Riding Tip of the Week
 By Hypnotic Equus   •   24th Oct 2009   •   2,156 views   •   8 comments
Well here we go. Riding tip of the Week #1. Every other week I'll try to alternate between groundwork and riding skills.

Breath easy. Breathing affects everything, from your back to your seat. Try to breathe regularly to a rhythm. This helps relax you and also relaxes your horse, because he/she feels it if your tense, and rapid, random breathing or holding your breath will create tension. Exhale longer than you inhale, as it is more relaxing.

Join us next week for some tips on groundwork. I hope this helps your riding. But most of all: be safe, Hypno.
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Oak Leaf Breeds  
Your soo RIGHT!! Today I was riding and my horse was getting jelous cause he was working and the other horse makes him feel uncumfortable so he did cow kicks and Hops! It was fun but i got used to it then he stared calming down a bit. (That was just our theroy)
  37 days ago  •  1,399 views
Hypnotic Equus  
Glad It helped.
  36 days ago  •  1,524 views
This is a awsome tip!! My mums horse tenses up if you are nevous, but as soon as you relax, he relax's and he doesnt play up as much and he moves better.
  36 days ago  •  1,469 views
S e a I s l e  
Creative idea!!!! I HOPE no one steals this fab idea!
  36 days ago  •  1,400 views
Hypnotic Equus  
thanks guys =)
  36 days ago  •  1,524 views
Stupid Am I  
great, helped alot.b had fun trying it. bye forever i am leaving to go to south america. oh, wait i am bringing my laptop w/ me!!! bye!!
  36 days ago  •  1,368 views
Great Post Thank You For The Tip
  35 days ago  •  1,360 views
Little Bitty Farm  
Great article!
  May 9, 2011  •  1,390 views
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