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Perfection has its flaws - The story of Polo
PonyBox News Trending
This is the story of my horse, Polo. Yet it is not only about Polo, because you see her story is my story. In this day and age we often see things that have come to be known as 'fursonas', virtual creatures that Internet ...
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Bamboo Tablet Contest
9th Jan 2010   |   General   |   PonyBox
Good Hooves – Can you Really feed for Better Feet?
20th Jan 2010   |   General   |   mosquito
Getsu - Chapter One Scandalous Horse Names The Best Rider Gadgets That Actually Work - Part I Getsu - Chapter 2
Help with Hooves
18th Jan 2010   |   Graphics   |   Esmeralda Elites
Photography Tips
1st Feb 2010   |   Graphics   |   Esmeralda Elites
1. Make sure the horse(s) is as clean as possible. 2. A high shutter speed will give you more of a chance to capture the perfect pose, exspecially if the horse is running or jumping, etc. 3. Take pictures in good lighting. Pictures taken in the dark usually don't look very good ...
Once - Twice - Three Times a Diva
1st Feb 2010   |   Horse Stories   |   Valkyrie
Secretariat, Seattle Slew, Man'O'War and Seabisuit may be household names in America. But Down Under we have a different definition of "champion". Legends like Phar Lap and Sunline may have passed over, but the phenomenal English-bred mare Makybe Diva still reigns supreme. ...
Therapeutic Horseback Riding
4th Feb 2010   |   General   |   Slipknot Sport
A few months ago, I was required to write a research essay, topic of our choice. I decided to write about the magical world of therapeutic horseback riding after I have experienced what it can do for people. I wanted to share this with you all, and I hope you enjoy reading it as ...
Was the Greatest Racehorse a Gelding
8th Feb 2010   |   Shows and Events   |   mosquito
Since we recently had a story about Man O’War, I thought this month’s biography should take at look at what may have been his greatest descendant – his great grandson Kelso. Born in 1957, Kelso didn’t have the looks of his great grandfather, but he sure had his speed. ...
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My horse is bleeding - What do I do
7th Feb 2010   |   General   |   mosquito
Just like children, horses seem to be very good at hurting themselves. Sooner or later, your horse is going to come in from the pasture with some kind of cut or wound. So when this happens, what do you do? ...
Careers with Horses - Equine Massage Therapist
14th Feb 2010   |   General   |   mosquito
If you want to be your own boss, you want to spend all day with horses, and nothing makes you happier than knowing you can make a horse feel better, then equine massage is a great career choice. Most people love a professional massage, and there is plenty of research to show how ...
Western Saddle Pads
22nd Feb 2010   |   Product Reviews   |   Fantasy Farms
A properly fitting pad will extend at least one inch beyond the saddle on all sides. This means that you should choose a pad that is at least 2 inches longer than the length of your saddle and 2 inches wider than the width of the underside of the skirts. ...
The Right Way to Cool a Horse Down
23rd Feb 2010   |   General   |   mosquito
Everyone loves a good gallop, horses and riders alike. But after a hard workout, a long ride on ahot day, or a tough event, what’s the right way to cool your horse down? ...
Greatest Racing Quarter Horse – Go Man Go
27th Feb 2010   |   Horse Stories   |   mosquito
Born in 1953, most of you may have never heard of him, but you might recognize his name from racing quarter pedigrees. So why pick him over other great racers, like Dash For Cash or Easy Jet? Well, Go Man Go is one of only two quarter hoses to win World Champion Quarter Running ...
My Magical Horse
9th Mar 2010   |   Horse Stories   |   Equestri
I am going through difficult times in my life right now, and right now there is one place that I can get over it-the stables. Every Thursday, I go to the only advanced lesson stable in my area, and have a lesson. During that 2-3 hour period, I forget everything except my riding ...
Cavalia-Cirque du Soleil with horses
16th Mar 2010   |   General   |   Minnie
If you’ve ever seen an acrobatics show, you know what it’s like to sit in the audience and be blown away by all of the amazing, seemingly impossible stunts that the performers can do. But no horse-lover has ever really seen a show until they’ve seen Cavalia - acrobatics with hors ...
Sharing Feelings with your Horse
15th Mar 2010   |   Horse Stories   |   King of Wings
Some people say that horses kept on full livery never form strong ties with their owners. As an owner of a horse on full livery, I am writing this story in defense of all of us busy people who strive to provide the best accommodation for their horses. ...
Horse Show Checklist
19th Mar 2010   |   General   |   Fantasy Farms
Have you ever been to a horse show and realized that your forgot your girth? Using this checklist will help you not forget anything. Before a horse show, make sure your tack is clean and in working order. Make sure you horse is clean too. Go through this checklist the night befo ...
