain being poured into tubs, and hay nets being filled. For a brief moment, Dottie thought she was back with Jimmy, but then she felt the itch of the rug, and winced at a sore spot on her nose under the halter, and remembe ...
Owning A Racehorse May Be Closer Than You Think!
8th Jun 2011   |   General   |   mosquito
The racetrack is an amazing place – full of hope, energy, and dreams. As a child, my parents would take me to the tracks of Maryland and Delaware, and I’d be overwhelmed by all the colors, the beautiful horses, and the excitement of a race. I’d look enviously at the grooms, who I ...
Grounding Your Horse On Photoshop - The Shadow - Part 1
15th May 2011   |   Graphics   |   T W I
Floating horses in manipulations are a fairly common problem to have, especially with backgrounds where the ground isn’t just a flat surface, but with grass, water, flowers, etc. There are two main methods that I use to successfully banish this annoying problem. Shadows ar ...
May 14th Horse Show
17th May 2011   |   Shows and Events   |   Dark Star
This weekend I had a horse show with my newest show horse, Dee. A little information on her, Dee is a 6 year old solid chestnut paint mare owned and trained by my trainer, who I lease from. She is trained in barrels, poles, western/english pleasure, hunt seat, some jumping, horse ...
Grounding Your Horse On Photoshop - The Shadow - Part 2
23rd May 2011   |   Graphics   |   T W I
This is part two of my tutorial series on how to ground horses using a shadow. If you would like a quick overview of where to place the shadows and how light or dark to make them, please take a look at part 1, Grounding Your Horse On Photoshop - The Shadow - Part 1 Duplicate t ...
Chasing the Carnations - Part 7
2nd Jun 2011   |   Horse Fiction   |   No Walkin Farms9
Behind us John and Solo were making their move also. Sultan and I passed Dueling With Deceit, Common Criminal and Pomatia quickly. Solo couldn't keep up and dropped back behind John and me. Everlasting Endearment hadn't gotten that far and we caught up with Mike half way down ...
My Life With Pop - Part 3
5th Jun 2011   |   Horse Fiction   |   Candy99
I woke up from a magnificent dream about Pop and a noisy iPod alarm clock. It was playing 'Just Haven't Met You Yet' by Michael Buble. I groaned and turned off the song. I pushed the covers off and walked zombie-like into my moms room. I said good morning to Mom, my dogs, my t ...
Chasing The Carnations - Final Chapter
7th Jun 2011   |   Horse Fiction   |   No Walkin Farms9
I pulled back on the reins as Sultan's stride got even choppier. He was more than happy to comply. Fighting panic, I guided him to the outside rail and away from most of the traffic. I leapt off Sultan and rushed to steady him. "Easy, boy. It's going to be ok, old man," I coo ...
The Typical Arabian And Family
9th Jul 2011   |   Horse Stories   |   Bored Ride A Fjord
The day Jorge was born I was extremely happy. Not even a few days after his birth I was out at the barn just watching him lay next to his mommy. I thought he was the cutest foal in the world! Little did I know we would hate, well strongly dislike each other. When Jorge was abo ...
He Pulled A Silky
7th Jul 2011   |   Horse Stories   |   Eire
The farther time takes us from 1955, the less people who have seen this legend exist. Few people remember Silky Sullivan, the best come-from-behind race horse to ever live! Silky Sullivan was a chestnut thoroughbred, foaled on February 28th. His sire was Sullivan, a big Englis ...
Equisoccer - Playing Soccer On Horseback
8th Jul 2011   |   General   |   horseygall
Horses and soccer is not something that goes together at first glance, but look again. Take some horses and riders and add one large ball and you have equi-soccer. Equi-soccer is not only the newest thing in equestrian sport, but its a great tool for both you and your horse to bo ...
Places To Win Horses And Tack Online
9th Aug 2011   |   General   |   FloridaCowgirl
Most horse people could use a new pair of boots, some free grooming products or even a new trailer but with the cost of just feeding and caring for a horse, there's not always enough money left at the end of the month to invest in these items. Fortunately, there are a few website ...
Horsetopia Adds A Local Page
24th Jul 2011   |   Equine Technology   |   FloridaCowgirl
Until recently, was a great place to go if you wanted to buy a horse, but that was really the only service that the site offered. Now they've expanded to include several other local services and information and they've titled it Horsetopia Local. Because it's a ...
Against All Odds - The Story of Bronze - Part 3
24th Sep 2011   |   Horse Stories   |   Polo the Weirdo
I looked into his gentle brown eyes, and I knew that I had found my horse. Or rather, I suppose, that he had found me. This was my first meeting with Bronze. My mother was besotted with him from the second she saw him, so we hurried to Alfie’s office to ask who the stallion wa ...
