Live Model Horse Showing Preparation
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Model horse showing is a fun way of showing off your model. Before your model can compete at its very best certain things must be done!

Live Model Horse Showing PreparationUsually,if you are going to a model horse show, you will be showing more than one model. Make sure you decide way before the show date on which ones you plan to show. The ones you plan on taking are called your "show string".

The models in your show string should be free of scratches,rubs,and dust. To free your model of dust,before and during a show, use a soft makeup brush to carefully remove all dust. Be careful when buying a brush because you dont want anything that will scratch the precious paint off!

Now that you have your show string together you need to figure out show names for each model. The reason for show names is because,say, you have the model Rags to Riches and you wish to show her and show her under her mold name,and so does everyone else. When the winner is listed as Rags to Riches,it could be anyones! So,when picking out the name for your model make it your own! Some showers who have a large collection and show often have stable names like Thistlewood Stables. Sometimes,these showers add a stable prefix to their horse's names to add a special mark,like TWS(Thistlewood Stables) Ima Buckeye. More than likely,there are none out there with that name.

So the judges know who they are judging,you need to make name tags. The tags usually are just the simple label tag on a string. Most shows will specify what to put on your tag. The basics include your horse's name,breed,your initials,and gender. It all depends on the show!

Once you have your whole show string named you should try to get documentation on each of your models in your show string. Having documentation may increase your chances of placing towards collectibility because you may have something listed the judge didnt know! Most showers use a simple index card while a select few use full pages. It all depends on what you need to list! Now you are probably wondering what in the world to put on your index card! All shows are different but usually you will need to include the year your model was produced,if it was a special run and if so where could you get them from(i.e. Tractor Supply Special Run),and anything else that makes your model special!

Live Model Horse Showing PreparationIn order to show,you need to figure out which class each model needs to show in. Halter classes are just the model alone,usually judged on how well the model represents the breed you say it is,collectibility,and condition. The classes all depend on the show you are entering. If you have decided to show in performance figure out which class your setup will go in.

Now that your models are pretty much ready to show,you need to get them to go to the show! Everyone transports their models different so I will just share how I transport mine! I have a large metal trunk that is on wheels and a large trunk type tub. I use foam to line everything so nothing gets scratched or potentially broken. To protect right against the models I use fleece blankets,cut up or full blankets,to wrap around the models. I also use fleece blankets on top of the models so that when I start the 2nd layer of models the foam doesnt rub or anything crazy on the models. Better off safe than sorry!

Now you are prepared for your live model horse show! No matter how competitive you may be,make sure you are having fun!
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i wanna try it out someday but first i have to find where they actually do that in SA. it looks fun :)
  Aug 1, 2010  •  8,594 views
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