How I Operate Ponybox
25th Mar 2010   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
I often get asked what hardware and software I use to run Ponybox. Believe it or not, Ponybox can actually be run from a laptop from anywhere in the world. If you are a veteran Ponybox member you may remember posts of me running Ponybox from as far away as Guam, which is about ...
Meet The Mods - Snowy Brook Stables
28th Mar 2010   |   Ponybox News   |   Snowy Brook
Hi everyone, Im Snowy Brook Stables, also know as Snowy. I am a Jr in High School, just recently turned 17. I have been playing ponybox since 2006, and I have seen this site go though so many amazing changes. Most of you probably are not familiar with me, as I only live and bre ...
Cribbing - Its Not Just a Nuisance
14th Apr 2010   |   General   |   Fantasy Farms
Cribbing is when a horse places its front teeth on a horizontal surface and pulls back. The horse often makes a grunting sound while cribbing. Cribbing is also known as wind sucking. Cribbing is a habit that can be learned by other horses. If a horse is stalled next to a cribber ...
A Horse Named Bow
8th Apr 2010   |   Horse Stories   |   SnowBunny
Sometimes in life you loose something that you will never forget. When my horse was put down it was like my heart had been stepped on. My friends told me he was in a better place but you know I really didnt believe them. How could things be better, he wasnt with me. Thanks to a ...
Digital Art for Beginners - Part 3 - The Final Touches
9th Apr 2010   |   Graphics   |   T W I
Welcome to part three of my digital art tutorial! This is the last in my series, so you should have colored in and added muscle and lighting details to your lineart by now if you have been following along. Today we will be learning how to add those final touches to complete your ...
Making Music with Four iPhones
5th Apr 2010   |   General   |   PonyBox
This is pretty neat. This Korean girl not only sings very well, but does an awesome job playing the course of "Irreplaceable" and "Poker Face" at the same time. It's definitely worth watching! Can any of you guys sing like this? ...
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High School Equestrain Team
16th May 2010   |   Shows and Events   |   Fantasy Farms
I recently competed in a high school equestrian competition. A bunch of different high schools compete against each other in all different types of events. There is 3 meets and a state meet. I competed in showmanship, trail, english and western equitation, bi-rangle, drill team, ...
Are You Ready To Own A Horse
16th Apr 2010   |   General   |   Harmony Farm
This is a question that all horse and pony lovers must ask themselves before they jump into the equine world. We all know the pros of owning a horse, it something that you dream about and think about all the time. Unfortunately there are quite a few cons too. ...
Resistance Free Training
26th Apr 2010   |   Horse Training   |   Tsukikochan
Horses are tolerant and kind beings. Watch how they put up with the sloppiness of the beginning rider and those big mistakes we all make at some point. Even if you aren't a natural Rider, you can learn to respond to your horse in a way that will benefit the both of you and enhanc ...
Meet The Mods - Happy Stables
9th May 2010   |   Ponybox News   |   Happy Stables
Hello, all of you on PB 3 know me as, Happy Stables. I was one of the first to join Ponybox version 2 (PB 2) when it started in 2005. Happy Stables is also my barn on the Morgan server. This is my original barn that I started playing. I was not very good at figuring out h ...
1st May 2010   |   General   |   Polo the Weirdo
Have you ever been hurt? Insulted? Betrayed? Have you had a broken heart? Have you lost a friend? Have you ever felt that life just isn't worth living any more, that it's just too hard to be worth the effort? Have you locked yourself away, feeling that nobody understands and nobo ...
Horse Coat Colors
21st May 2010   |   General   |   Moody Farms
All horse colors start with only two base colors, Black represented by (E) and chestnut by (e). A horse that is (EE) will be homozygous black. A horse that is (Ee) will be heterozygous black. (ee) is always chestnut. What this all means is that parents that are (EE) and (EE) wi ...
Losing The Fight- A Tribute to Monique
14th Jun 2010   |   General   |   Specky
For those of you haven't heard, I recently lost my dog Monique. She was a major part of my life and it wasn't easy to let her go, in fact I still haven't gotten over it. First of all I'd like to introduce you all to Monique. Monique or as we know her "Little Girl or MoMo" was ...
Does Your Horse need Shoes
21st Apr 2010   |   General   |   mosquito
Many of us call out the farrier and order a full set of shoes for our horse without thinking about it. We continually repair chips and cracks, apply all kinds of ointments and oils, and try our hardest to do whatever we can to keep our horses’ feet healthy. But what if the best ...
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