Learning Is Only A Start
 By Uphill Climb   •   16th Jul 2010   •   2,311 views   •   4 comments
Most girls dream of that perfect pony, I used to be one of them. Every Saturday I would wake up and get on the computer only to disappoint myself even greater. I wanted a horse since I was little. To me, being up close and touching them was nice and they were beautiful, but it was never enough.

The summer of 2009 I started to give up hope, slowly spending the cash I tried hard to save. October of 2009 was amazing. The local stable was charging $35 a lesson. It wasn’t bad but there was a problem, I didn’t have a real job. Sure, Babysitting paid well, but it wasn't enough. So I went ahead and worked out a deal with the stable owner where I would do chores for discounted lessons. Within a month I was starting lessons, it was only twice a month, but I loved it greatly. I started out on a mare named Foxy. She was a sweetheart, but was the owner’s favorite and she knew it. Every lesson she would try and kick out at a mare named Queenie and a gelding named Wally.

loping lesson

Soon Foxy and I started building a trust. I loved her, but she continued to be aggressive and I didn’t want to come back to the stables. I started to get my trust back right before my first loping lesson. I was Terrified! I was kicking and squeezing and was hanging on for dear life to the saddle horn. The owner let me stop, then she told me about an opportunity for me and her to get better. It was the annual Christmas Caroling on Horseback. I accepted and had a blast, there were 14 horses that went out on the streets near the stable. Even though no one was on tune it was worth while. We received $5 towards the stable and a cookie for everyone.

In January of 2010, I started to lose the money to go to the stables and I really wanted to lease a horse to show at the fair. I started to look around for a new stable that was cheaper. In May of 2010, I found a lady doing a ‘free lease’ from a local magazine called "From the Horses Mouth". I gave her a call and we talked over the details and then arranged for me to come out a few weeks later. When I arrived at her stable, it wasn’t much. She owned 4 horses and 3 ponies. I watched as she walked into the small pasture and caught the appaloosa. He seemed easy enough to get out of the pasture. She tied him to the post and then brushed him over and saddled him for me. Then it came to the bridle. He was a little hard to get the bit into his mouth, but that was here nor there. Then we got to riding, she started on him first, explaining to me what different things did to him, which was way different from Foxy. So after a bit I got myself up into the saddle, which was a little hard considering his size. We worked in the round pen, starting at the walk and trot while I learned about him. He was easy and the slightest touch would control him. Then she moved us out to the bigger arena. We continued to walk and trot before a bird scared us and he took off loping. Once that ordeal was over we talked about a place to have him boarded. she said that her sister was great with pleasure horses and I told her I would give their stable a look. Well, she must have thought I meant for him to be moved to her sister’s farm. Within a week I started riding. It was okay at first, he was easy and I had trust in him. In June I had bought my own saddle and was using that until he started gaining weight and one day my saddle pinched him on the withers and caused him to buck me off.

loping lesson

As Of July, I can get him to lope off on the first command, I’m not scared to lope. We are getting ready for my first show which will be on July 24, 25, and 26. I’m still working on him with barrels at a trot which we take about 40 seconds. I tried him at a lope and he about ran the arena gate down. I think a little improvement will be needed. I can see the difference in me as a rider and will be very sad to watch Keeno leave, but I will remember forever what he has taught me.
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Uphill Climb  
It Got Posted!!! Hope you all like it!
  Jul 16, 2010  •  1,495 views
i love his colour!
  Jul 16, 2010  •  1,485 views
Uphill Climb  
in these photos he is very dirty, He had white on two of his legs..but he loves the mud hehe. But he is very pretty when he is clean
  Jul 16, 2010  •  1,495 views
Prarie Rose  
This is such an awesome story! I'm looking into riding lessons but I know the money I have won't last long.So you gave me the idea to work for a discount.I'll definitely use that,lol :) Thanks!
  Jul 17, 2010  •  1,463 views
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