Saving an Angel
31st Aug 2011   |   Horse Stories   |   Run Free
I had been very upset lately. My mare Star had been sold after 5 years. Dad said he would get me another mare, a young one if I was up to it. I knew he would get me a new mare, but at the time I thought no mare could top Star, she was my first pony. I was very upset and I didn’t ...
Free Horse Vector Graphics #8 - Bull Graphic
5th Feb 2012   |   Graphics   |   PonyBox
For week 8 we introduce the Bull Graphic. The CorelDRAW and Adobe Illustrator vector format have also been included. The only stipulation we have to these graphics is that you do not sell the graphics for monetary gain or include them in a downloadable library or distribution CD. ...
A Love Hate Relationship - Part 2
8th Aug 2011   |   Barrel Racing   |   MoMoz
I ended up riding her for three straight days and then decided to take a break and just lunge her in the round pen. A few days later I rode her for another two days and worked her on barrels. That’s when I noticed her having problems with knocking over barrels. When her owners ca ...
My Life With Pop - Part 4
15th Aug 2011   |   Horse Fiction   |   Candy99
We were flying to the jump, head over heels. Towards the white and blue vertical that was blocking us. It was about 3.5 feet high. We were cantering as fast as we could when we hit. I flew off into the fence, people rushing towards me. I couldn't see Popcorn anywhere, which had s ...
EquineMaxES Software Keeps Your Barn Organized
23rd Aug 2011   |   Equine Technology   |   FloridaCowgirl
Cattlesoft Inc provides an easy-to-use way to manage your barn regardless of your needs. Because your horse's care is so important, it's vital that you keep accurate records. This especially comes into play if you are competing or if you want to sell your horse because you need t ...
Editing Colors with SumoPaint
24th Aug 2011   |   Graphics   |   Estella Noire
There are several reasons I made this fairly basic tutorial. One of them is because, from what I have seen so far, this is the only SumoPaint tutorial on PonyBox. SumoPaint is becoming more popular, and this article should help explain some of its basic color tools. As I have onl ... 'Resources' Section Provides Valuable Information
23rd Sep 2011   |   General   |   FloridaCowgirl
As horse owners or people who just love horses and want to know more about them, the search for current, accurate information is often frustrating. You frequently don't know who is posting the information so it's hard to tell if it's good advice or not. has a “Resour ...
Can You Hear Me? - Part 9
26th Sep 2011   |   Horse Fiction   |   Unique
It had been six months since I had met the Harris’. I went to the farm every day to visit Sym. The problem was that as much as I tried to stay away from Mac he found me every time. I hadn’t talked to him very much. Figuring that would be best. But it seemed that he tried to seek ...
Can You Hear Me? - Part 3
30th Aug 2011   |   Horse Fiction   |   Unique
Really no one understood me. But then again, I always wanted to be a loner, I didn’t like being told what to do. What was too dangerous, where to go. It just got on my nerves most times. Then again they did care about me. Or they acted like they did. My parents fed me, clothed ...
Save A Horse App Earns Its Keep
1st Sep 2011   |   Equine Technology   |   FloridaCowgirl
All horse lovers appreciate the work that a horse rescue does and when that rescue goes global by being featured on an app it's something that us horse techies tend to pay attention to. Grey Horse has a new app out called Save A Horse and it's described as the Irish Horse Welfare ...
Can You Hear Me? - Part 4
4th Sep 2011   |   Horse Fiction   |   Unique
I slammed my palm against my forehead and let out a sigh. Great, I was acting weird around him and I didn’t want to. I wanted to act like my own distant, lonely self. Not someone who was bubbly and friendly. Definitely not someone like that. That was just dangerous because then I ...
My Quest To Own A Horse
6th Sep 2011   |   Horse Stories   |   Smilez
Ever since I was a little girl I've always wanted a horse, but the problem was that I lived a town. I always came up with ideas how to get a horse. For example, across from where I live there is a field that my grandpa owns. I said I could keep it there, but since I was only seve ...
This Weeks Horse Game Accounts For Sale
5th Oct 2011   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
A summary of this weeks horse game auctions are shown below. Ponybox released a new feature this summer that allows you to buy and sell horse game accounts. So far over 80 accounts have been sold with new auctions being added daily. This week accounts are ranging from 5K to 25K b ...
Can You Hear Me? - Part 5
8th Sep 2011   |   Horse Fiction   |   Unique
As I turned back onto the main road I saw my dad’s truck barreling down at a high speed. Antic ran up to the truck barking. I stared up at dad before looking back down at Antic. Dad was rambling on his cellular phone and Antic was running straight for the truck. “ANTIC!” I let ou ...
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