Clyde and I
 By Tailafire   •   28th Aug 2010   •   2,096 views   •   4 comments
Clyde is an 11 year old Haflinger gelding. He is not your average, fun, easy to handle, pony. Nope, he is none of those. Fun at times, but he is not easy to handle.

Clyde and IHe is owned by my great-grandpa, as a carriage horse along with his pasture mate, a Haflinger mare named Cate. He is too fat to put a saddle on and is too stubborn to to anything besides walk around the lot. I have gotten him to galloped by slapping his rump about 20 times, but that is the most activity he probably has ever done while we have owned him. The second time I attempted to do the same, he tried to throw me off.

One day I persuaded my dad to ride down to the part of the river that my great grandpa owns. We went down to the farm, tacked up Clyde and Cate and set off. Me riding Clyde and Dad riding Cate. When we went down to the bridge, Clyde began to act up and try to turn back toward the farm, where he could eat nice green grass 'til he got Founder in his feet again. I turned him in circles until he gave in just enough for me to turn him into the Picnic Area by the river. We continued on and saw some geese with their goslings running toward the river, so, of course curious me, had to go see the baby geese. I forced Clyde into a trot, Dad and Cate following, and were almost at the bank when a Great Blue Heron flew out of a pile of brush in the river. It spooked Cate and she bolted. Clyde, sensing a way to get grass, bolted sideways and threw me. I don't remember the fall, just Clyde suddenly going sideways under me and then I was in the grass, with a super painful left arm and my teeth dug into the ground. I had forgotten to put a helmet on that day because Clyde never spooked so why should I?

I had fallen head-first onto the terribly hard ground. My arms must have gone out in front of my head, my left arm taking the impact. My dad rushed over laughing, until I pulled myself out of the dirt and groaned in pain when I bent my left arm. Dad thought it was just a sprain, so I went with his oppinion, cradled my arm in my other arm, and picked up the broken reins Clyde had snapped when he stepped on them. One side was still attached so I used that as a lead rope, after telling Dad I could not get back on in this much pain. We walked about a third of the way back, and I was hurting so bad I had to let Dad walk Clyde back. Every step bumped my arm up and when it came down, a streak of excruciating pain shot through my elbow.

Clyde and IWhen we got back at the farm, I sat down on some steps and cried silently while Dad put the horses up. We got in the car, rode back to our house, and tried to avoid Mom. Well, avoiding a Mom is probably the hardest thing in the world to do. She immediately saw us, and asked what happened. I told her the story that I remembered and Dad told his part. Mom was not very happy that I hadn't worn my helmet. She looked at my arm and Dad instantly blurted out that he thought it was just a bad sprain. Mom agreed, but she said that it didn't look good and took me to the hospital. I got a lecture about having to wear my helmet all the way to the hospital.

When we arrived, we had to sit in the waiting room for about two hours just to get in a room and see a nurse. Mom had me try to apply pressure to that arm by pushing on the arm rest. I gasped and winced when I did, and the tears began to flow again. Mom began to get impatient with the wait and went up to the receptionist and kept reminding her we were here. The nurse finally led us back, and the first thing she asked when I sat down was, while she was chewing gum, "D'ya wanna pain shot?". I shook my head very very quickly and said "No th-tha-thanks" through my tears. She then asked "D'ya wanna pain pill?" I said "ye-yes pleaase" and she brought me a cup of nasty warm water and a pill I took instantly.

It was another 45 minutes before anyone did anything else. But they finally took me to get an X-Ray. They made me turn it in like all the ways that hurt and I got ticked off at them when they asked me to turn it upside down. I said "I can't!" and they said "Well, sweetie, can you try?", and I said "I have been trying this whole time and I can't!" They came over and tried to "help" me force it over, and I bit my lip so hard it hurt, really, really bad. I did not like those people and when it was over I hurried out the door.

Finally I got my splint and was able to go home, wondering how I would sleep because I would have to put it up on pillows at night. And I am a stomach sleeper. When I got my cast, I went down to see Clyde. He was all sweet and acted perfect when he saw my cast. It was like he was saying sorry. He lowered his head and snorted at my feet, and I petted his neck.

I forgave him, I mean how can you resist a cute pony who lowers his head to say sorry?
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Prarie Rose  
Wow I hope your arm heals quickly. So was it sprained or broken?
  30 days ago  •  1,401 views
Sorry about your arm, but Clyde is so cute!
  30 days ago  •  1,420 views
Mystic Magic  
Good thing you didn't hurt your head, I would never ride without a helmet. Once I was at pony club and had tacked up again after lunch for my last lesson of the day and I got on and started riding towards the arena, after about 20 meters I realized I didn't have a helmet on, I got off and walked back to get it, I didn't even ride back to get it. The horse I was riding was quiet and didn't ever behave bad and I never come off him that day or ever but still there is a risk and I was not willing to take it. Glad your ok though and good that you forgave Clyde, he sounds a bit cheeky lol.
  29 days ago  •  1,419 views
Run Free  
sorry about ur arm clyde is really cute
  29 days ago  •  1,411 views
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