District Charity Summer Show 2010
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Sunday 18th July Trowbridge and District Charity Summer Show 2010.

Trowbridge and District Charity Summer Show 2010This is the annual summer show that is made for west Wiltshire to battle out out to find out who are the best riders in showing.

Me and My sister attended this show for the second year running, looking forward to it as much as I hated showing. Though on the other hand, Paige, my younger sister loves this sort of thing. For me it's jumping, jumping, jumping and oh, more jumping. As she likes the dressage and little local showy shows.

It wasn't an overly early start waking at 7:30am. I searched around my room for the Shirt and tie, Wearing a tie for the first time in around three years. I prefer my stock personally, as I cannot do a tie xD. Yes, Girleh fails at that.

We reached the show around 8:30am. I gave my dear pony a brush over before I began to tack him up, I winced at the rain, though refused to let our typical British weather hold me back.

We soon entered our first class. Family pony. We knew Toffee should be good at this one as he lets both my mum, seven sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles ride him :) We came second overall, it was the only one we could get pictures for as it was tipping down with rain, though the way we did it was. She rode him in, walked him around. We swapped I done a little show, then my sister remounted doing another little show before we let the others show off to the judge before Paige walked him around, before being called in. I earned the second rosset though my sister got a special for contributing.

The second class was my sisters. Show hunter 15hh and under. We had never done it before and didn't have a clue what we had to do, but as it didn't clash with any other class's we decided to go for it. She finished 6th overall, which we were very happy with as she has a few learning difficulties and it was her first time doing it by herself.

The third and final class was my own Mountain and Moorland Working Hunter Large Breeds. As Toffee is a New Forest cross Thoroughbred we could do it ). With the jumping he wasn't quite picking up his feet and clipped a few of the fences but didn't knock any down. In the showing I thought he did quite well but the judge favored the chunkier breeds so we were placed fourth overall.

So by the end of the day we had four rossets. We were both very happy and Toff seemed happy to be home, galloping off to find his mates when I released him into the field.

When we reached home I couldn't help but notice the fact that I had serious helmet hair, I couldn't resist taking a picture and showing you Girleh with helmet hair and in a tie :)

District Charity Summer Show 2010

District Charity Summer Show 2010

District Charity Summer Show 2010

District Charity Summer Show 2010

In two weeks time I have a combined training, Dressage and Show Jumping. I will also let you know how that goes,

Girleh x
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nice article :)
  Jul 20, 2010  •  1,693 views
Looking forward to hearing about more shows!
  Jul 20, 2010  •  1,698 views
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