Chip the Wonder Horse
 By Pintie   •   8th Jul 2010   •   6,395 views   •   22 comments
Chip is a horse like know other. Chip was born in 1995 in Kentucky. He was first owned by a girl who had a special bond with him. She was a friend of mine. Then some other people bought him. I never got to meet them. Let me go ahead and tell the story of Chip and me.

Chip the Wonder HorseI first met Chip when I started doing riding lessons at the age of 6. I started out on a pony called Swazy. He was Black with hints of brown on his muscles. Swazy had a Star and a Snip. He was a very lazy pony. he was very slow and I had a need for speed. So when I first met Chip, I knew he was the one.

When I first met Chip, he lived in a pasture because his second owners didn't pay the board. He stayed outside with little to no shelter from the rain. He had turned mean on everyone because of it. When he was in the wash stalls he would bite at anything that would come by and pin his ears back. He also had a thick woolly coat, unlike the other horses who got trimmed in the winter for shows. His hooves needed trimming and they took off his shoes, which he had probably never experienced. He had good reasons to hate life and also people.

When I first saw him it was love at first sight. I thought to myself that he was the most beautiful pony that I had ever seen in my life and that I would love to have him. He was a dream to ride. He had a faster walk and trot than Swazy so I could get my need for speed and he stopped on a dime. He had been trained fairly well, but there were a few troubles in his training. It took a while to get use to his trot but I soon got over that. He started to warm up to me, we had a special bond. A bond like no other.

My parents started to take interest into Chip. He was perfect for me. The perfect size and he was not too unruly. My parents had been looking into a horse for me and they weren't paying for more lessons. They first thought about leasing Chip and when they told me about this, I was ecstatic. My very own horse! Soon after they said we couldn't lease him.

In November of 2005, my life was changed. Chip had become my very own horse. It was an early Christmas present. I was so happy about it being him. after all of this time, the most gorgeous horse that I loved at first sight, was mine! Now I could do whatever I wanted to with him, without having to take a lesson.

I still have Chip today. He changed though. Now Chip is the most loving horse out at my new barn. He can get a laugh out of anyone that comes to the barn. We have a special and unbreakable bond that is unexplainable. It is truly amazing. He will do anything for me. Chip protects me, he would never try to hurt me. This is why Chip is A Wonder Horse.
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Great Story!!! Chip is definitely a WONDER HORSE!! Great job sis! :))
  47 days ago  •  1,792 views
happy day  
nice like the story
  47 days ago  •  1,802 views
Prarie Rose  
Aww! Chip sounds great!:)
  47 days ago  •  1,987 views
love the story!
  47 days ago  •  2,007 views
Daisy Stables  
that is sooo good!!!
  47 days ago  •  2,027 views
I am glad you have such a good bond, and Chip sounds wonderful!!!!
  47 days ago  •  2,008 views
T E M P E S T  
Chip truly is a wonder horse!
  46 days ago  •  2,022 views
Nice story!
  46 days ago  •  2,004 views
He is my buddy! I love him soo much! He is a wonder Horse in my eyes.

Thank you, Tempest, Katiefed, Dreamer100, Ashley Moore, Night Banner, Prairie Rose, Happy Day, and Sundancer!
  46 days ago  •  1,993 views
Love the story! *jealous* but yeah love the pic so adorable
  41 days ago  •  2,003 views
Thanks RedRoseFarms!!
  29 days ago  •  1,993 views
Inactive Member  
wish i had a horse like chip
  26 days ago  •  2,011 views
Chip is a horse like no other, which i why I love him!!
  24 days ago  •  1,993 views
Run Free  
wow what a fab horse i have a strong bond with my pony but i dont think it can be as strong as you and chip he is truley a wonder horse
  22 days ago  •  1,994 views
Awwww. thanks!! Chip says Thanks to everyone that enjoyed his story!!
  22 days ago  •  1,989 views
absolutely gorgeous horse!! so happy to know that your story had a happy ending :) and a truly inspiring story :)
  22 days ago  •  2,020 views
Chip sounds [[and looks]] a lot like my pony, Mickey, who had to be put down this June.

Great story, and I wish you guys the best of luck :] It's really an amazing thing to have a bond like that with a horse!
  21 days ago  •  2,085 views
horses- Thanks! I am glad you liked it.

OTOTW- When I wrote this story, I was inspired by your story about Mickey. Thanks! It truly is :)
  20 days ago  •  1,989 views
This is adorable you are so lucky to just get a horse like that... it's been 6 years of begging for me :P nothings changed except leasing a month and a month and a week
  7 hours ago  •  2,073 views
Thanks DoubleJ, It will work out for you in the end :D
  Sep 18, 2010  •  1,986 views
OMG He IS a wonder horse and u 2 ar made 4 eachother:)
  Nov 3, 2010  •  2,104 views
I love the story! Awesome horse!
  Dec 18, 2010  •  2,042 views
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