Caba and Her Story of Abuse
 By caba123   •   24th Jul 2010   •   2,996 views   •   10 comments
Caba and Her Story of AbuseThis is the story of my horse Caba. One day me and my dad were driving home from my last home-schooling class and we saw a man abusing his horse. She was a lovley, wilted haflinger and you could see the sorrow in her eyes. It made my heart hurt so much. My dad being the cowboy that he is, stopped the car and called animal rescue. Animal Rescue arrived in about 20 minutes. When they got their my dad and I found out it wasn't the first time this guy had abused animals. They took the guy down to the jail house a few hours away, and me, my dad and the animal rescue people were left to tend to the horse.

As she laid their and watched me stroke her wounded face, my dad tried and stop the bleeding from her wounds. After about 6 hours of tending to her wounds and broken bones we loaded her into the trailer and took her to an equine hospital. All the way their I sat and wondered why the Lord had picked us to help this innocent animal. When we got to the hospital we carefully unloaded her and they took her into urgent surgery. After the surgery she was left in recovery for about 3 months, they didn't do anything over the top during the surgery but they didn't want her opening up any of her wounds.

Every day during her recovery at our ranch I would go and sit with her, and pray that this loving animal would make it through the rest of her life pain-free and happy. When her long three months of recovery was over it was time to see what this girl was able to do. After long months of gentle training for a gentle soul, Caba was given to me by my parents. Since then me and Caba have been great friends, we show and jump and have been doing great! Thanks for reading!
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Riders Up Ranch  
nice estory, I am just curious, what type of surgery did she have, what "broken bones" did she have that she was able to make a full recovery from?
It is also incredible that a rescue could arrive so quickly. The ones around where I live are typically overfilled. I imagine that the police or livestock board must have arrived there too in order to be able to take possession of the mare?
  Jul 25, 2010  •  1,943 views
Wow that was a good story!!
  Jul 25, 2010  •  1,958 views
Ruffians Stable  
That is just an amazing story!! I wish we could have more people like you and your family in this world.
  Jul 25, 2010  •  2,032 views
Run Free  
wow its horrible how many people abuse sweet innocent animals if only everyone was like your family.hows she doing now how high u jumpin.shes such a lucky horse
  Jul 26, 2010  •  1,943 views
that makes me cry
  Jul 27, 2010  •  1,934 views
WOW! Amazing! I am glad you saved her and got to keep her. I am also glad the guy went to jail. My horse was abused before I got her, but I do not know who did it, and my mom knows it was a woman, but my mom is too mice to turn anyone in. I would of turned her in. I am glad your story worked out! She is beautiful! I would love to hear about your shows, on here, one day!
  Jul 28, 2010  •  1,963 views
amazing story of hope and love! sad but i loved reading it. good to know that she's living in a good home :)
  56 days ago  •  1,969 views
Great story :)
  55 days ago  •  1,949 views
Silver Magic Stables
Great story glad Caba has got a good home
  Sep 27, 2014  •  1,318 views
Dawn Rise
Its a truelly wonderful thing u did,
well done.
  Oct 15, 2014  •  1,230 views
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